5 cheap activities that are great for burning calories


5 cheap activities that are great for burning calories

Every year, weight loss and burning calories is in the forefront of everyone’s mind in the wake of lent and the Christmas holidays. But, for most, the thought of gorging our weight in celery and heaving ourselves up early for a frosty jog appeals to no one. We are always on the look out for more engaging and rewarding ways to exercise. There is no better way than taking up a sport because of the multitude of benefits. As we do best, we have arranged our top picks for sports you can do to blast the fat and socialise in a new hobby.


Grab a friend of yours because its time to hit the courts! Tennis is an extremely skilled and athletic sport. Constant lateral movement with quick bursts of muscular power to change direction make this physically demanding on the cardiovascular system. It can also improve cognitive focus and hand-eye co-ordination. When you play with a friend, or meet people at the local club, it can be a very sociable as well. Tennis is a good all-rounder as it is also cheap to play as you don’t have to splash out on gear.


Cycling is a very good sport to be involved with because of the diversity of benefits. If you fancy yourself an environmentalist, you can substitute four wheels for two and hit the road. It can be done with family, so there’s no excuse not to get anyone out. You can use cycling to traverse the shorter trips by bike and really cram in your recommended 20 minutes a day of exercise. If you have kids, it is a good excuse to bond with them, get out and explore and even teach them a life skill. The more hardcore fitness heads among you may even want to take a spin class. Taking a spin class is a fantastic way to give fat the boot as you can scorch between 400-600 calories based on the intensity of the class .Cycling offers so many benefits and is definitely the most family oriented way to boost your cardiovascular fitness and get the dopamine pumping!


Hands down, THE best sport on this list in terms of your cardiovascular fitness. It is one of the only sports which trains the Aortic valve in your heart that helps build its overall strength. It is also a full body workout. Water resistance requires a tremendous amount of muscle conditioning to move through the water so the more you do it the more conditioned you will be. It is great at blasting fat, building strength and training your circulatory system. And all you need is a pool.


Another one for the family lovers among you. Hiking is a fantastic way to stay in shape. You can go witness those picturesque views in your local country park, build log forts with your kids or potentially camp out (if you’re daring enough). You may have to do a bit of travel to find the perfect hiking spot, but when you do, it is a great family day out. It is the perfect combination of getting you children to explore learn and a great workout.


As long as you have a floor (which I believe we all do somewhere) then you will be able give it a try. People often overlook Yoga as has a funny reputation in the eyes of some. Actually, it has a vast pool of benefits as it takes a holistic approach to health. It is proven to increase muscle tone and strength, increased flexibility, very useful for preventing joint injuries and respiratory and circulatory improvements. Those of you that get easily stressed, it even helps the mind. Yoga aids in the calming of the nervous system as well as: reducing cortisol levels (hormone responsible for stress) and reduces blood pressure. Yoga is good for the whole body, despite the silly reputation it upholds. We give it a thumbs up, so go out there and try it. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our suggest and we hope you enjoyed it. If you are looking for ways to unwind, why not take a look at our our blog: How to make the most out of your bath.


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We hope you enjoyed this blog. If you did some hard exercise and are looking to reward yourself with a little treat, check out our latest blog. After all it is the season!

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