Want to Get More and Pay Less? Discover Epoints!


Want to Get More and Pay Less? Discover Epoints! 

Unsure how to fully reap the rewards of your employee benefits scheme? This blog outlines all the great things you can take advantage of here at Epoints. When your employer signed you up for Each Person, you automatically got an Epoints membership! Don’t worry though, if you want to be a part of the action and haven’t been signed up, you can sign yourself up. So, how can you take advantage of all our benefits?


Savings Club 

The  Savings Club is the secret to saving you money. If you’re interested in exploring ways to help your finances, we have a solution for you. We boost your Epoints balance by 6% interest every month, so you’re never left with an empty pocket. If that wasn’t enough, you can also ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ with up to 30 days of interest-free credit. By choosing to put away portions of your salary each month, you can prepare for upcoming costs while learning better money habits!  

All of the Epoints products have been tailor-designed to ensure you’re always better off. Combining our products and services means you can reap the full benefits Epoints has to offer you, whether that being showing gratitude, spending Epoints with our retailers, earning Cashback or within our Savings Club.



The fastest way to shop across multiple retailers all in one place. Epoints provide you with a reliable, easy checkout that is 6 times faster than shopping directly. There is something for everyone with over half a million products to choose from, including gift cards. 

Epoints bring together products from trusted retailers such as Curry’s, Amazon and John Lewis, to name a few! You can spend your Epoints on various products, from a vast range of departments, such as Fashion, Electronics, Health and Beauty and many more. Whether it’s Airpods from Argos or bath bombs from The Body Shop, you’ll get your items delivered from the retailer with all guarantees included. We’ve made it easy, so members don’t have to remember logins to many websites or repeat delivery addresses every time they shop.

The benefits of a single checkout don’t stop there… Want to track your delivery? Return an item? Or have any other queries? Contact one customer support team across multiple retailers, exclusively for our members. You can also gift Epoints to fellow colleagues or spend them in the shop! 



Get more, pay less with Epoints Cashback, the best way to save money on your next purchase. Every time you shop for a product or instant gift card, you’ll be rewarded with up to 10% back, so you’re always better off than shopping direct.

Use your points to get a discount or save up for a future purchase. The choice is yours. 

You may be wondering, why Cashback? We believe that actual items straight to your door, rather than money in your bank, are all the more special. Combined with a selection of over half a million products, you’re spoilt for choice and save money every time.



Didn’t find what you were looking for? Not to worry, you can shop across our network of 1500+ websites with us. Want to book a Travelodge or a train ticket? You can collect Epoints on lots of popular websites. 

With our ‘collect’ function, you can find a retailer you’re after, be directed to their website and gain a certain number of points back based on the value of your purchase. When you shop this way, you will automatically get Epoints added to your account – spend these on whatever you want or whatever you need.


Plant a Tree 

Save while you save the planet. In addition to receiving Epoints cashback every time you shop so you get more and pay less, we’re allowing you to give some of your extra Epoints back to the environment and help fund Eco-projects.

We’ve made it a simple few clicks for you to donate your extra savings to help save the planet. In 2020 we partnered with Carbon Footprint to allow Epoints members to give something back. Small actions can make a big difference. So how does it work?

In just under 5 clicks, Epoints can be donated to Eco-projects to tackle climate change head-on by planting a tree. Pick how many trees you want to plant, and we’ll update the website so you can see first hand how you’re making a difference.


Still unsure of everything Epoints has to offer? Visit our website shop.epoints.com/rewards. Alternatively, you can follow us on social media to keep updated with our latest products, deals and updates! 

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