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New must have heath & beauty products

New must have health & beauty products


In the fast paced world of health and beauty it can be hard to keep up with new trends. If you’re sick and tired of clicking on products to see those dreaded words ‘sold out’. Don’t worry we’ve made life a little easier for you.

Take a look at this list of new popular health & beauty products…


Maybelline Snapscara Mascara Very Black

Maybelline knows a thing or two when it comes to mascara, having a thin flexible wand adds thickness and length when being applied to the lash. The New York Snapscara also has a new wax free formula which is great for sensitive eyes. Scrubbing your mascara off before bed will be a thing of the past!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer

If like me you’ve been using the Benefit Hoola Bronzer before time began you’ll be excited to hear that two new much-needed shades are coming out this spring. Originally the Hoola bronzer only came in one shade until 2017 when a lighter pigmented powder was released. Benefit are finally keeping up with the times by adding two more darker no sparkle, no shine, everyday shades.

Holland and Barrett CBD Muscle Balm Extra 50ml

CBD muscle balm takes relaxing to the next level. 100% natural ingredients warms the skin, promotes circulation, soothes sore muscles and reduces inflammation. This product has been called ‘magic in a tub’ by people who experience back and nerve pain, it really could end up being your ride or die if this is something you struggle with.

Benefit - 'Roller Liner' Miniature Size True Matte Liquid Eyeliner 0.5ml

Benefit have finally created a companion for their extremely popular roller lash mascara. Introducing the newest Benefit product the roller liner! This eyeliner claims to never smudge to create the perfect ‘cat eye’ flick, the waterproof formula is promised to stay on your lid for 24 hours. Benefits roller lash and liner really do make the perfect duo.

Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette, Multi

Thought the Urban Decay Naked palettes were hot before? Brace yourself for the newest product drop. Naked reloaded contains 12 all new never seen before shades. After the announcement that the original naked palette was going to be discontinued the release of a new palette has definitely softened the blow!

Jimmy Choo Blossom Special Edition EdP 60ml

Jimmy Choo’s newest limited edition fragrance adds a delightful hint of spring to the already iconic smell. Opening with red berries, blended with a citrus cocktail giving us bold, fruity, floral sent’s. The new blossom revamp is said to last longer than ever, the bottle looks beautiful on your dressing table too which is a plus!

OUAI Memory Mist Hair Treatment, 126g

OUAI memory mist hair treatment is changing the way you keep your hair in place. This multi priming memory mist spray is so much more than hair spray. Memory mist adds heat protection, shine and a long-lasting hold to your bouncy curls. It might just be time to forget about bad hair days because they don’t exist with this product!

Kerastase Blond Absolu Masque Ultra Violet Treatment 200ml

Kerastase has finally brought out this powerful conditioning formula specifically for blonde, bleached or over coloured hair. Believe me this masque will become your holy grail of hair care from now on! Purple tones in the mask penetrate the hair fibres to remove unwanted yellows and brassy tints from your hair, whilst the nourishing ingredients protects from dullness and pollution.

Bobbi Brown - Limited Edition 'Nude on Nude - Haute Nudes Edition' Eye Shadow Palette

Time for nudes to get a glamorous upgrade in this limited edition Bobbi Brown eye shadow palette. Featuring 10 new velvety multidimensional shades so you can create hundreds of different looks, from nights out to chilled work days this palettes got you covered.

Clinique - 'Clinique iD™ Dramatically Different' Hydrating Jelly

Being a health and beauty addict can be difficult with so many up and coming brands releasing products almost every day, hopefully we’ve helped you get slightly in front of the crowd!

Bath time

How to make the most out of your bath

How to make the most out of your bath...

Bath time

There’s nothing worse than sitting in shallow, lukewarm water and bath salts lodged in all the wrong places. Getting shampoo in your eyes because of the stupidly small candle you’ve lit on the other side of the bathroom really isn’t a vibe. The perfect bath is anything but spontaneous, it takes a lot of consideration. If you ,like most, you just don’t have the time to be transforming your bathroom into a mini spa, don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of bath time essentials so you can spend your valuable time relaxing in the tub.

Here’s some pointers to make the most out of your ‘me’ time…

Luminara LED Tealights, Set of 6


First things first, you’re going to want candles in your bathroom to help you unwind. The dimmed lights will help you turn your bathroom into a dreamy mini oasis, bit much? Okay we know, maybe light one candle just to get you in the mood. If you can’t be trusted with fire hazards maybe try these LED tea lights, they’ll give you the joy of a candle without the fuss.

Megaboom Bluetooth/Wireless Speaker

Waterproof Speaker

Waterproof speakers are great for creating a relaxing mood. We aren’t saying you have to play whale song full volume, but maybe finding a relaxing playlist will help you have some much-needed downtime. The battery life on this UE boom is over 15 hours, however we wouldn’t recommend you staying in the bath for that long!

facemask pack
7th Heaven Face Mask Gift Basket

Face Masks

This is going all out, but why not add a face mask into your bath time routine? A face mask will give you beautifully soft skin. Multi packs like this one give you so many excuses to leave the kids downstairs and treat yourself whilst in the tub.

bath salts
Sea Magik Salted Epsom Spa Salts 1Kg

Bath Salts

Epsom Bath salts are a traditional remedy for soothing muscle ache and detoxify the body, there a favourite among athletes and busy mums alike. Epsom salts can be used to sooth anything from arthritis to sore feet. Great for the post workout bath.

Spaa Pebbles Wooden Massager Brush

Bath Brush

Even if its only a few times a week, exfoliating with a bath brush will help minimise pores and reduce the amount of breakouts you get. A bath brush can reveal smooth and radiant skin. The health benefits are amazing simply by massaging the skin its been proven this bath brush can reduce cellulite and increase blood flow.

bath bomb
Fruits Bath Bomb Gift Tin 6pk

Bath Bombs

For those days when you meed a pick me up pop this ball of energy into the tub. Bath bombs are a must, not just for the smell but for the aesthetically pleasing factor too! Is there anything better than getting into a pastel coloured bath?

Kindle Paperwhite 32GB E-Reader 2018


An E-Reader is the perfect way to access millions of books online and escape real life, get stuck into a story whilst soaking in the bath. The newest Amazon Kindle is 16% lighter than any previous E-Reading, making it easier and more comfortable to hold in one hand.

'Shea Milk' Foaming Bath Cream

Bubble Bath

Finally the most important factor of a bath, the bubbles! Who doesn’t love getting into a foamy tub. This sensitive skin shea milk bubble bath leaves your skin super soft, you’ll be smelling like a dream as soon as you get out the tub. The essential oils in the formula are the perfect way to get to sleep after your bath.

Woman on a mat doing yoga

The most effective exercises you can do in your home

Woman on a mat doing yoga

The most effective exercises you can do in your home

Striking that core lifestyle balance between work, family, health and downtime is almost impossible without sacrificing one. The bottom line is, society is far busier than before. Advancements in technology, career choices and longer working hours have left us strapped for time. For those of you with family to raise, the issue doesn’t get any easier. People often forget to take care of themselves as nutrition and exercise become second rate. You only need 20 minutes of exercise a day to reduce your risk of cardiovascular related illnesses and type 2 diabetes by more than a half. Well, the good news is that fitness can introduced anywhere. With this in mind, take a look at our top exercises to do, in the home, to get your fix.


Burpees are a fantastic exercise and can be done in the comfort of your own home easily. They are great for building muscle endurance, strengthening of core muscles as well as being effective at burning fat. Burpees are one of the most affective ways of targeting almost all muscle groups including: arms, quads, glutes, hamstrings chest, and core muscles. In addition to muscle endurance, it is great for cardiovascular fitness. This can be added into any routine for a high-intensity stint in your workout.

Crunches + Flutterkicks

Crunches and flutter kicks are a very effective way to strengthen your core muscle groups and shape the abdominal section. Flutter kicks are exceptional for both cardio and specifically the oblique muscles (these are the muscles responsible for the rotation of your torso). Crunches are great for gaining core strength and shaping the rectus abdominis (that’s code for the 6 pack muscles). They are the ultimate home partnership to shape a lower torso getting leaner for that summer body.

Increasing the speed of your walk

Although this isn’t strictly a ‘home’ exercise, it is definitely worth talking about. As mentioned before, we only need a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise a day. Even that, for some, is a stretch. Many of us walk/cycle to work (at least partially) so why not consider doing it faster? Studies show that walking at a moderate to high intensity can shed just as many calories as running or jogging. It may be worth leaving for work deliberately later, just as an extra incentive to help shed those pounds.

Push-ups and sit-ups

Get on your overalls because we’re going to bootcamp! Yes, the favourites among military officers and training have made a comeback to help you blast fat and build muscle. The push- up is a classic and is often underrated. It is a great body weight exercise for shaping the the upper body as it works the chest, arms and deltoids (muscles around the arms rotator cuff). Sit-ups are a fantastic way to work the core and the lower back muscles. Both of these staple exercises can be done with nothing more than a comfortable surface at home.

Jumping jacks

The jumping jack, as it is named by our trans-Atlantic cousins. Often referred to as ‘Star jumps’, the Jumping jack encompasses a lot of cardiovascular benefits in addition to muscle movement. It is a great exercise for high intensity segments and coupled up with our old friend, the burpee, can lead to a hard and sweaty work out. Wave fat goodbye with this combination you can easily do at home.

lunges and squats

Whether you are looking for Stronger legs, more toning or a shapely behind, these are essential. Squats, specifically, are the bread and butter as it targets all the significant muscle groups within the leg. These are specifically the glutes, hamstrings and quads. a deep squat, or lunge, can really engage the legs to work hard, even with body weight. If you are looking to challenge yourself, hold a kettle bell or barbell to add intensity to the workout.

If you are interested in taking it one step further and are looking into a home gym, check out another blog post: The best home gym setup ideas for small spaces

Be sure to check out our range of equipment in our fitness range to help optimise your workout.

Opti Vinyl Kettlebell – 10kg

The perfect component for upper body, leg, shoulder and abdominal workouts. Varying sizes of weights are available depending on ability.

 3,410 · £17.05

Shop weights

Yoga-Mad SureGrip 4mm Yoga Mat, Purple

If your house has a hard floor surface it  may worth investing in a mat. Exercises can quickly get uncomfortable on a hard surface. It has the perfect level of comfort to optimise your stretches.     6,210 · £31.05

Shop Yoga Mats

Yoga-Mad Swiss Fitness Ball and Pump, Blue

Great for muscle stretches and balancing exercises, the yoga ball is a must-have if improving your joins and flexibility is the key in your workout.  3,689 · £18.45

Shop Fitness equipment

Health & Beauty Essentials for Beating the Cold this Winter

Health & Beauty Essentials for Beating the Cold

As the winter sets in, the signs of freezing temperatures have a habit of showing themselves in various ways, not least on our skin, drying out our hair, and making us sneeze and sniffle. Oh, the wonders of winter!

Whilst we’re now past the most wonderful time of the year, i.e. the festive season, we’re firmly into the dulls of January, and quite frankly, there’s not a lot to look forward to other than diets and dark nights. Let’s be positive however – dark nights mean box set binges, cosy evenings in, and let’s face it, winter clothes are pretty cute!

Prolonged cold temperatures and biting winds take their toll on our health and beauty, but if you’re savvy with your winter kit, you can beat the effects and emerge into spring like a butterfly leaving its cocoon!

Loved by climbers of Mt. Everest and Arctic explorers, Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream hydrates skin in the coldest climates!
Loved by climbers of Mt. Everest and Arctic explorers, Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream hydrates skin in the coldest climates!

Quality Moisturiser

Invest in a quality moisturiser which suits your skin type. Always remember to take your make up off in the evenings, cleanse, tone, and then moisturise with a product which fits the bill for your personal needs. Shop around for this one, it’s worth the effort for the end results!

You could also invest in a great face mask and use this once per week to get a really deep cleanse and moisturise in.

With all-natural ingredients and a wide range of flavours, we love Burt's Bees lip balms.

A Good Lip Balm

Don’t forget your lips! It will soon be Valentine’s Day, and chapped lips are not attractive for kissing your admirer! Invest in a quality lip balm which is quite thick in consistency. This will  protect your lips against cold winds and avoid peeling. Only apply a small amount however, a little goes a long way!

The Dyson Humidifier is rather a luxury purchase but this tabletop device works as a fan to keep you cool in the summer months too!
The Dyson Humidifier is rather a luxury purchase but this tabletop device works as a fan to keep you cool in the summer months too!

A Humidifier

A humidifier is a great investment, because not only does it add moisture back into the air and help avoid dehydration of your skin, but it also helps with allergies when the summer months come.

This best-selling hand cream from L'Occitane contains shea butter and vitamin E to nourish hands.

Quality Hand Cream

Hands are prone to becoming dry and sore when the cold weather hits, so make sure you find yourself a good quality hand cream and apply it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

The Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is a budget-friendly hair treatment that actually works!

Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Don’t neglect your hair! The cold weather can dry out hair too, making it prone to splitting and breaking. A deep conditioning hair mask done once per week should be enough to put back the moisture and protect your locks against the elements.

With a lack of sunlight in winter months, a Vitamin D supplement is great for supporting the immune system.
With a lack of sunlight in winter months, a Vitamin D supplement is great for supporting the immune system.


We’ve focused mainly on skincare so far, but if you’re not getting enough fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, you need to make some changes. Eat a varied diet, packed with fresh produce for plenty of vitamins and minerals, as well as immune-boosting antioxidants.

Vitamin supplements are a good idea if you think you’re going to struggle with this, or if you’re very low on certain vitamins. Have a chat with your doctor or pharmacist to find the right combination of vitamins for you.

With these items in your shopping cart, you’ll beat the winter cold and be ready for the summer sun!

The Best Home Gym Setup Ideas - Feature Image

The best home gym setup ideas for small spaces

The Best Home Gym Setup Ideas - Feature Image

The best home gym setup ideas for small spaces

Looking for home gym setup ideas? With the influx of new starters flooding your local gym, heading over there is never fun at this time of year. And with the weather turning chilly and unpredictable, we’re less keen to get our running shoes on. A home gym seems like a much more attractive idea, available at any time you want and with no monthly fees. 

However, a home gym can be difficult to accomplish as many don’t have enough spare cash after the Christmas period or enough space in their homes to accommodate the bulky fitness gear we’re used to in the gym. However, there are ways to make a home gym work in small spaces. With versatile equipment that is small or easily stored away, a home gym doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Read on to find out which essential pieces we think beginners should invest in first of all for their home gym setup…

1. Dumbbells & Kettlebells

A small set of dumbbell weights or kettlebells are a great starter for building strength and endurance. They’re less intimidating than barbells and also a lot more portable and easy to grab for a quick workout session. You can often purchase a set of dumbbells in their own storage rack or case to keep your setup organised and free of clutter or alternatively, if you want a wide range of weights, you can get adjustable dumbbells. Furthermore, these handheld weights can be used to complement your aerobic workout, raising your heart rate to aid in weight loss.

A small set of dumbbell weights or kettlebells can be a great starter for building strength and endurance.
Opti Dumbbell Tree Set
A yoga mat is a must-have for comfort and stability
Reebok Yoga Exercise Mat

2. A Yoga Mat

Even if you’re not a yoga fan, a yoga or exercise mat is a must-have as performing exercises on a hard floor or rough carpet will quickly get uncomfortable and a good-quality mat will provide some much-appreciated grip and stability when performing exercises and stretches. Also, when you’re not exercising, you can simply roll it up and store it away in a cupboard or wardrobe. Many even come with a handy carry bag or strap if you ever want to take it out and about with you.

3. Set of Resistance Bands

Need ideas on how to make an exercise more challenging? Introducing a resistance band is a great way to ramp up the difficulty if things are starting to get a bit too easy. What’s more, resistance band sets will come with bands of multiple resistance levels, allowing you to customise your workout to the difficulty that you want. For those who travel often, these are ideal as they’re compact and have such a diverse range of uses, meaning you can workout easily, wherever you are.

Women's Health Resistance Band Tube Set
A foldable weight bench is great for weight training and muscle building.
Marcy UB3000 Adjustable Foldable Weight Bench

4. Adjustable Weight Bench

For those wanting to get into weight training and building muscle, you may want to purchase an adjustable weight bench. Many compact, foldable models have been made with home gyms in mind. These allow you to target different muscles effectively at different angles, whilst also improving your core and lower back muscles. They can also be used for bodyweight exercises such as sit-ups and push-ups.

5. A (Weighted) Skipping Rope

It may sound like something that you’d expect to find on a school playground but a skipping rope, particularly a weighted one, is a fun and easy way to add cardio into your routine. If you haven’t got enough room inside, skipping is something you can easily do in your garden or driveway. In general, this is great for improving co-ordination and endurance but a weighted rope can amplify your workout as it burns even more calories and works your muscles even harder.  

Men's Health Weighted Skipping Rope
Opti Multi Pull Up Bar

6. Pull-Up Bar

They may seem daunting but pull-ups are one the best upper-body exercises you can do. Pull-ups strengthen your arms, back, shoulders and core and a pull-up bar is an easy piece of equipment to fit into your home! There are models available which can be bracketed to a wall or fitted within a doorway. Once you’ve had enough of pull-ups, you could even use it as base for a TRX suspension kit (though you’ll want to check your setup is strong enough first!).

Handy tip: Use a resistance band to begin with when trying pull-ups to make things a little easier!

7. Foldable/Mini Cardio Machines

For those who miss the traditional cardio machines you’d find at the gym such as the treadmill, exercise bike and elliptical, there are compact models available that are suited to home gym setups. However, these machines tend to be more expensive and can still take up a bit of room when folded or collapsed. 

Another idea for those who like exercise bikes would be to simply get a mini bike which  allow you the flexibility to pedal away whilst watching Netflix on your sofa.

Adidas T-16 Treadmill
Foam rollers are great for recovery and massaging sore muscles post-workout.
Men's Health Textured Foam Roller

8. Foam Rollers

Great for those post-exercise aches and pains, a foam roller basically allows you to give yourself a sports massage at home. Foam rolling helps you to get rid of any knots in your muscles and increase blood circulation to reduce any soreness. They’re great for preventing injuries which could hinder your workout plan and come in a variety of sizes.

9. Full-Length Mirror

Whilst the idea of watching  your red-faced, sweaty self working out might not sound appealing, having access to a full-length mirror can be useful for ensuring you complete exercises correctly. A lot of bodyweight exercises are only really effective when carried out with the correct posture but it’s not always easy to tell if you’re performing these right when you’re alone. However, by setting yourself up opposite a mirror, you can double check your posture easily.

A full-length mirror is great for ensuring you're working out effectively.
Argos Home Full-Length Cheval Mirror (Black)
Sonos PLAY:5 Smart Speaker (2nd Gen)

10. A good speaker system

Finally, make sure you’ve got a good speaker system to blast out that upbeat workout playlist that gets you moving. The perfect icing on the cake for your home gym setup!

(However, if you’ve got questionable music tastes that others in your house might not appreciate, a pair of bluetooth earbuds might be better!)

Finally, let us know in the comments below if you’ve got any other  home gym setup ideas that we’ve missed off this list! 

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day just around the corner on 6 March, have you selected the perfect gift for the special mums in your life? If not, don’t panic, we’re here to bring you a rundown of some of our favourite Mother’s Day gifts. From chic and stylish gifts to unique experiences that you can both enjoy together.

Don’t forget that with all these gifts, you can collect epoints to treat yourself too! All you need to do is log into your account on before shopping online. If you prefer to shop on the high street, you can collect epoints via the bigDL app (available on the App Store and Google Play). 

As a special Mother’s Day treat, we’re also offering you quadruple epoints at selected stores!

Happy shopping!

mothers day 2016

Chic gifts for stylish mums

Jimmy Choo Parfume Debenhams Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum 40ml – Debenhams £36.90 (+147 epoints)

Jimmy Choo parfum oozes glamour and sophistication and this fruity fragrance with woody undertones is perfect for the yummy mummy in your life. Debenhams is now offering 10% off its 40ml bottle, now for just £36.90. To pick up your Debenhams rewards with epoints, simply sign into your account before shopping.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at Debenhams

Diptyque candle – John Lewis £40 (+40 epoints)

Diptyque candle John Lewis

Diptyque candles have become synonymous with fashion and luxury and are the undisputed favourite candles amongst celebrities and fashionistas. The Baies fragrance is the most popular, with luxurious scent of blackcurrent leaves. Why not run your mum a candle lit bath to sink into and relax? You can grab one of these Diptyque candles at John Lewis. Don’t forget to login to epoints before shopping to get your John Lewis rewards.

Ted Baker London NOUEL purse – Ted Baker £85 (+85 epoints)


Inspired by Ted Baker’s stunning hanging gardens print, this statement purse has a zip fastening and coin, note and card compartments. The stunning design is the perfect accessory as we move into the spring and summer months. To take advantage of the epoints Ted Baker loyalty scheme, make sure to log in to epoints before shopping at Ted Baker online.

Sporty Mums

Nike FS Lite Run 2 Trainers – Sports Direct  £34.50 (+34 epoints)

Nike FS Lite Run 2 Trainers - Sports Direct

These lightweight trainers have excellent breathability with an upper mesh panels. The ‘Fitsole’ technology also provides excellent cushioning, fit and support. The trainers are available from £34.50 (size 4) to £46.00 (size 7) at Sports Direct. Make sure to pick up your Sports Direct loyalty points via epoints.
SONY Walkman MP3 Player – Currys £55 (+55 epoints)
Sony Walkman MP3 Player - Currys
If the mum in your life enjoys going to the gym, running or even swimming, this waterproof MP3 Player is ideal for listening to music and keeping motivation levels up. Lightweight, comfortable and wire-free, the MP3 player has 4GB of memory, ensuring there’s plenty of space available for a mum’s favourite music. Make sure to collect your Currys rewards by shopping online via epoints or upload your receipt on the bigDL app if shopping online.
Fitbit – Argos £89.99 (+89 epoints)

Argos Rewards

The popular Fitbit fitness tracker enables users to track their steps, distance travelled, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes. The multifunctional wristband also syncs seamlessly and wirelessly to iOS and comes in a range of colours. It’s available at Argos for £89.99, plus you’ll get Argos rewards when you shop via epoints.


Mother’s Day Hamper – Fortnum & Mason   £85.00 (+85 epoints)

Mother's Day Hamper - Fortnum & Mason

Famed for their wonderful wicker hampers, this Mother’s Day hamper from Fortnum & Mason contains a variety of treats. It is packed with the finest tea, biscuits, jam, chocolate and the exclusive Countess Grey Tea Votive candle. To collect your Fortnum & Mason rewards, make sure to log on to epoints before ordering your hamper online.

Michelin Starred Restaurants UK Wide £159 (+636 epoints)

Michelin Starred Restaurant - buyagift.comA real treat for foodie mums, this tasting menu and champagne offer for two from is available at a selection of Michelin-starred restaurants. There are five venues to choose from, each of which have earned their prestigious Michelin star with their quality menus. To receive your loyalty points, simply log on to before purchasing the offer and you’ll gain 636 epoints.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at

Great British Bake Off – How to Bake – The Works £18.99 (+18 epoints)

Great British Bake Off - The Works

The Great British Bake Off was one of 2015’s most-watched TV shows and if the foodie mum in your life loves to, or would like to, bake, this cookbook will be a winner. It provides tips and recipes for the perfect cake, biscuits, breads, pastries and more. Don’t forget you can collect The Works rewards when you shop via epoints.


Afternoon Tea for Two UK Wide Special Offer – Asda Gifts £32.50 (+128 epoints)

Afternoon Tea for Two UK Wide Special Offer

Nothing quite makes Mother’s Day for a mum than time with her children, so why not enjoy each other’s company with an afternoon tea experience. With Asda Gifts you can choose from a range of delicious venues with a flexible afternoon tea for two voucher for just £32.50. Log on to epoints before booking to take advantage of the epoints Asda reward scheme, where you’ll gain 32 epoints.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at Asda Gifts 
Luxury Champneys Overnight Spa Escape for Two – £185 (740 epoints) Virgin Experience Days

Champneys spa - Virgin Experience Days

Relax and unwind while spending some quality time with your mum with this luxury spa experience from Virgin Experience Days. You’ll get full access to the famed Champneys health resort with its swimming pools, steam rooms and saunas and will enjoy a delicious afternoon lunch. You’ll also get two luxury treatments including a facial and a pedicure or manicure. Make sure to collect your epoints Virgin Experience Day rewards.
QUADRUPLE epoints available at Virgin Experience Days

Smartbox with 1275 experiences to choose from – – £49.99 (196 epoints) mother's day experiences

If you want to enjoy some quality time with your mum, but can’t quite decide on the perfect experience, with this Smartbox, BuyaGift has chosen a fantastic range of experiences for you to choose from. This includes everything from adrenaline adventures to spa days with venues right across the UK. Make sure to log into your epoints account before purchasing this gift to collect 196 BuyaGift loyalty points with epoints.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at

Mother’s Day favourites

Continental Experience Collection Thorntons – £10 (+10 epoints)

Thorntons Rewards

No Mother’s Day is quite complete without a box of chocolates to indulge in. With this Continental Experience Collection from Thorntons, you’ll find a variety of delicious chocolates inspired by the continent, such as the feather-light Viennese Truffles. A classic Mother’s Day gift that will always impress. You’ll also pick up Thorntons rewards when shopping via epoints.

Large Pink Radiance flower bouquet – Interflora  £39.99 (+39 epoints)

Interflora Rewards

Nothing quite says happy Mother’s Day than a lovely bunch of flowers and this stunning bouquet from Interflora is sure to be a winner. The bouquet consists of fragrant roses, germinis and Oriental lilies. You can collect Interflora Rewards when you log in to epoints before ordering online.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at Interflora.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfume 50ml – Boots £68 (+272 epoints)

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle- Boots

This modern classic has a fresh oriental fragrance and some serious staying power. The fragrance draws inspiration from Gabrielle Chanel (Coco) and is aimed at the independent woman who breaks the rules and makes her own. Expensive, but worth the price tag. To collect Boots points via epoints, make sure to log in to before purchasing online.
QUADRUPLE epoints available at Boots
bigDL app: discounts and vouchers on the high street and online
Don’t forget, you can collect epoints with the bigDL app which gives you the very best single view of Mother’s Day discounts across the high street and online. The free money-saving app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Sultry, sexy or swinging sixties? Our favourite autumn make-up trends

Make-Up for Autumn

As with every season, our autumn make-up trends were decided for us long ago by the powers of the catwalk. We’ve got some bad news for all you lipstick lovers out there, this autumn is all about the eyes; 60’s eyes, sultry eyes, smoky eyes (that goes without saying) and luscious lashes; lips have been stripped right down to nudes.

As reworking your look to stay on trend can seem daunting, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite products so you can try out these key seasonal looks yourself!

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Top 5 fad diets – do they really help you lose weight?

Do celebrity fad diets really work?

After another warm and sunny bank holiday where shorts and sundresses started to appear, a lot of us have decided that we’ve really got to step up the diet a notch.

We all know that healthy food and exercise are key for losing weight and toning up, but we still expect miracles and want to see results immediately. Celebrities seem to rave about the latest fad diets that make you lose a stone in seconds, but do they actually work?
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Top celebrity fitness DVDs of 2014

Feeling the post-Christmas bulge? Wish discovering your fitter self was easier? Well we’ve got some good news for you! There’s a new type of exercise sweeping this year’s celebrity fitness DVD charts called high intensity training (HIT) — or short, sharp interval sessions lasting around ten minutes. Here’s our top celebrity fitness DVD recommendations of 2014. Plus, we’ve thrown our favourite epoints earning home gym finds too:


The promise: This is the second yoga DVD from Roxy Shahidi, who played Leyla Harding in Emmerdale. It features three 45-minute yoga workouts — one focusing on the whole body, the second aiming to strengthen the abdominal muscles, and the third working the lower body.

Zavvi, £14.99 (+28 epoints)

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Best Christmas beauty gifts

Make the beauty queen in your life feel a million dollars with our best beauty finds. From super fun to any cosmetic cupboard’s faithful finds – this festive season has it all on offer. Whether you’re looking to make the princess in your life feel a queen or make your fellow female friends feel fabulous, we’ve something for all budgets. And with epoints the skies the limit for your choice of Christmas beauty gifts that rewards you back:
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