Oh I do like to be beside the seaside – best summer beach toys

Seaside games - best beach toys

There’s something magical about the seaside. Perhaps it’s the old-fashioned pier with amusements, the hustle and bustle of the fairground or the overall atmosphere. The smell of chips and donuts with the sound of the seagulls over the melodic rhythm of the waves.

Playing at the beach - bury someone in the sand!
While many of us are content to read a book on the sand or paddle in the sea, the beach is the ideal place for activities, especially if you’re spending the whole day there.
No matter how old you are, a part of you always wants to bury someone, especially if they fall asleep! You might also have the urge to try and dig to Australia – or at least until you reach water.
We’ve found some fabulous beach toys that can also be used in the garden or park to keep kids and adults occupied this summer. And don’t forget to have a read of our five favourite beaches in the UK and this summer’s top beach fashions.
Beach games & activities for all the family

Play.com set of 4 sand moulds
John Lewis Rounders Set
Argos Supersoaker Tri Strike Crossbow Water Blaster
John Lewis Boules Set
John Lewis TKC Quick Step Calypso Rainbow Kite
Smyths Toys - Badminton, Tennis & Volleyball
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