5 ways to surprise and delight with Christmas presents


There is an art to giving Christmas presents. So with the season of giving just around the corner, we’ve gathered the best tips to make sure you’re present perfect this Christmas:

1. Take a hint!

Christmas isn’t just 1 month. The ones you love will be dropping hints throughout the year with fabulous ideas when you least expect it. Write it down, make a note, surprise someone! Or even better – file away those hints.
2. The epoints gift lists

Over the Christmas season we will be handpicking hints and tips on how to make your truly magical festive season. You can see our top 10 gifts for new mums and the Christmas 2013 trends today. Or, even better, sign up to epoints for exclusive gift discounts and ideas.
3. Make it personal!

The Personalised Gift Shop can offer you an array of gifts with a special touch. With personalised champagne to engraved photo frames – you can be sure to offer something different. Visit today
4. An experience to remember

Book a special night at one of British Airway’s Mr&Mrs Smith hotels for the one you love. Give something that creates real memories and earns you epoints too. Book here
5. Keep it hush!

There’s nothing like a surprise to add real excitement. And the great thing about online shopping is that you can hide presents away from peeping toms. Change delivery addresses, secretly file emails away but whatever you do – delete your browsing history!

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