January blues

What can you do to beat the January blues.

How to Beat The January Blues

January can be a challenging time for many people. Festivities are over, and you’re back to work, but there are many other reasons you may be feeling down during this time of year. Not only will we help you understand why you might be feeling low, but tips on how to handle that.

So here are our tips on how to beat the January blues.

Understanding Why

The first thing is understanding that this is entirely normal. The cold and the lack of light contribute to a low mood in the winter months. Your body also is more likely to produce melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep, due to the lack of light. The time change can also disrupt your internal clock leading to low mood. Lack of sunlight can also cause your body to produce less serotonin, affecting mood, appetite, and sleep.

Beating the Blues:


The main thing to incorporate is more light and time outside during the day. The more sunlight and fresh air you can get, the better. This can help balance out any low mood, sometimes referred to as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). A lot of the symptoms can be caused by that lack of sunlight. You can buy lights that mimic natural light to help improve your mood.


Going outside to appreciate the light of day is an excellent chance to exercise. Exercise is especially beneficial as this also helps boost mood and morale but gives you something to distract yourself and boost self-esteem. Exercise is good for wellbeing and boosting mood not specific to the wintertime, but this doesn’t mean you need to be forcing yourself to complete long, gruelling workouts. Going for a quick walk every day or heading to the gym for a class or session can make a big difference.


At the beginning of the year, it can be hard to deal with the onslaught of new years resolutions and a need to ‘do better’ or change. Don’t feel pressured to have a New Year’s resolution that you know you can’t stick to, and don’t feel pressure to make a massive change in your life. It is okay to simply focus on your wellbeing and get through each day as it comes. You don’t need to achieve something groundbreaking to be doing well. Setting unrealistic goals can lead to unwanted feelings of failure.


If you are feeling low, it can be helpful to write down your fears and anxieties. Identifying what is making you feel low can help bring you perspective or help these worries feel more manageable. There also can be a therapeutic nature to ‘releasing’ your fears out there into the world.

Do Something You Enjoy

When the new year comes around, many resolutions are being made. Instead of making resolutions, look at it as an opportunity to do something you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be a new hobby but do something you enjoy or have always wanted to try. This can help lift your spirits and act as a break from routine. Reading has been said to be good for mental health and doesn’t cost a lot, or even exercise as this acts as a two in one.


Looking after your health comes back to what you eat. Eating well and looking after your body has a significant effect on your mental health. Eating healthily can drastically improve your mood. Getting into cooking can also encourage you to look after yourself and give you an activity to keep you busy.

Something To Look Forward To

Another thing to do is plan something you can look forward to. Whether a holiday or a day out, giving yourself a treat or a date to look forward to can make those winter months a little more manageable. Especially if you celebrate Christmas or another holiday during the end of the calendar year, having something in or around January to look forward to can help ease those January blues.

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Reach Out

Lastly, if you are struggling, the first thing to do is reach out. Do not struggle alone; talk to someone you trust and ask to speak through your feelings and struggles. As well as implementing ways to combat the feelings of low mood, talking to someone can help ease the burden.

Here at Epoints, we believe that looking after your health and wellbeing is hugely important. These are our tips on beating the January blues, but whatever makes you feel better during the season is a good thing and remember that it is always best to share your worries. Don’t be afraid to reach out if you are struggling. 

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