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Ten romantic films for Valentine’s day…

Ten romantic films for the perfect night in this Valentine’s day…

Valentine’s day comes around quickly every year and if, like many, you’re planning a cosy night in or simply looking for the perfect way to end date night, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here’s our list of the most loved up films we think you should watch this Valentine’s Day. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the day of love!

1. Valentine’s Day, 2010 (obviously!)

From the director of Pretty Woman comes a film about intertwining couples and singles trying to survive the pressure of Valentine’s Day. The film stars 19 main characters, including Taylor Swift, Bradley Cooper and Jessica Alba. Although this movie isn’t necessarily worthy of an Oscar, the feel good themes make Valentine’s Day definitely one to watch this 14th February.

2. The Notebook, 2004

The Notebook is the film that turned Ryan Gosling into the heart throb he is today. Make sure you get prepared for misty eyes when this beautiful love story comes to an abrupt end due to the sudden outbreak of WWII. If you’re one for soppy young love, get ready to have your heart strings pulled.

3. Me Before You, 2016

Adapted from the best selling novel by JoJo Moyes, Me Before You is a film about finding love in unexpected places. This beautifully British romantic comedy is bound to make you weep when the feel good film takes a turn for the worst.

4. Notting Hill, 1999

Can Julia Roberts, a beautiful internationally famous American actress, find happiness with Hugh Grant, a frumpy English bookstore owner? If you’re a sucker for happy endings, Notting Hill will be the perfect romantic film for you this Valentine’s Day.

5. The Fault in Our Stars, 2014

The Fault In Our Stars is a film is about Gus and Hazel, two teenagers brought together by a cancer support group. The feel good film explores the funny, thrilling and tragic business of being alive.

6. Romeo + Juliet, 1996

A classic – the story of star-crossed lovers based in the modern day. Fresh faced stars of the film, Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes, take you on a rollercoaster ride of forbidden young love.

7. La La Land, 2016

One for all the musical theatre lovers, this romantic film blends the old Hollywood fantasy with modern reality. Consequently, La La Land broke the record for winning the most Golden Globes ever – if that isn’t a reason to watch then what else is?!

8. The Theory of Everything, 2015

This film depicts the extraordinary story of one of the world’s greatest living minds, Stephen Hawking. Hawking falls deeply in love with fellow Cambridge student Jane Wilde and together they defy impossible odds.

9. Dirty Dancing, 1987

Over 30 years on and still a classic – the movie is about a teenage girl who learns love, adult responsibility, and, obviously, how to do the Dirty Boogie in this romantic drama. This movie is bound to get you practicing ‘that lift’ with your Valentine!

10. Titanic, 1997

Arguably the most romantic film of the 90’s, this multi-award winning classic is definitely a tearjerker. Titanic was ranked as the most expensive film in Hollywood history at the time of its release and soon became the most successful. Follow Rose and Jack’s whirlwind romance aboard the RMS Titanic. 

We hope this top 10 gives you the inspiration you need to have the perfect Valentine’s film night.


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Spooktacular Halloween films (that won't scare you senseless)

Spooky, gruesome & amusing Halloween films

BOO! Did I scare you? Probably not, but if that’s about the level of tolerance you have for all things terrifying then chances are you won’t be watching the latest bloodthirsty horror fest this Halloween.

And you don’t need to. There are loads of creepy, but not spine-chilling, spooktacular films that are perfect for Halloween, especially if you’re not heading out trick or treating or to a party in some hair-raising fancy dress costume.

So if you want a quiet (cross your fingers you’re not disturbed by some creeps) night in then bar the door and keep the garlic close by and settle down with one of these classic Halloween films.

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Period dramas and a Liverpudlian legend – October DVD releases

HeaderI don’t know about you but Downton Abbey following X Factor on a Sunday night seems strange to me! But then I don’t really like reality TV shows but adore Maggie Smith’s one-liners as the Dowager Countess of Grantham.
There’s been lots of good TV on our screens recently and as the evenings get darker, there’s nothing better than cosying up on the sofa with a DVD.
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Sing for Absolution – It's National One-Hit Wonders Day

Sing along to your favourite one-hit wonders

“I am the one and only…
Nobody I’d rather be”

We’ve all got our favourite one-hit wonders – a classic song that everyone knows. These massive hits caused a stir when they were released and we expected great things from the artists… who pretty much disappeared after this one song.
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Angry birds, slavery & corruption – our pick of the best May DVD releases

May DVD Releases
First we had the BAFTAs and then the Oscars – glittering ceremonies full of Hollywood’s finest.
Then we watched in awe as Disney’s Frozen (starring Idina Menzel) became the sixth highest grossing film ever, as it delighted adults and children around the world with its Oscar-winning song Let It Go.
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Top celebrity fitness DVDs of 2014

Feeling the post-Christmas bulge? Wish discovering your fitter self was easier? Well we’ve got some good news for you! There’s a new type of exercise sweeping this year’s celebrity fitness DVD charts called high intensity training (HIT) — or short, sharp interval sessions lasting around ten minutes. Here’s our top celebrity fitness DVD recommendations of 2014. Plus, we’ve thrown our favourite epoints earning home gym finds too:


The promise: This is the second yoga DVD from Roxy Shahidi, who played Leyla Harding in Emmerdale. It features three 45-minute yoga workouts — one focusing on the whole body, the second aiming to strengthen the abdominal muscles, and the third working the lower body.

Zavvi, £14.99 (+28 epoints)

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10 of the best Christmas movies

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 20.19.07
Looking forward to relaxing with your family, watching a classic Christmas movie and stuffing your face with chocolate? There are so many to list that it can be hard knowing which to stock up on. Some have you in stitches of laughter while others cause you to shed a tear. Here’s our pick of the 10 greatest Christmas movies to keep the family happy:
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4 DVD releases you won’t want to miss!

The days are drawing in earlier, the temperature is starting to demand that extra layer and the sofa is starting to become your best friend. Sound familiar? So what better excuse to snuggle up to your favourite film or whizz your way through a box set?
Well, like magic, we can tell you that some there are some great DVD releases this week. And even better, they’re all immediately available on, earning you 2 epoints to the £1.

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