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The ultimate Spring Cleaning guide for 2021

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning guide for 2021

Sunshine, longer days and blooming flowers means one thing, Spring is on the way! It’s time to bust open your windows and prepare for the big spring clean. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore, it can actually be therapeutic and rewarding. Research suggests a decluttered home can have a number of health benefits, it can reduce stress, strengthen your immune system, increase productivity and help you avoid illnesses, According to a study, 70% of people say cleaning their home gives them a sense of accomplishment and 61% of people say it makes them feel de-stressed.

If you’ve been forced inside due to Coronavirus what better time to indulge in a deep clean than now. If this is your first spring clean it can be easy to feel overwhelmed no matter how many lists you’ve read. Our simple and quick spring cleaning list will help you get your spring clean finished in one weekend.

Invest in some good quality cleaning supplies First off every spring cleaning list needs supplies, Investing in some quality cleaning products is key. supplies don’t have to be costly, there’s a wide range of cleaning supplies to suit everyone’s budget. Here at Epoints we have you covered, a few essentials to add to your list include:

Get in the zone

Now you’ve got a few spring cleaning essentials on the list, it’s time to get motivated, to ‘get in the zone’  you might choose to turn on your favourite playlist, light a candle and set out all your spring cleaning products in one place, this will make it easier to stay productive and get the job done and dusted quickly. 

Declutter and organise

To make the most of your spring clean, declutter by donating your old clothes, books, toys or shoes, the extra time at home is a great opportunity to decide what you have lying around the house that you may want to get rid of.  Start off with smaller areas like wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and bathrooms, get these out the way so the hard spots are finished first, then work your way to bigger cluttered areas.

Done with it? Donate!

Charity shops may be closed throughout lockdown but that doesn’t mean you can’t donate your clutter. There are various different charities you can donate to, British Heart Foundation is asking for donors to use its Freepost service, another alternative to donating during lockdown is through clothing banks, take time to research and find out if your local area has any organizations or donation points.


Reward yourself after

Rewards have been proven to increase motivation. A brilliant way to encourage yourself to get your spring cleaning done is to treat yourself with rewards afterwards, research suggests you are 30% more likely to stick to a task if you know there is a reward waiting for you on the other side. More research suggests that immediate rewards are more beneficial, so treat yourself to a tasty takeaway or a nice glass of wine after the job is done, after all, you deserve it!

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pet lovers

6 gift ideas for pet lovers on #NationalLoveYourPetDay

6 gift ideas for pet lovers on #NationalLoveYourPetDay

February is known as the month of love but it doesn’t stop at Valentines, February 20th marks #NationalLoveYourPetDay, a great day to remind pet lovers to spend some time with their furry friends and show them the love and attention they deserve.

According to Statista, there are around 51 million pets in the UK. With 45% of all UK households having at least a cat or dog. Pets offer us unconditional love and instantly put a smile on everyone’s faces, apart from the love and company that being a pet lover can provide, research suggests that pets can also reduce stress and anxiety, provide us with comfort when feeling lonely or sad, make us laugh, and can even encourage us to be more social and interactive when out walking and socialising with others!

So why not treat your beloved friend to something special this year?
Here at Epoints we have the paw-fect range of products to choose from!

Petface House Cat Scratcher

The puuurfect present for pet lovers and their cats. This cat house scratcher gives your fur friend a chance to exercise whilst also exploring and having fun at the same time. It features 3 different locations for them to relax in including a house and a ladder, a brilliant product to keep cats happy and occupied!

Snoooz Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Your dog will love you forever when you buy him this Snoooz antibacterial orthopaedic donut bed. With a luxurious filling  and removable cover this is the ultimutt gift for your 4 legged friend to get the best night’s sleep. 

Cat Scratcher with Hammock

Pet lovers will love this luxurious cat hammock, the perfect spot for your cat to laze around in and relax. Designed with a soft plush material between 2 scratching posts that are ideal for clearing their claws. This hammock is a cosy area for your cat to snuggle up in and chill out. 

Nina Ottoson Dog Treat Maze Dog Toy

Hide & seek with treats! Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise for dogs. Pet lovers will love this international best seller, The Treat Maze dog toy, it’s the perfect way to keep your dog engaged and active. By releasing treats from both sides of the saucer your four legged friend will have hours of fun whilst also keeping active and healthy!

Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Stomper Dog Toy

The Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Stomper is a best seller for pet lovers, One stomp is all it takes to launch a ball 75 feet! Your fur friend will go crazy for this fun, interactive game, a great form of exercise that all dogs need. Its foot-activated so perfect if you suffer from back or shoulder issues and can’t throw balls!

Petface Cat Toy Bundle

 It has never been easier for pet lovers to interact and play with their fur friends! Here we have a fun and engaging bundle of cat toys and treats, the Laser chaser toy is a fun and engaging form of exercise for your cat, the bundle includes  Catkins Sisal Mouse with CatNip and a packet of delicious Cat Cafe treats, nutritious baked biscuits with a soft flavoured filling. Perfect for spoiling your cat!

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Revamp your home office space in 2021

Revamp your home office space in 2021

As more and more of us are working from home this year since COVID-19 it is important our home office space is a comfortable and inviting area to spend time and get work done efficiently. It has been proven that working in a relaxed atmosphere plays a huge role on our mood and productivity. To help you consider the essentials, we’ve put together a quick guide to building your perfect home office space this 2021.

Choosing the best space is important in setting up your home office, you want to find a space with the least amount of distractions. Think about what you will be doing there, do you need a place for storage? Will you be making team calls? Your best ideas will usually come from your desk, try to find a space that is ideally away from your day to day space,this way you are encouraging your brain to separate work life from home life, it will be easier to stay productive and positive whilst working in the day and easier to switch off later in the evening. 

Having a separate office space doesn’t have to mean a completely separate room, you could consider a quiet corner of your house, as long as you are comfortable and productive there, after all it is where you will be spending most of your time.

We’ve put together a list of items to consider when revamping your home office space this year!

  Habitat Malibu 3 Drawer Office Desk

This stylish desk has all the benefits to keep you focused and productive whilst working from home. Plenty of surface space for a laptop or desktop, 3-shelf open unit with handy reach and 3 easy glide drawers perfect for all office storage. The Malibu desk is the perfect addition to your home office space. Add a chair underneath and your all set to go!

John Lewis & Partners Gerard Office Chair, Black


Sit back and relax in this Gerald back office space chair from John Lewis. The perfect addition to your home office this year. Plastic castors, suitable for all floors ensure it’s easy to move around your home office space, with adjustable height and a curved backrest ideal to maintain a healthy posture. This simple piece is a must have when revamping your new office space this year.




 Artificial House Plant in Textured Pot

Why not invest in some house plants for your office space? Not only are they beautiful they also bring the outdoors in too. House plants have been proven to help clean the air making your office space even more of a productive area for you to focus in. Having a small plant on your office desk is a great way to revamp your home office space this year.


Talos 3 Drawer Filing Cabinet White


Making sure plenty of storage is available is essential in keeping your office a productive and efficient space. You may need to have important documents, notes, files and other bits and pieces that are easy to grab hold of when you need them. This 3 drawer filing cabinet is ideal in keeping your home office space tidy and organized, you never have to worry about losing important work files again!




Cashback with Epoints

Get more and Pay less with Epoints cash back. When you find the product you’re after you can simply pay the difference. When you buy this way we give you an extra 5-10% Epoints Cashback to spend next time!

Epoints can be exchanged for an almost limitless range of fantastic products from all the best online retailers for the perfect way to show employee recognition. From big-name brands like Amazon to John Lewis, Epoints allows you to compare prices from all of your favourite retailers all in one place!


Top gifts for Him and Her this Valentines day

Top gifts for Him and Her this Valentines Day

In a year where we couldn’t all be together in person, it’s important to show your loved ones just how much they mean to you. It’s been a challenging year for everyone and what better way to show your loved ones just how special they are than by surprising them with a thoughtful gift this Valentines Day.


Woo your partner with the perfect gift, with so many different gift ideas already out there it can be a headache sometimes to find the right one, of course there’s always chocolates and flowers, but why not make this year special and treat your significant other to a more personal gift? 


If you’re still recovering from Christmas spending, don’t worry we’ve got a selection of different gifts fit for everyone’s budget.

Gifts for Her

Limited edition 4 piece Fortune favours the fabulous Benefit gift set

Treat your partner to our range of luxury Makeup gift sets from Benefit to Bobbi Brown. The limited edition 4 piece Fortune favours fabulous Benefit gift set includes full-size baby-pink blush, perfect for all skin tones, moisturising lip balm, pore primer and a precision brow pencil, a perfect addition to her dressing table this Valentines Day! 


Clinique Power Lashes Trio Makeup set

A less pricey alternative is the luxury Clinique Power Lashes Trio Makeup set! This trio set is bound to make her eyes pop, a powerful look that stays put…The moisture eye cream is guaranteed to brighten and hydrate leaving skin looking fresh and glowy all day long. The set also includes long wear lash power mascara, which vows to stay put for 24 hours with no smears or smudges! Lastly the precision brow pencil, easy to use and perfect for everyday makeup looks. This affordable gift set is the perfect surprise this Valentines Day! 


A Tiny Kiss Necklace

For a more significant personal gift check out this stunning timeless sterling silver ‘Tiny Kiss’ necklace. It is the perfect gift this Valentines Day, with an elegant, delicate chain and tiny Swarovski stone-embellished kiss. £20 from each sale will go to #ChangeAGirlLifeCampaign, a fantastic campaign that helps young women facing difficult challenges receive a brighter future. This lovely necklace is a thoughtful gift for a loved one that can be treasured for years to come.


Gifts For Him

The men deserve to be spoilt too… Finding the right romantic gift for him isn’t always easy but don’t lose hope, we’ve got some great ideas to help you find the perfect gift for him this Valentine’s Day!

Calvin Klein Obsession Aftershave  

Calvin Klein has been a best-selling brands of aftershaves for decades. Treat him this Valentine’s Day to the Calvin Klein Obsession aftershave, a unique masculine fragrance at an affordable price, a radiating refreshing scent that the both of you are bound to love.

Vegan friendly ManCave Survival Gift

Pamper your loved ones this Valentines with our range of mens grooming kits! The Vegan friendly ManCave Survival Gift includes 6 essential grooming products, it is the perfect gift to have your partner looking and feeling great this Valentine’s Day.




Amazon Echo Dot

Why not treat your partner to a smart speaker this Valentines Day? The Amazon Echo Dot is a great gift for that special someone, a savvy high tech voice controlled speaker, making calls, catching up on the latest news, listening to music and much more is now easier than ever. This gift is guaranteed to make life easier and put a smile on your loved ones faces this Valentines day!