Avoid summer holiday cabin fever – entertaining the kids at home

Entertaining the kids in the summer holidays

The summer holidays are getting ever nearer and the weather just isn’t helping you out with your plans to keep the children entertained. At least when it’s sunny you can go to the park or play in the garden, but when the weather’s wet, they get cabin fever and it’s very difficult to fill the hours.
We’ve come up with some helpful tips for keeping your family busy when you’re cooped up inside.
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Get crafty
The current craze for Loom Bands is taking over the country and it seems that everyone is wearing a brightly coloured bracelet. If your kids haven’t discovered this new trend now’s the perfect time, or if they have, sit down with them and make one yourself.
Edible salon
This is a great way to encourage your child to grow and eat vegetables. Save some egg shells and help your children draw faces on them. Then fill them with damp cotton wool and cress seeds. Once they’ve grown, the children can trim their ‘cress hair’ and enjoy it in an egg sandwich!

Cress heads - simple entertainment for children

Have a ‘midnight’ feast
Everyone loves a late night picnic (especially if they’ve read about them in school stories) so let your children stay up late, lay out a picnic rug, turn off the lights and have a picnic by torchlight. Hopefully they’ll sleep in the next day as well, giving you a welcome lie in!
Old-fashioned board games
Dust off those boxes and teach your children how to play your old favourites. Alternatively make up new rules to the classics (play the Game of Life, but the winner is the one with the least amount of money). Or just grab a sheet of paper and a pen and play Hangman, Boxes and Noughts & Crosses.

Board Games - keeping the kids entertained this summer

Find some old wallpaper (or ask a shop for some off-cuts) and get each child to lay down on their back. Draw around your child and get them to colour their clothes, hair and face in. Once they’ve finished, help them cut out their shape and put it on the wall instead of a height chart.

What are your tips for keeping your children entertained in the summer holidays?

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