Beware all ye who enter here… Happy Halloween!

Trick or treat

Halloween isn’t about treats.

It’s the time when all of the spirits come out to cause mischief and wreak havoc on unsuspecting mortals.

You’ve seen the films, you know the Sanderson Sisters and Dracula are all eagerly awaiting this night of darkness.

So join in the fun and play a few of your own tricks on unsuspecting friends and family. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite tricks just for you. No treats here!

  1. Offer toffee apples to visitors or party guests, but when you make them, use onions instead! A real bitter-sweet surprise.

  2. Write a scary message on the bathroom mirror with your finger, blow on it and let it dry. The next person to shower will see the spooky sentence in the steamed up mirror. Mwahaha.

  3. Put some red food colouring under the taps or on the shower head. Whoever uses the sink next might give a blood-curdling scream!

  4. Steal your friend’s phone and change your name in their phone book to a famous dead person. Suggest you hold a seance to try to contact that person. Halfway through discreetly dial your friend’s number and watch them freak out!

  5. Glue a £2 coin to the pavement in front of your house and see how many trick or treaters stop and try to pick it up. A cheap (but effective) trick!scary.jpg

  6. Put coloured round stickers on the doors of all the houses in your street (including yours) and then ask your neighbour what the different colours mean. Puzzling.

  7. Stick tape over the bottom of the tap, leaving a small hole at the front. Listen for the screams when someone turns on the tap and gets soaked! Tee-hee!

  8. Order a pizza and when the delivery person shows up, congratulate them on their authentic costume, complete with an actual pizza. A trick AND a treat!

  9. Cut eyes out of toilet rolls inners and place glow sticks inside. Place them in the bushes outside your house or in a cupboard to freak people out. An eye-catching prank!

  10. Stick bangers to the bottom of the toilet seat and gently place it down. Listen for the bangs (and shrieks) when someone sits on it!

Send us your favourite tricks and pranks and we might let you have a treat…

Have a scaretastic Halloween!

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2 thoughts on “Beware all ye who enter here… Happy Halloween!

  1. Jane Razzell

    Hard boil 5 out of six eggs waiting to be used and put them back in the egg box!


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