10 secret santa gifts that promise smiles!

Ho, ho, ho! Secret Santa season’s here. Who’s still searching for their best kept secret gift idea? This is the one time of the year it’s okay to push professional boundaries for a giggle with your colleagues. So we say, have some fun with it. It is Christmas after all! Competing to out-do each other with your duties as Santa is part of the challenge. These 10 secret Santa gifts promise to unwrap grins whilst staying within a £5-£10 budget:

1. Something for the office
This height chart will bring hours of fun to your whole team.

I Want One Of Those, £9.99 (+ 18ep)

2. Something for the messy desk
This gorgeous giraffe cleans all computer screens with it’s tummy

John Lewis, £10 (+ 30ep)

3. Something for the the dog lover
This witty book captures the secret thoughts and conversations of dogs.

Waterstones, £6.99 (+ 18ep)

4. Something for the Christmas lover
This Christmas sign adds a fun touch to the home.

Dunelm Mill, £4.99 (+ 12ep)
dunelm mill
5. Something for the stranger
The department store voucher is perfect option when you’re out of ideas.

Debenhams, £10 (+ 20ep)
6. Something for the scatter brain
A pretty lanyard is great for keeping keys and fobs where you can’t lose them!

Cath Kidston, £3 (+ 9ep)

7. Something for the office smoothy
This twist on the ’50 Shades…’ title is sure to make everyone laugh!

Oliver Bonas, £9.99 (+ 36ep)
oliver bonas
8. For the office Princess
A cheeky gift for someone with high standards.

M&S, £10 (+ 30ep)

9. Something for the old man
Go for the original gentleman grooming fragrance.

Superdrug, £8.50 (+ 21ep)
10. Something for the chocoholic
Indulge the chocolate lover with mini shower treats.

The Body Shop, £5 (+ 20ep)

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1 thought on “10 secret santa gifts that promise smiles!

  1. Gabbie

    Secret Santa is a funny and dun game for friends, family, and even co-workers. My friends and I played Secret Santa last year. My friend open his gift and pulled out a vodka bottle; if only you could see the happiness in his eyes. However, he failed to know that the bottle was filled with ABSOLUTE WATER! The alcohol bottle did not contain not a drop of alcohol. 🙂


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