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World Bee Day Essentials

World Bee Day Essentials

World Bee Day was founded to celebrate the birth date of Anton Jansa, a Slovenian beekeeper who pioneered modern beekeeping methods. The celebration takes place on 20th May every year. 

Bees and other pollinators such as butterflies, bats and hummingbirds are fundamental to the survival of our ecosystems. Almost 90% of the world’s wildflowers, 75% of the world’s food crops and 35% of global agricultural land rely on animal pollination. 

Two species of bees became extinct in the UK in the 20th century. Now, due to a large-scale decline in their population, a third of the remaining species are listed on at least one of the English, Scottish and Welsh conservation species priority lists.

If you’re wondering how to be more Eco-friendly and celebrate World Bee Day, we have the answer. Here at Each Person, we are passionate about environmental issues and want to help you make the most of World Bee Day this year. Epoints is buzzing with discounts and cashback deals that you can’t miss.

Kew Gardens Experience

What better way to spend World Bee Day than to see them for yourself. Spring is an exciting time for the natural world as flowers start to bloom. This means it is almost guaranteed that you will see some of our black and yellow friends bumbling around.

Get Your Hands on Some Flowers

Why not do your bit and plant some flowers that are perfect for pollinators. The growth of our big cities and agricultural land, means that bees have to work a lot harder to find the perfect flowers. The more flowers we plant in our gardens, the more bees we’ll see!

Gardening Essentials You Need To Get Your Garden Up To Scratch

Get all the gardening essentials you need this World Bee Day. Amazon offers everything you could ask for when it comes to gardening from gloves to spades, wheel barrows to seeds. What’s more, you earn 3% cashback every time you purchase an Amazon gift card on the Epoints store. So you can save while you spend!

Beekeeping Experience

Through our partnership with Virgin Experiences, you can go on a day trip to remember this World Bee Day. With 20% cashback there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t try your hand as a beekeeper.

Plant Trees With Us!

You can donate your Epoints to plant a tree! Planting trees is great for bees. Some trees blossom and require pollinators to help them to the next stage of their natural cycle. While other trees provide excellent homes to bee hives and provide a canopy for plants and flowers to thrive under.

How Can You Help The Bees?

If you want to help to save and protect the bees this World Bee Day, here are some fantastic charities you can donate to:

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

The British Bee Charity

Bee Friendly

If you would like to donate with Epoints towards our environmentally friendly mission, you can do so by visiting our donate page.

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Home updates

Refresh your home ready for Spring

Refresh your home ready for Spring

Home updates

Welcome Spring this year by refreshing your home. Finally coat weather turns to cardigan weather, clouds lift, it’s lighter for longer, things are looking up. However the dreaded spring clean had got to be done. You’ve been saying it for months.
If you don’t have any urgent projects, make the most of the approaching long weekends and spring clean your house, move furniture around or just add some fresh new touches.

We’ve picked some of the best products to refresh your home for spring…

Refresh your walls

A lick of paint would be a great way brighten up the dingy downstairs bathroom you’ve been meaning to sort out all winter. However if you haven’t got the time or patience to be finding the perfect shade of duck egg blue, maybe think about adding a new picture or wall hanging to bring new perspective to a room.

Update your bedding

Is there any better feeling than getting into a bed with brand new crispy clean bed sheets? Add a hot new look to your bedroom with a brightly coloured duvet cover partnered with a beautiful throw to match. Instantly turn your bedroom into a spring haven filled with new life.

A pop of colour

Making spring changes to you home doesn’t mean you have to do anything drastic. Maybe a brightly coloured pillow or if your’e looking for something slightly bigger a patterned arm-chair could be a great way to brighten up the corner of a room that’s stuck in the past.

Plant life

Welcome spring into your home with open arms by adding a hint of green into your house. A few stylish plants breath new life into a wintry interior. Artificial plants are not only easy to care for (literally dust your new green friends once a month!), but great for mixing and matching different pots and plant colours. For the more green fingered among us, growing your own plants are a great pastime and fabulous way to decorate your home.

Mirror mirror on the wall

A good way to spread light around living areas is with mirrors. Placing a mirror on a wall will let sunlight bounce around your room without the hassle of adding in a whole new window! Different sized and shaped mirrors will help create unique themes in lots of rooms.

Lighting is everything

Lighting can really make or break a room, its so important. Adding a stand up statement lamp or a delicate table light can jazz up any area of living space. Adding a funky style is great for allowing light to flood into a once dark part of your house.

The smell of spring

Fragrances such a cotton, freshly cut flowers and citrus scents will add the refreshing smell of spring into your home. Who said cosy nights in with candles was just a winter thing!

Brighten up the floor

A stain resistant, hand-woven statement rug really could freshen up your home. Floral or geometric designs are ideal for adding a more modern touch to a living area.

Any products that take your fancy simply type the product name into to get more infomation or purchase. Thanks for reading!

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Mothers Day: Gifts for garden-loving mums

Man watering a garden

Gifts for garden-loving mums

Spring time is officially around the corner. The smell of freshly cut grass begins to waft over the garden fences. The hydrangeas and hyacinths emerge from a wintery tomb. That vegetable patch begins to sprouts strange shoots from unknown seeds you planted years ago. Its a beautiful time of year. This time of year, however, happens to coincide with another important day of the year. That’s right! Mothers Day. For some, Mothers day is about flowers and chocolates. For other mums out there, who fancy themselves as an Alan Titchmarsh or a Karen Klein type, they may be better off being gifted items to help the spring blossom.

In our latest edition to the blog, we’re going to be recommending some of the best gifts for the garden-savvy mother. Help your nature-loving mum achieve her backdoor Utopian paradise she righteously deserves.

Garden gloves
Burgon & Ball RHS British Bloom Print Gardening Gloves available in M/L

Garden Gloves

Comfortable, breathable and decorated with beautiful blooms, this pair of gloves is hard-wearing and protects hands when gardening. These stylish, yet durable gloves will be able to help plough through even the most stubborn gardening tasks.

VegTrug 1m Small Wood Seater

Wooden vegetable trough

Is your mother into, or thinking of getting into starting a vegetable patch? If you are looking for a place to put it, look no further than this wooden trough. This (in our opinion) is a stunning looking purchase. Durable but still has a natural look that blends in with the foliage of the garden. Great purchase if your looking to really get your mother a memorable gift as it is long lasting and sentimental.

'find me in the garden' sign
The House Nameplate Company 'Find Me in The Garden' Slate House Sign

Quirky garden sign

A small and quirky addition to your humble home. Give your mum a little chuckle with this sleek and stylish sign that fits in with almost all types of garden decor. Add a touch of personalisation to your mothers garden make it hers.

John Lewis & Partners Ferns in Hanging Glass

Hanging plant in a pot

A modern twist on a timeless classic. You cannot go wrong with a potted plant! It is a very nice looking gift that doesn’t take up too much room. Similarly to the garden sign, it is one of those gifts that goes with anything and still looks fantastic.

Miracle-Gro Plant Food 2kg

Plant nourishment

Give the gift of life to your gardening-obsessed mother. Help her rejuvenate her garden with slow releasing plant food to nourish your collection of growing plants and vegetables. If your loving mother is a hardcore gardener, plant food will go a long way in keeping her happy. As we are heading into spring and summer, it will be the perfect time to optimise plant growth to keep your jungle looking full and healthy.

Kingfisher Deluxe 3 in 1 Suet Fat Ball Seed and Nut Feeder

Bird feeder

For the keen birdwatchers in the gardening community, you need a good bird feeder to get the new species flocking to your natural kingdom. This bird feeder holds everything from big nuts, to small seeds to fat balls. It is the perfect gift for the garden as every garden needs one so why not get an upgrade for your mother, this Mothers Day.


Must have party essentials

Must have party essentials


Party planning can be stressful we know. This year save the cash and throw your event at home, we promise it’ll be one to remember. Whether your turning 18, 80, or just fancied throwing that 80’s party you’ve always dreamed about, we’ve got you covered with our list of must have party essentials…


Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone, £23.25

It’s always a good idea to have some sort of entertainment ready to distract those unruly guests. Why not invest in a Bluetooth microphone, they lets you perform solo, or for maximum entertainment order two for duet mode. Play your favourite song through the built-in speaker and sing to your heart’s content.

All Seasons Gazebo Party Tent, £180.00

A gazebo is never a bad idea for the unpredictable English weather. You don’t want to leave your guests out in the rain! This roomy gazebo can accommodate anything from garden chairs to dance floors. Gazebos’ are great for putting patio heaters in in the winter, or covering yourself from the rays of summer, definitely worth investing in if you’re an avid party host.

Vibe Single Use 36 Exposure Camera- 5 Pack, £35.05

Obviously its going to be a night to remember so why not let your guests document it for themselves! These individually wrapped disposable cameras work perfectly indoors and outdoors, look forward to looking through old school pictures and finding some possible photos to treasure forever.

Talking Tables Coloured String Party Lights, £12.15

Lighting should always be a top priority when planning an event. Fairy lights are pretty, colourful and can even turn your dinghy downstairs bathroom into a party guest hot spot! By adding battery-powered fairy lights you’re not only lowering the fire hazard candles have, but are making your house look picture perfect.

Bush High Power Bluetooth Party Speaker, £93.55

Get granddad out of his chair and boogieing with all your favourite tunes. This Bluetooth speaker will make you a real crowd-please, anyone and everyone can connect and play their party playlists through this speaker. The multi coloured light display on the front makes this speaker a must have party essential!

"Ultimate Party" 16 bottle white selection, £129.46

Greet your guests with 16 bottles of white wine to really get the party started. Buying your alcohol bulk in advance really helps you keep the party costs down whilst still providing an excellent party spread. Hopefully this crate will get everyone enjoying the karaoke machine!

Halographic Party Balloon, £8.55

What screams fun more than this stylish balloon banner? Balloon’s are the perfect way to jazz up a blank wall, it will be the talking point of your party. Word balloons are a 2019 must have trend, their great for photo shoots and letting everyone know what they should be doing ‘parting!’.

Tinc Boogie Light Party Plug In, £18.90

Disco in the kitchen, groove in the garage, or turn your living room into a real life nightclub! Jazzy disco lights instantly change the room from dull to dance in me, it really has no limits as to where your party guests can showcase their killer moves.

Brights Party Paper Hats, Pack of 4, £8.55

Have guests pose for pictures with their party hats on or add the finishing touches to your party outfit. If you’re feeling super creative you can make bunting out of party hats by cutting them in half and threading the string through all the different hat hole.

NOW That's What I Call A Party 2019, £8.10


Getting a little bit sick of your friends, boyfriends, brother thinking he’s a part-time DJ on your Bluetooth speaker? Why not just stick on a party album, its great for all ages and you know what you’re in for. No more spending hours creating the perfect playlist!

Folding Table 6ft Heavy Duty Extra Strength, £40.12

A folding table is perfect for displaying party snacks. Grab a snazzy table cloth and place below your party nibble spread. Buying a heavy duty sturdy table like this one means you won’t have to worry about people sitting where they shouldn’t be!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, how shall we decorate your branches?

Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat… so it must be time to decorate your home.

There’s something about Christmas that just makes homes feel warm and cosy – and that’s before you get the chestnuts roasting on an open fire… the mistletoe and mulled wine!

I love decorating my Christmas tree, but I do like it all matching so I only allow purple and silver (OK maybe white and clear decorations at a push) decorations on it and presents underneath have to be in matching paper… Yes I am like Monica from Friends!
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The fall of autumn leaves – get your garden winter-ready

Get your garden winter-ready
As we say goodbye to the summer and look ahead to winter, autumn seems a good time to start sorting your garden out.
Winter can play havoc with your garden, but if it’s tidy and your plants are protected, you’ll be much more prepared when spring comes around again.
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Feeling hot, hot, hot – stay cool with these summery drinks

Summery Cocktails for this weekend's heatwave“It’s like a heat wave, burnin’ in my heart…
Ooh, ooh, heat wave
Ooh, ooh, heat wave”

That’s right – this weekend is supposedly going to be HAWT! So get out the paddling pools and the barbecues and invite your friends round for a garden party.
Although most people serve beer and wine at a barbecue, why not try something new and shake up some summery cocktails for your guest?
We’ve shared some of our favourite summery drinks:
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In an English country garden – easy outdoor entertaining

Easy Outdoor Entertaining

You really can’t beat a warm British summer – days spent relaxing in the park and long evenings in the garden with a gentle breeze. Eating outside is such a pleasant experience that we organise barbecues and gatherings like they’re going out of fashion. If you’re holding a garden party then our top tips for outdoor entertaining will guarantee smiles all round:


Make your garden party garden themed. Fill a large wheelbarrow with ice and use it to store the drinks and place flowers in a metal watering can for a centrepiece. Place big platters on top of small upturned flower pots and use garden pegs to hold place names. You can even use flowerpots as food covers. Make ice cubes with petals in them and serve appetisers on skewers stuck into trays of wheatgrass.

Try casual outdoor dining. Create a low key dining area with colourful rugs and cushions with a low table for food. Choose colourful plates and cutlery and serve a buffet-style picnic supper. Hang colourful paper lanterns or fairy lights in the trees and place citronella candles in the ground to ward off bugs.

Remember the little ones. Set up a separate kids’ area marked out with balloons. Cover a small plastic table in big sheets of paper and scatter crayons over it so children can draw to their heart’s content. Serve mini jellies, raisins and sweets in coloured shot glasses and cut sandwiches into shapes using cookie or Play-Doh cutters.

Arrange some garden games. If your garden’s big enough, set up croquet or lawn bowls in one area. This is a good ice breaker and encourages talking. If your friends are quite competitive, you could even have a tournament with prizes. You could also buy or hire giant Jenga or chess.

Make the most of nature. Summer fruits and vegetables are delicious so make them a feature of your garden party, so crudités and salads, plus lots of fresh summer berries should be the focus of your food. Serve jugs of Pimm’s or sangria full of summery garnish and add summer fruits to frozen yoghurt or ice-cream for a simple summer dessert.

Homewood hexagonal garden gazebo

Think Gadgets Bunting Fairy Lights, Multi

Gold Large pineapple lantern

Butterfly slimline tennis table

Enjoy the May bank holiday – relax with wine and a barbecue

Enjoy the long weekend BBQs & chilled wine

The long weekend is almost here and if our latest weekly vouchers weren’t enough for you, we’ve found some super summer products to make your May Bank Holiday weekend even better than you were expecting – fingers crossed it’s hot and sunny.
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