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Riding in cars with kids – surviving long car journeys with the family

Long journeys with children in the car

The dreaded summer holidays usually mean hours spent in cars driving up and down the motorway to the seaside, or to the grandparents’ house for some much needed space.
All too often you’re only ten minutes into a three hour journey when a little voice pipes up “are we there yet?”
Then of course there’s the arguing with siblings over everything and nothing, something often difficult to control if you’re the only adult in the car and you’re driving!
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Going green – 5 simple ways to be a more eco-friendly parent

Going green - make the most of the environment

Every parent wants what’s best for their baby and most of us agree that natural products are much better for our little one’s health and well-being.
You might have considered the possibility of being an eco-parent, but dismissed it as time-consuming and difficult.
Yes, going completely green isn’t something you can do overnight, but with just a few simple changes, you can do what’s best for your baby, look after the environment and even save money!
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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside – best summer beach toys

Seaside games - best beach toys

There’s something magical about the seaside. Perhaps it’s the old-fashioned pier with amusements, the hustle and bustle of the fairground or the overall atmosphere. The smell of chips and donuts with the sound of the seagulls over the melodic rhythm of the waves.
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Surviving the summer holidays – top free museums in the UK

Top 5 free museums in the UK

Keeping the kids entertained for the long summer holidays can seem like a daunting task, especially if it rains more often than we’d like and you’re stuck looking for wet weather activities. It can also get pretty expensive if you’re constantly paying for activities, trips and snacks.
But the UK has so much to offer both adults and children that you can see all sorts of fascinating places for very little. Why not spend the day exploring one of the UK’s best free museums? And if you travel by train you can save even more (and get epoints too).

We’ve listed our top free museums in the UK:

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Avoid holiday nightmares – tips for travelling with children

Avoid a stressful family holiday with our travel tips

So you’re off on a family holiday, only this time you’re venturing abroad. You’ve always been a spontaneous traveller so you’re looking forward to getting back to a life of sightseeing and exploring. But this time you’ve got children with you and honestly you’re feeling a bit nervous.
How will they react to the new climate, the food and the travelling?
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Sitting up to eat – top 5 highchairs for babies & toddlers

Choosing a highchair for your little one

So your little one is finally sitting up and it won’t be long before they’re able to feed themselves! A lot of parents like to have their baby close by at mealtimes to encourage family dining and to get their child used to eating at the table.
But there are so many different highchairs for babies and toddlers, that choosing a highchair might seem daunting as you try to work out which is best for your little one.
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Avoid summer holiday cabin fever – entertaining the kids at home

Entertaining the kids in the summer holidays

The summer holidays are getting ever nearer and the weather just isn’t helping you out with your plans to keep the children entertained. At least when it’s sunny you can go to the park or play in the garden, but when the weather’s wet, they get cabin fever and it’s very difficult to fill the hours.
We’ve come up with some helpful tips for keeping your family busy when you’re cooped up inside.
For more ideas on entertaining the kids during the summer holidays, have a look at our blog post on rainy day activities and our summer reading list.
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Treat the kids this summer – top family days out in the UK

Spend the day at Chessington, Alton Towers, Legoland, the Harry Potter studios or Woburn Safari Park

The summer holidays may almost be over but if you’re a parent you might still be tearing your hair out trying to think of a few more weeks’ worth of activities to keep your children entertained.
Hopefully the weather will be good this weekend so make a picnic and treat your kids to a fun day out.
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Have a musical summer of fun with our favourite family-friendly festivals

Family-friendly festivals in the UK

Once again the photos of Glastonbury show what can only be described as a mud bath with thousands of drowned rats clad in shorts, wellies and ponchos. While this may be the classic festival look, it hardly screams ‘family occasion’!
Yet plenty of families do go to Glastonbury and all sorts of other festivals and they rave about it.
So if you’re a festival goer with children, you can still enjoy a summer of music (and mud) and we’ve found some of the best family-friendly festivals that are less ‘hardcore’ for small children.
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Bend it like baby – World Cup goodies for children

Bend it like Baby - World Cup T-Shirts & toys

With excitement growing as the first football matches of the World Cup get underway, the shops are all full of strips, footballs and all sorts of memorabilia to let everyone show their colours and support their team.
If your little ones are football mad (or their parents are) then you’ll be spoilt for choice with these great World Cup ideas for the kids.
With cute football slogan T-shirts to the official World Cup kit, browse our favourite football fashion essentials and get your kids ready to cheer for their country!

All hail the beautiful game!

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