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New Year’s Resolutions made easier with epoints

New Year's Resolutions made easier with epoints

Is exercise on top of your New Year’s resolution year? But this gym feel so, so far away? Don’t worry, your resolution has just been made a whole lot easier! With epoints, you can show thousands of sports accessories to make working out at home a breeze. 

Reebok 5kg Dumbbell, Grey

 Tone your muscles, get fit and burn calories with some dumbbell assisted exercise routines. Coming in a vibrant, contemporary design you can enjoy a grip-friendly comfort that’s gentle on your hands.

Pilates Core Set: Ring, Band & Ball Kit with Exercise Poster, Purple

You’ll have everything you need for your Pilates workout with this handy kit. This Pilates kit includes a double handle Pilate resistance ring, a medium latex resistance band (1.2m x 15cm) and a 9″ (23cm) Exer-Soft Ball (also known as a soft over ball).

Yoga Mad Studio Yoga Mat Standard – Orange

 The Yoga Mad Studio yoga mat comes in the most popular thickness (4.5mm), which provides optimum cushioning, slip-resistance and durability and makes it suitable for both studio and intensive home use. This standard mat is made from Phthalate free PVC and was the first yoga mat to be tested as free of harmful substances for skin to Oeko-Tex Level 1. It is machine washable.

Dual Exercise Resistance Band

Add something a little different to your exercise routine with this Dual Resistance Band. Strengthen and tone your abs, back and waist and more whether you go to the gym or enjoy a workout at home. 

Includes: Soft Padded Dual Handle Band Perfect for core training, yoga.

Lush is now live on epoints!

Lush is now live on epoints!

Lush has now launched on epoints. Choose from your favourite bath bombs, beauty products and makeup and enjoy 10% off with epoints. We’ve done all the hard work for you and picked our top five favourite Lush products. 

Yog Nog Shower Gel

If you love warm, winter smells – you will love this one. When all the festivities are over and done, and your belly is full of great food, there is only one thing left – pudding! To get your sweet fix, hop in the shower with this toffee-scented sensation reminiscent of caramel and custard. You’ll love this if you like: – Sweet scents of maple syrup and clove bud oil.

Rehab Shampoo

Nothing damages is your more than low winter temperatures and wind. Here’s your winter haircare hero. The cleansing enzymes in freshly squeezed pineapple, kiwi and papaya juices will be your friend and put your hair back on the mend all in the time it takes to belt out a classic tune. A herbal helping of stimulating peppermint, rosemary and lavender oils calm and refresh your hair and scalp, leaving hair so shiny you’ll never say No! No! No! to rehab again.

Cup O' Coffee Face Mask

For anyone who struggles to wake up in the morning, this face mask will help. If you like it strong, dark and stimulating, take a shot of this face mask to the skin and feel invigorated with the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Roasted cocoa extract, vetivert and coriander oil combine to create an addictive fragrance. It’s so enticing you’ll want to use it all over.


Your next winter favourite. This is a very simple but effective formula, with just three moisturising ingredients. Pop this anywhere that feels really dry for instant relief: chapped lips or hard skin such as elbows, or use to tame lashes and eyebrows, brighten up tattoos, or to protect your skin when you’re dyeing your hair. Perfect for carrying in your bag or on your holidays.

Slap Stick Foundation

A new foundation on the block. Completely vegan made from all natural ingredients. Say hello to post-facial radiance – skin so dewy you could have just hit the spa and ingredients so luxurious they hydrate, soften and rejuvenate with every application. With 40 shades available (also with warm and cool undertones) to cater for every complexion, your skin’s never had it this good before.

Christmas Shopping Gift Guide for your Mum and Dad

Christmas shopping gift guide for your Mum and Dad

Are you struggling with Christmas shopping this year? Do you feel like another pricey candle is just not going to impress your Mum and another bottle of gin won’t surprise your Dad? We’re here to help! With epoints, you can find plenty of great affordable products that will make a perfect gift for your parents. 

ULTIMATE EARS WONDERBOOM Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker ​

Are your parents still using their old CD player that’s been in the living room for the last 10 years? Why not give them an upgrade with this wireless UE Wonderboom Portable Speaker? This small device provides powerful sound with a battery lasting up to 10 hours. It’s ultra-compact but packs a punch with two tweeters and two bass drivers for fat, crisp and satisfying sound whatever you’re listening to. Drop the old Christmas CD and play your favourite Christmas carols from your phone!

Le Creuset Stoneware Cafetiere Coffee Press

This is something for all the coffee lovers. If your parents like to use a french coffee press, why not gift them this stylish Le Creuset Cafetiere press? You can pair with a set of two stoneware cups to create a full set. The durable enamelled surface of these stoneware ceramics resists staining, chipping and cracking, and is easy to clean. Providing a totally hygienic surface, it will not absorb odours or flavours. Add to basket

If you are getting bored of all the candles, aroma diffuser is a great addition to every home. Providing wonderful smells, completely smoke-free. This Ultrasonic Diffuser releases a fine mist of natural essential oil aromas to help you relax and take care of your body and soul. Winter evenings just got cosier.

Crock-Pot CSC026 DuraCeramic™ Sauté 5L Slow Cooker

Make cooking easier for the whole family with this Crock-Pot. No more burnt meals and having to stir every 2 minutes! Create delicious and nutritious home-cooked meals with ease using the Crock-Pot CSC026. Rustle up a variety of hearty dishes from soups and casseroles to tasty tagines. Try out this amazing device and cook your Christmas turkey to get the perfect meal!

eve Sleep Original Memory Foam Mattress

This present most likely won’t fit under your Christmas tree but it for sure is worth it! If your parents keep complaining about their back backs and poor quality of sleep, this might be just the right thing to gift them. The pressure-relieving comfort foam helps improve sleep efficiency by eliminating pressure points. It aids the high-density foam to conform to your body so your bones and joints sink into softness. Sweet dreams!

Create a smart home with epoints this Black Friday

Create a smart home with epoints this Black Friday

How many times did you wish to turn the lights off without getting up? Or switching from one TV series to another without using your TV remote? With Black Friday approaching this week, it’s easy to get lost in the overwhelming amount of discounts and promotions. We’re here to help you find the best deals in order to create your smart home.

Google Home Mini

Getting a small, smart speaker is the perfect start in creating your smart home. Don’t be deceived by the size of this device. Although small – it’s pretty powerful and will make some of the most draining tasks really easy! From checking the weather forecast in the morning to playing music from your favourite radio station – Google Home Mini can do it all. Google Assistant will help you with your tasks and when paired with other smart home devices like Chrome Cast – it can even control your TV without a remote!

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD with Alexa Voice Remote

For all the Alexa fans – this is an absolute must-have. This powerful streaming media stick with a new Wi-Fi antenna design is optimized for 4K Ultra HD streaming. And the best part? You can enjoy all the benefits of it without even moving from your sofa! With this device, you can launch and control your favourite shows with the Alexa Voice Remote. Alexa, put this in the basket!

Hive Active Heating and Hot Water Thermostat Without Professional Installation - Works with Amazon Alexa

As the temperatures are going down this winter, our heating bills are going up! You will never have to worry about heating an empty home with this Hive Thermostat.  With Hive you’ll never need to heat an empty home again so you could save up to £130 a year on your heating bills. You can easily keep track of how you’re using your heating through the temperature graphs on the Hive app and receive heating alerts when you leave or return home. This is a winter must-have!

Philips Wake-Up Light

Have you recently been setting five alarms, all one minute apart, to make sure that this time, you definitely get up for work on time? With the little amount of light we get every morning, it’s impossible to wake up feeling refreshed. Philips is here to help. Wake up with light, feeling more refreshed with a Wake-up Light that wakes you up naturally Wake up with light 2 natural sounds FM radio and Bedside lamp Choice of 2 different natural wake-up sounds At your set wake up time a natural sound will play to complete the wake-up experience and ensure you are awake.

Amazon Echo Flex + Philips Hue White Smart Bulb Twin Pack LED

To complete your smart home, you can synchronise the lighting in your house with these Philips Hue smart bulbs. You can control the lights with your voice, just ask, “Alexa, turn on the living room light”. These lights will also allow you to dim or brighten the light. Make any space a little smarter: Echo Flex lets you get help from Alexa in more places in your home. Ready to help: ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, control compatible smart home devices and more. 

epoints and Anytime Fitness join forces

Anytime Fitness Partnership

epoints and Anytime Fitness join forces

epoints, the hassle-free shopping platform, is delighted to be working in partnership with Anytime Fitness. The new partnership will offer gym franchisees the opportunity to earn big, while offering their customers huge savings. 

Through the partnership, gym members will get 6 months free Gold membership to the epoints platform, worth £65. With epoints, they’ll enjoy exclusive savings at major online retailers, including Argos, John Lewis & Partners, B&Q, Amazon and many, many more. 

Franchisees will earn commission on each of their member’s purchases and following their free trial, a significant share of their subsequent membership fees


Franchisee and gym member benefits



You’ll earn £0.25p every time a member makes a purchase on epoints, regardless of how much they spend. 


You’ll earn 25% of the epoints account fee for every member who extends their membership beyond the free 6 months. 


All commission can be spent on selected gym and health products which include an extra 10% off.


As a franchisee, it’s important to ensure you promote the scheme to your members. Remember, the more gym members use the scheme, the more you’ll earn.

Top tips 

  • Ensure you are familiar with the scheme, how members can sign up (via and your unique promotional code 
  • Encourage all gym employees to look at the user guides (see below) and to sign up to epoints themselves so that they are familiar with the benefits 
  • Place promotional materials in prominent positions across the gym so that your members are aware of the added benefit of their gym membership. The print-ready documents can be found below, including posters, floor stickers and pull up banners
  • Speak to every single gym member, when possible, about the benefits of epoints membership, where they can enjoy at least an 10% off at trusted online retailers. With your unique promotional code, they’ll get 6 months free membership – worth £65.
  • Announce the partnership on your social media channels (see social media assets and suggested posts below

And, finally, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us for support on 0118 979 6341




Suggested posts:

We’ve partnered with @epointsUK the hassle-free shopping platform, offering exclusive discounts at trusted online retailers. You’ll get 6 months FREE membership to epoints – worth £65! To sign up, visit using the promo code [enter unique promo code] #Alwaysbetteroff 

Gym member? Claim your FREE 6 months Gold membership to @epointsUK where you’ll get at least an extra 10% off at trusted online retailers. Visit and use promo code [enter unique promo code] #Alwaysbetteroff 

Check out this video about our brand new partner @epointsUK. Through our partnership, you’ll get 6 months free Gold membership to the platform (worth £65), where you’ll get at least an extra 10% off your online shopping – even in the sales! Sign up at and use promo code [enter unique promo code] #Alwaysbetteroff 


For support, please call us on 0118 979 6341


5 cheap activities that are great for burning calories


5 cheap activities that are great for burning calories

Every year, weight loss and burning calories is in the forefront of everyone’s mind in the wake of lent and the Christmas holidays. But, for most, the thought of gorging our weight in celery and heaving ourselves up early for a frosty jog appeals to no one. We are always on the look out for more engaging and rewarding ways to exercise. There is no better way than taking up a sport because of the multitude of benefits. As we do best, we have arranged our top picks for sports you can do to blast the fat and socialise in a new hobby.


Grab a friend of yours because its time to hit the courts! Tennis is an extremely skilled and athletic sport. Constant lateral movement with quick bursts of muscular power to change direction make this physically demanding on the cardiovascular system. It can also improve cognitive focus and hand-eye co-ordination. When you play with a friend, or meet people at the local club, it can be a very sociable as well. Tennis is a good all-rounder as it is also cheap to play as you don’t have to splash out on gear.


Cycling is a very good sport to be involved with because of the diversity of benefits. If you fancy yourself an environmentalist, you can substitute four wheels for two and hit the road. It can be done with family, so there’s no excuse not to get anyone out. You can use cycling to traverse the shorter trips by bike and really cram in your recommended 20 minutes a day of exercise. If you have kids, it is a good excuse to bond with them, get out and explore and even teach them a life skill. The more hardcore fitness heads among you may even want to take a spin class. Taking a spin class is a fantastic way to give fat the boot as you can scorch between 400-600 calories based on the intensity of the class .Cycling offers so many benefits and is definitely the most family oriented way to boost your cardiovascular fitness and get the dopamine pumping!


Hands down, THE best sport on this list in terms of your cardiovascular fitness. It is one of the only sports which trains the Aortic valve in your heart that helps build its overall strength. It is also a full body workout. Water resistance requires a tremendous amount of muscle conditioning to move through the water so the more you do it the more conditioned you will be. It is great at blasting fat, building strength and training your circulatory system. And all you need is a pool.


Another one for the family lovers among you. Hiking is a fantastic way to stay in shape. You can go witness those picturesque views in your local country park, build log forts with your kids or potentially camp out (if you’re daring enough). You may have to do a bit of travel to find the perfect hiking spot, but when you do, it is a great family day out. It is the perfect combination of getting you children to explore learn and a great workout.


As long as you have a floor (which I believe we all do somewhere) then you will be able give it a try. People often overlook Yoga as has a funny reputation in the eyes of some. Actually, it has a vast pool of benefits as it takes a holistic approach to health. It is proven to increase muscle tone and strength, increased flexibility, very useful for preventing joint injuries and respiratory and circulatory improvements. Those of you that get easily stressed, it even helps the mind. Yoga aids in the calming of the nervous system as well as: reducing cortisol levels (hormone responsible for stress) and reduces blood pressure. Yoga is good for the whole body, despite the silly reputation it upholds. We give it a thumbs up, so go out there and try it. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our suggest and we hope you enjoyed it. If you are looking for ways to unwind, why not take a look at our our blog: How to make the most out of your bath.


Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate and Fitness Tracking Wristband, Large, Blue

Keep track of your health statistics, heart rate, steps and sleep patterns. Fitbit will help you keep on the right track and steer you to a healthier path if you need.

e 25,019 · £125.10

Ford Titanium 52-59cm Urban – Grey

When doing all of that cycling, we promote safety first. Protect your head. Have a browse through our range of head-wear and bike related accessories.

e 3,770 · £18.85

Vaude Moab pro 22L Backpack

Big activities require big bags. Get stocked up and conveniently carry all of your equipment for that upcoming expedition. Check out our range below.

 e 21,600 · £108.00

We hope you enjoyed this blog. If you did some hard exercise and are looking to reward yourself with a little treat, check out our latest blog. After all it is the season!

Woman sitting on a matt

Mother’s Day: Gifts for athletic mums

Mother's Day: gifts for athletic mums

Whether they have always been ‘outdoorsy’ and athletic, or they just never gave it up for lent, we all know a sporty mum. They are the first out the door for a brisk and frosty morning walk and the last in after a powerful back workout. Mothers put in a lot of hard work to look and feel good.So, why not indulge the healthy obsession? They would much rather a protein bar, than a chocolate one or a fruit infuser than a fruity diffuser. The most thoughtful gifts are the ones where you consider of their interests, so get them a gift to help them on their quest for health.

We know it can be tricky to find the right gift for an active mum. This is why we, at epoints, have stepped in with out suggestions of quirky fitness essentials. Add a little breakfast in bed and you will be in for a sure fire winner.

Multi use gym
Wondercore Multigym 2

Multi-gym for the home

Give the gift of health! It is a cheap and durable home gym designed to target all kinds of muscle groups in one machine. Even when your active ‘supermum’ can’t get to the gym, she can  power through a home workout to get her fix

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate and Fitness Tracking Wristband, Large, Teal


This is a must have essential for any fitness fanatic. Track your heart rate, steps, distance traversed and the calories you burn. It can even monitor quality of sleep and, when synced up to the phone app, can give you recommendations on diet and exercise. It is designed to overall help you become a happier and healthier person by instilling a fitness routine into your day.

Protein World Chocolate Slender Blend - 1.2kg

Low fat protein powder

Extremely low in fat and high in protein. This is a perfect supplement for the ‘toning’ mum. Treat her to a gift that will help her achieve her physique and weight goals. She will definitely appreciate it more than  calorie filled box of chocolates.

Gaiam Pressure Massage Roller, Orange

Pressure massage roller

Aching muscles, after a strenuous workout session, require a rubdown to shift the lactic acid. Don’t forget it feels great! Whether she is into running, yoga, or strength training and conditioning, this tool will be brilliant to help ease muscle pain and speed up recovery. It will be a very appreciated piece of equipment for the dedicated fitness fanatic.

fitness yoga mat
Opti Exercise Mat

Fitness mat

If your mum can’t get out too much to exercise, because she is busy, then we recommend a fitness mat. Anything like yoga, stretches and core exercises can be performed on a mat making it essential for the mum who is partial to a home workout. Whether she is new to the fitness scene looking to get in shape, or she is a seasoned professional, this is a must purchase for their fitness arsenal of equipment.

We hope you enjoyed our latest gift guide. If you want to read more on our blog, why not check out our related article below.


Mothers Day: Gifts for garden-loving mums

Man watering a garden

Gifts for garden-loving mums

Spring time is officially around the corner. The smell of freshly cut grass begins to waft over the garden fences. The hydrangeas and hyacinths emerge from a wintery tomb. That vegetable patch begins to sprouts strange shoots from unknown seeds you planted years ago. Its a beautiful time of year. This time of year, however, happens to coincide with another important day of the year. That’s right! Mothers Day. For some, Mothers day is about flowers and chocolates. For other mums out there, who fancy themselves as an Alan Titchmarsh or a Karen Klein type, they may be better off being gifted items to help the spring blossom.

In our latest edition to the blog, we’re going to be recommending some of the best gifts for the garden-savvy mother. Help your nature-loving mum achieve her backdoor Utopian paradise she righteously deserves.

Garden gloves
Burgon & Ball RHS British Bloom Print Gardening Gloves available in M/L

Garden Gloves

Comfortable, breathable and decorated with beautiful blooms, this pair of gloves is hard-wearing and protects hands when gardening. These stylish, yet durable gloves will be able to help plough through even the most stubborn gardening tasks.

VegTrug 1m Small Wood Seater

Wooden vegetable trough

Is your mother into, or thinking of getting into starting a vegetable patch? If you are looking for a place to put it, look no further than this wooden trough. This (in our opinion) is a stunning looking purchase. Durable but still has a natural look that blends in with the foliage of the garden. Great purchase if your looking to really get your mother a memorable gift as it is long lasting and sentimental.

'find me in the garden' sign
The House Nameplate Company 'Find Me in The Garden' Slate House Sign

Quirky garden sign

A small and quirky addition to your humble home. Give your mum a little chuckle with this sleek and stylish sign that fits in with almost all types of garden decor. Add a touch of personalisation to your mothers garden make it hers.

John Lewis & Partners Ferns in Hanging Glass

Hanging plant in a pot

A modern twist on a timeless classic. You cannot go wrong with a potted plant! It is a very nice looking gift that doesn’t take up too much room. Similarly to the garden sign, it is one of those gifts that goes with anything and still looks fantastic.

Miracle-Gro Plant Food 2kg

Plant nourishment

Give the gift of life to your gardening-obsessed mother. Help her rejuvenate her garden with slow releasing plant food to nourish your collection of growing plants and vegetables. If your loving mother is a hardcore gardener, plant food will go a long way in keeping her happy. As we are heading into spring and summer, it will be the perfect time to optimise plant growth to keep your jungle looking full and healthy.

Kingfisher Deluxe 3 in 1 Suet Fat Ball Seed and Nut Feeder

Bird feeder

For the keen birdwatchers in the gardening community, you need a good bird feeder to get the new species flocking to your natural kingdom. This bird feeder holds everything from big nuts, to small seeds to fat balls. It is the perfect gift for the garden as every garden needs one so why not get an upgrade for your mother, this Mothers Day.

People playing video games

Best video games of February 2019

People playing video games

Best games of February 2019

The start to this year has blown the gaming scene right open. Some big name developers have deployed their soldiers to join in the console carnage this month. And don’t worry you PC junkies, you’re all covered as well. Get your headsets on and controllers and keyboards at the ready as we dive right into the action with our list of top picks this February.

Picture of the possible characters you can play with in Apex Legends


Conquer with character in Apex Legends, a free-to-play Battle Royale shooter where legendary characters with powerful abilities team up to battle for fame and fortune. This game is the latest battle royale game to take the world, by storm, after Fortnite hit the market in 2017. After Fortnite revolutionised the battle royale and made it a well established game type, this is the latest follow-up. A fantastic, free-to-play shooter full of utter carnage. Metacritic user, Gamesradar+, dubs this game ‘An immaculate battle royale that could be sold at a premium price point, but instead is one of the best free-to-play games ever’. So, what are you waiting for? get downloading!


In Metro Exodus, Artyom and a band of survivors must flee the shattered ruins of the Moscow Metro and embark on an epic journey across the post-apocalyptic Russian wilderness. Graphically, the game is stunning. The detail of the graphics and scenario design of the levels really help to improve the user experience. Critics say ‘we are facing the best story driven FPS in recent years, crafted with love’. It has also been dubbed  ‘2019’s first serious Game of the Year contender’. Although the game has been linked to some launching issues, the overall narrative and visuals of the production lead to a fantastic creation by the small, but perfectly formed  4A team. A would-recommend game.


For the first time in its franchise history, Ubisoft is responsible for engineering its own direct sequel. Nuclear winter sees a rejuvenation of Hope County, Montana, and people have began to repopulate. You can either roll in, co-op style, with your friends or jump into the fight as a lone gunslinger as tensions flare between rival factions. Although labelled ‘more of the same’  by some critics, if you liked far cry 5 (which was one of the best reviewed Far cry’s in the franchise) then you will definitely enjoy new dawn.

DiRt rally 2.0

Racing fans, its time to buckle up and drift into the racing game of the year so far. DiRT Rally 2.0 offers the chance to race through a selection of iconic rally locations from across the globe. With a wide variety of tracks and vehicles and picturesque in game scenes and graphics, and fantastic simulation game play mechanics. Metacritic reviewers are heavily praising the release saying ‘The graphic effects are amazing, the authentic and challenging driving is unmatched’.



The 3rd sequel in the action packed shooter is here! Explore the expansive realm of a futuristic city, race through the streets in a transforming vehicle, and use your powerful abilities to stop a ruthless criminal empire. Developed by original creator Dave Jones, Crackdown 3 provides and all-new multiplayer mode. It is a great game (and always has been) for the casual gamer that wants to relax and immerse themselves within carnage filled sandbox shooter. It is great to blow off steam. Critics say that ‘Crackdown 3’ is perfect for anyone who only has short amounts of time to spare or is looking for a game with lots of replay value. Definitely worth a look!

Thank you for reading our list of our favourite games this February. If you need extra gaming accessories, for those relaxing evenings, Click here to check out the range.

Woman on a mat doing yoga

The most effective exercises you can do in your home

Woman on a mat doing yoga

The most effective exercises you can do in your home

Striking that core lifestyle balance between work, family, health and downtime is almost impossible without sacrificing one. The bottom line is, society is far busier than before. Advancements in technology, career choices and longer working hours have left us strapped for time. For those of you with family to raise, the issue doesn’t get any easier. People often forget to take care of themselves as nutrition and exercise become second rate. You only need 20 minutes of exercise a day to reduce your risk of cardiovascular related illnesses and type 2 diabetes by more than a half. Well, the good news is that fitness can introduced anywhere. With this in mind, take a look at our top exercises to do, in the home, to get your fix.


Burpees are a fantastic exercise and can be done in the comfort of your own home easily. They are great for building muscle endurance, strengthening of core muscles as well as being effective at burning fat. Burpees are one of the most affective ways of targeting almost all muscle groups including: arms, quads, glutes, hamstrings chest, and core muscles. In addition to muscle endurance, it is great for cardiovascular fitness. This can be added into any routine for a high-intensity stint in your workout.

Crunches + Flutterkicks

Crunches and flutter kicks are a very effective way to strengthen your core muscle groups and shape the abdominal section. Flutter kicks are exceptional for both cardio and specifically the oblique muscles (these are the muscles responsible for the rotation of your torso). Crunches are great for gaining core strength and shaping the rectus abdominis (that’s code for the 6 pack muscles). They are the ultimate home partnership to shape a lower torso getting leaner for that summer body.

Increasing the speed of your walk

Although this isn’t strictly a ‘home’ exercise, it is definitely worth talking about. As mentioned before, we only need a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise a day. Even that, for some, is a stretch. Many of us walk/cycle to work (at least partially) so why not consider doing it faster? Studies show that walking at a moderate to high intensity can shed just as many calories as running or jogging. It may be worth leaving for work deliberately later, just as an extra incentive to help shed those pounds.

Push-ups and sit-ups

Get on your overalls because we’re going to bootcamp! Yes, the favourites among military officers and training have made a comeback to help you blast fat and build muscle. The push- up is a classic and is often underrated. It is a great body weight exercise for shaping the the upper body as it works the chest, arms and deltoids (muscles around the arms rotator cuff). Sit-ups are a fantastic way to work the core and the lower back muscles. Both of these staple exercises can be done with nothing more than a comfortable surface at home.

Jumping jacks

The jumping jack, as it is named by our trans-Atlantic cousins. Often referred to as ‘Star jumps’, the Jumping jack encompasses a lot of cardiovascular benefits in addition to muscle movement. It is a great exercise for high intensity segments and coupled up with our old friend, the burpee, can lead to a hard and sweaty work out. Wave fat goodbye with this combination you can easily do at home.

lunges and squats

Whether you are looking for Stronger legs, more toning or a shapely behind, these are essential. Squats, specifically, are the bread and butter as it targets all the significant muscle groups within the leg. These are specifically the glutes, hamstrings and quads. a deep squat, or lunge, can really engage the legs to work hard, even with body weight. If you are looking to challenge yourself, hold a kettle bell or barbell to add intensity to the workout.

If you are interested in taking it one step further and are looking into a home gym, check out another blog post: The best home gym setup ideas for small spaces

Be sure to check out our range of equipment in our fitness range to help optimise your workout.

Opti Vinyl Kettlebell – 10kg

The perfect component for upper body, leg, shoulder and abdominal workouts. Varying sizes of weights are available depending on ability.

 3,410 · £17.05

Shop weights

Yoga-Mad SureGrip 4mm Yoga Mat, Purple

If your house has a hard floor surface it  may worth investing in a mat. Exercises can quickly get uncomfortable on a hard surface. It has the perfect level of comfort to optimise your stretches.     6,210 · £31.05

Shop Yoga Mats

Yoga-Mad Swiss Fitness Ball and Pump, Blue

Great for muscle stretches and balancing exercises, the yoga ball is a must-have if improving your joins and flexibility is the key in your workout.  3,689 · £18.45

Shop Fitness equipment