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Top 6 rainy day activities for kids

Our top 6 rainy day activities for kids.

When it comes to the weather, we ALL know how unreliable the conditions are. We also know how restless and irritable the young ones can be when are bored and disinterested . When the two factors merge, it can be a real problem. Lucky for you, we at epoints, have compiled an engaging list of rainy day activities for kids, when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Board games

Competition breeds excitement. There is no better way to get competitive and prove who’s the best indoors for youngsters than a family board game. Whether you’ve hit Park Lane with a hotel or its your mouse that got trapped, the compelling desire to win overrides the feelings of boredom. Calling your kids out on their inferior board game ability is one way to get them fired up. depending on the game, strategy is needed to win and can be significantly more beneficial than mind-numbing games on the console.

Hold a tea party 

It is time to break out the plastic sets and hold a tea party for your children’s dolls and teddies. You can either have pretend food, or do some real baking with your kids. Serve mini sandwiches, small cubes of cheese and tiny jellies. This could be the perfect opportunity to encourage table manners amongst the younger kids. It is not only a great activity for learning, but is fun, engaging and gets the whole family stuck in.

Have a disco

Move the sofas, draw those curtains and crank up the speakers (and on this occasion, avoid the alcohol) . An indoor disco is easy, cheap and, most importantly, stimulating. Keeping the kids active and moving, as a parent, is a tough ask. Even more so when the thought of your youngsters grinding mud into your beloved carpet makes you writhe in your skin. Getting the kids to shake it down to their favourite Disney tracks on the Google Home is great for breathing life into the house (and its great cardio!) .

Dressing up

No family home would be complete without a dressing up box to get the imagination flowing. It is time to get creative with your costumes. it may be worth letting them have access to your wardrobes as well. It is always amusing seeing what fashion blunders (or masterpieces) your children conjure up when being unleashed on the accessories. You could even hold a fashion show or put on a play!

Make a den or fort

Pick a room, grab some blankets and furniture and away you go! When creating a secret hideout, anything goes. Whether they are king of the castle or head of their own secret society, this is the perfect activity for the imagination. It only may seem like tossing a bed sheet over a chair and calling it fun, but to them, it is their own realm that they rule. This is a brilliant opportunity to bond, find out what they like and indulge their creative side. It is definitely one for the list

Form a band

If your kids don’t have their own instruments, make your own. Or just sift through your kitchen cupboards! An upturned saucepan and wooden spoon becomes a drum and shaking a jar of pasta is much better than any pair of  maracas (however, you might want some earplugs). This could even be a way discover you child’s interests or even discover a few hidden talents.

We hope you enjoyed our ideas for activities for kids. Its great for when the weather takes a turn for the wet.

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is fast approaching on Sunday 19th June, have you bought the ideal gift for your Dad yet? No? Well, if that is the case, we’re here to offer you the best advice we can by giving you a rundown of some of the most popular Father’s Day gifts and some hidden gems you may not have thought of! Whatever his interest, make sure your dad has a unique gift to make his day perfect.


With all of these gifts, you can collect epoints which you can use to treat yourself with! It’s so simple, all you have to do is log on to your account at before browsing for the perfect gift. If you’ll be browsing the high street as opposed to shopping online, you can redeem your epoints by using bigDL app (available on both the App Store and Google Play)

To make your shopping experience all the more rewarding, we’re offering you quadruple epoints at selected retailers! Here are some of our favourites below. Happy shopping!

Sporting gifts

Callaway 2016 X Series 416 Driver – Gamola Golf £159 (636 epoints)

Callaway Driver

Has your father been moaning for a while about how long it has been since he’s been out on the course and enjoyed a full 18? Freshen up his selection of clubs with this great offer on the Callaway 2016 X Series 416 Driver with Gamola Golf – now reduced by a massive 36% to just £159. Gamola Golf rewards you for shopping with them via epoints. Simply login to before placing an order to get your points.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at Gamola Golf

Yurbuds Personalized Series Headphones  – Runners Need £18.74 (75 epoints)

 These professional headphones are perfect for those early-morning runs allowing runners to enjoy some of their own music whilst they stay in shape ahead of summer. Rugged, water and sweat resistant, these headphones are perfect for all conditions. Whether your father is a fitness enthusiast or needs a bit of encouragement to get out and active – these headphones are the perfect match.  Make sure to before placing your order so you can get your Runners Need rewards and epoints.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at Runners Need

Aftershaves and Grooming

Aramis Adventurer Eau De Toilette 60ml Gift Set – The Fragrance Shop £28 (112 epoints)


An incredibly versatile fragrance, the Aramis Adventurer is unique and perfect for every occasion. The set contains not only the cologne, but also a matching body spray (60ml) and a body wash (100ml.) The rich blue box offers a visually pleasing present to give to your Dad on Sunday! Don’t forget to login to epoints before shopping to get your Fragrance Shop rewards.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at The Fragrance Shop

BaByliss for Men 6 in 1 Personal Grooming Kit – Boots £13.99 (55 points) Babyliss

Give your father the chance to groom himself however he sees fit. He can groom his hair, beard and body with this fantastically comprehensive grooming kit, complete with 3 different trimming heads to give everyone who purchases this kit the chance to personalise their style. Log in before you buy and claim your epoints and Boots Points for purchasing.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at Boots

Food and Drink

Whisky Lover’s Gift Box – M&S £25 (100 epoints) Whisky

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice tipple once in a while? For all the whiskey loving fathers out there, this gift set is absolutely perfect. This box contains Speyside’s finest single malt whiskey, alongside single malt white chocolate truffles. Every box comes complete with an elegant matching Speyside glass, allowing your father to be reminded of the gift every time he enjoys a glass of his favourite whiskey. Collect Marks and Spencer reward points by shopping online via epoints or upload your receipt on the bigDL app if shopping in store.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at Marks and Spencer

Beef Roasting Joint – Waitrose £12.99 (51 epoints) beef

So you’ve spoilt your Father throughout the day, but just how is the best way to finish off a relaxing Sunday with your family? I think we all know that there is only one logical answer to that question. A nice Sunday roast. This beef roasting joint will have enough to satisfy the whole family with its succulent and tender taste. Don’t miss out on your Waitrose Rewards and epoints when shopping online.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at Waitrose

Gadgets and Tech

Mini Amp MP3 Speaker – Menkind £14.99 (59 epoints) amp

Does your Dad still think he’s a bit of a rocker? After a couple of beers, is he the first one on the dance-floor at a wedding showing everyone his air-guitar? We feel for you. Even if that doesn’t apply to you, you might want to consider this present. This neat speaker is small and portable but still offers fantastic audio quality for flawless audio playback. Pick up Menkind rewards and epoints when purchased online.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at Menkind

Subbuteo Colour-Changing Light – Littlewoods £26 (104 epoints) subbuteo

As everyone with a father of a certain age will know all too well, Subbuteo once upon a time was quite literally the best invention in the history of humanity. If your father is one of those who still champions the old fashioned footballing entertainment, why not treat him to this iconic footie light? He may just stop with the lectures, you never know. Be sure to collect epoints and Littlewoods Rewards with your purchase.

QUADRUPLE epoints at Littlewoods

Egg-cellent ideas for an Easter egg hunt

Nothing says Easter better than a Easter egg hunt. It’s great fun for kids of all ages and can bring the whole family together. Although there are many hunts planned at venues and cities across the UK and Ireland, why not have a go at making your own hunt? You don’t need to spend a fortune and you don’t need to spend a lot of time preparing. But, with a little forward planning you can ensure your Easter egg hunt gets off to a cracking start!

Here are our top tips for a great Easter hunt.

Get crafty

Image courtesy of The Craft Train - see their blog on Etsy for more details on how to make this.

Image courtesy of The Craft Train – see their blog on Etsy for more details on how to make this.

There’s no need to spend a lot of money on baskets and other trinkets for your Easter egg hunt. You and the kids can make them yourselves for some pre-hunt fun. How about making your own Easter egg baskets with cardboard (there are lots of templates available online). You could also decorate your home or garden with homemade Easter decorations in preparation for the hunt. How about painting eggs or making Easter bonnets to wear during the hunt?
Pink Straw Rabbit Basket - only 50p at Hobbycraft

Pink Straw Rabbit Basket – only 50p at Hobbycraft

Hobbycraft rewards you with epoints when you shop online via the bigDL app and you’ll find everything you need to make baskets, bonnets, decorations and more. If time is not on your side, they also have some great bargains on pre-made baskets and decorations. 

Easter egg hunt clues

Printable Easter hunt clues from

You can make an Easter egg hunt more exciting by leaving a trail of clues to find the egg. Riddles are especially fun for older children who love to put their mind to work. There are lots of riddles that can be found online, or you can make up your own.

Make sure to hide the eggs in interesting places. How about putting them inside balloons? The kids will have a great time popping the balloons in their search! You can buy a wide selection of balloons at Smyths. With epoints you can also receive Smyths Toys Loyalty points when you shop via the epoints website or via the bigDL app on the high street.

Varied prizes

Peppa's Easter Egg Hunt £4.99 at The Works

Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt £4.99 at The Works

Although the traditional prizes in an Easter egg hunt are chocolate eggs, there’s no reason why you can’t mix it up a little. Try choosing different sized eggs or chocolate bunnies. John Lewis rewards you with 4 epoints for every £1 you spend when you shop with them via epoints and have a wide range of chocolate treats to choose from.

You could also add alternative prizes such as Easter themed colouring books, toys and reading books. The Works has many suitable products available, from colouring books to toys. With our Easter offer, The Works rewards you with quadruple epoints when you shop online via epoints.

Too much chocolate?

Cornflake Cakes, BBC goodfood

Cornflake Cakes, BBC goodfood

Limiting the amount of chocolate that each child gets or can eat during the day is a good idea. No one wants tummy troubles and sugar highs. If you have lots of leftover chocolate, you could make a dent in it by using it to make good old chocolate Cornflake cakes or hot chocolate. Or you could be a little more adventurous. Triple chocolate beef and bean chilli anyone? Argos stocks a vast array of cooking accessories to help you cook up a storm in the kitchen. Argos rewards you with epoints when you shop online via epoints . With our current Easter offer, you can gain 4 epoints for every £1 you spend.

Who said kids have all the fun?

Charles Mignon 'Hymne à l'Amour' Champagne - £32 at M&S

Charles Mignon ‘Hymne à l’Amour’ Champagne – £32 at M&S

Of course, it’s not just kids who can enjoy an Easter hunt. How about adapting an egg hunt for you and your friends? Think cryptic clues and prizes adults will love – luxury chocolate hampers and alcohol will always go down a treat! M&S have a great range of products ideal for adult hunts. You can collect Marks and Spencer reward points when you shop with them online via or on the high street via the bigDL app.

However you choose to spend your Easter break, we hope you have a wonderful time!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day just around the corner on 6 March, have you selected the perfect gift for the special mums in your life? If not, don’t panic, we’re here to bring you a rundown of some of our favourite Mother’s Day gifts. From chic and stylish gifts to unique experiences that you can both enjoy together.

Don’t forget that with all these gifts, you can collect epoints to treat yourself too! All you need to do is log into your account on before shopping online. If you prefer to shop on the high street, you can collect epoints via the bigDL app (available on the App Store and Google Play). 

As a special Mother’s Day treat, we’re also offering you quadruple epoints at selected stores!

Happy shopping!

mothers day 2016

Chic gifts for stylish mums

Jimmy Choo Parfume Debenhams Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum 40ml – Debenhams £36.90 (+147 epoints)

Jimmy Choo parfum oozes glamour and sophistication and this fruity fragrance with woody undertones is perfect for the yummy mummy in your life. Debenhams is now offering 10% off its 40ml bottle, now for just £36.90. To pick up your Debenhams rewards with epoints, simply sign into your account before shopping.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at Debenhams

Diptyque candle – John Lewis £40 (+40 epoints)

Diptyque candle John Lewis

Diptyque candles have become synonymous with fashion and luxury and are the undisputed favourite candles amongst celebrities and fashionistas. The Baies fragrance is the most popular, with luxurious scent of blackcurrent leaves. Why not run your mum a candle lit bath to sink into and relax? You can grab one of these Diptyque candles at John Lewis. Don’t forget to login to epoints before shopping to get your John Lewis rewards.

Ted Baker London NOUEL purse – Ted Baker £85 (+85 epoints)


Inspired by Ted Baker’s stunning hanging gardens print, this statement purse has a zip fastening and coin, note and card compartments. The stunning design is the perfect accessory as we move into the spring and summer months. To take advantage of the epoints Ted Baker loyalty scheme, make sure to log in to epoints before shopping at Ted Baker online.

Sporty Mums

Nike FS Lite Run 2 Trainers – Sports Direct  £34.50 (+34 epoints)

Nike FS Lite Run 2 Trainers - Sports Direct

These lightweight trainers have excellent breathability with an upper mesh panels. The ‘Fitsole’ technology also provides excellent cushioning, fit and support. The trainers are available from £34.50 (size 4) to £46.00 (size 7) at Sports Direct. Make sure to pick up your Sports Direct loyalty points via epoints.
SONY Walkman MP3 Player – Currys £55 (+55 epoints)
Sony Walkman MP3 Player - Currys
If the mum in your life enjoys going to the gym, running or even swimming, this waterproof MP3 Player is ideal for listening to music and keeping motivation levels up. Lightweight, comfortable and wire-free, the MP3 player has 4GB of memory, ensuring there’s plenty of space available for a mum’s favourite music. Make sure to collect your Currys rewards by shopping online via epoints or upload your receipt on the bigDL app if shopping online.
Fitbit – Argos £89.99 (+89 epoints)

Argos Rewards

The popular Fitbit fitness tracker enables users to track their steps, distance travelled, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes. The multifunctional wristband also syncs seamlessly and wirelessly to iOS and comes in a range of colours. It’s available at Argos for £89.99, plus you’ll get Argos rewards when you shop via epoints.


Mother’s Day Hamper – Fortnum & Mason   £85.00 (+85 epoints)

Mother's Day Hamper - Fortnum & Mason

Famed for their wonderful wicker hampers, this Mother’s Day hamper from Fortnum & Mason contains a variety of treats. It is packed with the finest tea, biscuits, jam, chocolate and the exclusive Countess Grey Tea Votive candle. To collect your Fortnum & Mason rewards, make sure to log on to epoints before ordering your hamper online.

Michelin Starred Restaurants UK Wide £159 (+636 epoints)

Michelin Starred Restaurant - buyagift.comA real treat for foodie mums, this tasting menu and champagne offer for two from is available at a selection of Michelin-starred restaurants. There are five venues to choose from, each of which have earned their prestigious Michelin star with their quality menus. To receive your loyalty points, simply log on to before purchasing the offer and you’ll gain 636 epoints.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at

Great British Bake Off – How to Bake – The Works £18.99 (+18 epoints)

Great British Bake Off - The Works

The Great British Bake Off was one of 2015’s most-watched TV shows and if the foodie mum in your life loves to, or would like to, bake, this cookbook will be a winner. It provides tips and recipes for the perfect cake, biscuits, breads, pastries and more. Don’t forget you can collect The Works rewards when you shop via epoints.


Afternoon Tea for Two UK Wide Special Offer – Asda Gifts £32.50 (+128 epoints)

Afternoon Tea for Two UK Wide Special Offer

Nothing quite makes Mother’s Day for a mum than time with her children, so why not enjoy each other’s company with an afternoon tea experience. With Asda Gifts you can choose from a range of delicious venues with a flexible afternoon tea for two voucher for just £32.50. Log on to epoints before booking to take advantage of the epoints Asda reward scheme, where you’ll gain 32 epoints.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at Asda Gifts 
Luxury Champneys Overnight Spa Escape for Two – £185 (740 epoints) Virgin Experience Days

Champneys spa - Virgin Experience Days

Relax and unwind while spending some quality time with your mum with this luxury spa experience from Virgin Experience Days. You’ll get full access to the famed Champneys health resort with its swimming pools, steam rooms and saunas and will enjoy a delicious afternoon lunch. You’ll also get two luxury treatments including a facial and a pedicure or manicure. Make sure to collect your epoints Virgin Experience Day rewards.
QUADRUPLE epoints available at Virgin Experience Days

Smartbox with 1275 experiences to choose from – – £49.99 (196 epoints) mother's day experiences

If you want to enjoy some quality time with your mum, but can’t quite decide on the perfect experience, with this Smartbox, BuyaGift has chosen a fantastic range of experiences for you to choose from. This includes everything from adrenaline adventures to spa days with venues right across the UK. Make sure to log into your epoints account before purchasing this gift to collect 196 BuyaGift loyalty points with epoints.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at

Mother’s Day favourites

Continental Experience Collection Thorntons – £10 (+10 epoints)

Thorntons Rewards

No Mother’s Day is quite complete without a box of chocolates to indulge in. With this Continental Experience Collection from Thorntons, you’ll find a variety of delicious chocolates inspired by the continent, such as the feather-light Viennese Truffles. A classic Mother’s Day gift that will always impress. You’ll also pick up Thorntons rewards when shopping via epoints.

Large Pink Radiance flower bouquet – Interflora  £39.99 (+39 epoints)

Interflora Rewards

Nothing quite says happy Mother’s Day than a lovely bunch of flowers and this stunning bouquet from Interflora is sure to be a winner. The bouquet consists of fragrant roses, germinis and Oriental lilies. You can collect Interflora Rewards when you log in to epoints before ordering online.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at Interflora.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfume 50ml – Boots £68 (+272 epoints)

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle- Boots

This modern classic has a fresh oriental fragrance and some serious staying power. The fragrance draws inspiration from Gabrielle Chanel (Coco) and is aimed at the independent woman who breaks the rules and makes her own. Expensive, but worth the price tag. To collect Boots points via epoints, make sure to log in to before purchasing online.
QUADRUPLE epoints available at Boots
bigDL app: discounts and vouchers on the high street and online
Don’t forget, you can collect epoints with the bigDL app which gives you the very best single view of Mother’s Day discounts across the high street and online. The free money-saving app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, how shall we decorate your branches?

Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat… so it must be time to decorate your home.

There’s something about Christmas that just makes homes feel warm and cosy – and that’s before you get the chestnuts roasting on an open fire… the mistletoe and mulled wine!

I love decorating my Christmas tree, but I do like it all matching so I only allow purple and silver (OK maybe white and clear decorations at a push) decorations on it and presents underneath have to be in matching paper… Yes I am like Monica from Friends!
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Roaring fires, real ales and roast dinners – our guide to the best pubs in the UK

Best British Pubs

What’s your ideal Sunday? Does it involve a roaring fire, roast dinner and  a cheeky pint or glass of wine? Wait… does it have to just be Sunday for that? Wouldn’t have thought so!

For the good of you epointers I’ve undertaken the tough task of choosing my top 5 pubs across the country for just that kind of day – it was a hard job but someone had to do it.

So pour yourself a glass and let’s get going!

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Remember, Remember… where to see the fireworks on Bonfire Night

Fireworks on Guy Fawkes' NightRemember, remember the 5th of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!

Dig out your woolly hats and find a matching pair of gloves – it’s nearly Bonfire Night! The smell of gunpowder, flickering flames and mulled wine as you stamp your feet in their wellies and await the spectacular fireworks.

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November Birthdays, No Problem! Birthstone Jewellery Gifts

November Birthstone JewelleryNovember Birthdays can be a little bit of a tough call so close to Christmas, you don’t want your gift recipient to feel left out or short-changed by the anticipation of all those amazing Christmas presents on their way soon.

If you’re looking for a birthday gift for a November-born gal, we think we can help you.

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Spooktacular Halloween films (that won't scare you senseless)

Spooky, gruesome & amusing Halloween films

BOO! Did I scare you? Probably not, but if that’s about the level of tolerance you have for all things terrifying then chances are you won’t be watching the latest bloodthirsty horror fest this Halloween.

And you don’t need to. There are loads of creepy, but not spine-chilling, spooktacular films that are perfect for Halloween, especially if you’re not heading out trick or treating or to a party in some hair-raising fancy dress costume.

So if you want a quiet (cross your fingers you’re not disturbed by some creeps) night in then bar the door and keep the garlic close by and settle down with one of these classic Halloween films.

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