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Mother’s Day: Gifts for athletic mums

Mother's Day: gifts for athletic mums

Whether they have always been ‘outdoorsy’ and athletic, or they just never gave it up for lent, we all know a sporty mum. They are the first out the door for a brisk and frosty morning walk and the last in after a powerful back workout. Mothers put in a lot of hard work to look and feel good.So, why not indulge the healthy obsession? They would much rather a protein bar, than a chocolate one or a fruit infuser than a fruity diffuser. The most thoughtful gifts are the ones where you consider of their interests, so get them a gift to help them on their quest for health.

We know it can be tricky to find the right gift for an active mum. This is why we, at epoints, have stepped in with out suggestions of quirky fitness essentials. Add a little breakfast in bed and you will be in for a sure fire winner.

Multi use gym
Wondercore Multigym 2

Multi-gym for the home

Give the gift of health! It is a cheap and durable home gym designed to target all kinds of muscle groups in one machine. Even when your active ‘supermum’ can’t get to the gym, she can  power through a home workout to get her fix

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate and Fitness Tracking Wristband, Large, Teal


This is a must have essential for any fitness fanatic. Track your heart rate, steps, distance traversed and the calories you burn. It can even monitor quality of sleep and, when synced up to the phone app, can give you recommendations on diet and exercise. It is designed to overall help you become a happier and healthier person by instilling a fitness routine into your day.

Protein World Chocolate Slender Blend - 1.2kg

Low fat protein powder

Extremely low in fat and high in protein. This is a perfect supplement for the ‘toning’ mum. Treat her to a gift that will help her achieve her physique and weight goals. She will definitely appreciate it more than  calorie filled box of chocolates.

Gaiam Pressure Massage Roller, Orange

Pressure massage roller

Aching muscles, after a strenuous workout session, require a rubdown to shift the lactic acid. Don’t forget it feels great! Whether she is into running, yoga, or strength training and conditioning, this tool will be brilliant to help ease muscle pain and speed up recovery. It will be a very appreciated piece of equipment for the dedicated fitness fanatic.

fitness yoga mat
Opti Exercise Mat

Fitness mat

If your mum can’t get out too much to exercise, because she is busy, then we recommend a fitness mat. Anything like yoga, stretches and core exercises can be performed on a mat making it essential for the mum who is partial to a home workout. Whether she is new to the fitness scene looking to get in shape, or she is a seasoned professional, this is a must purchase for their fitness arsenal of equipment.

We hope you enjoyed our latest gift guide. If you want to read more on our blog, why not check out our related article below.


Mothers Day: Gifts for garden-loving mums

Man watering a garden

Gifts for garden-loving mums

Spring time is officially around the corner. The smell of freshly cut grass begins to waft over the garden fences. The hydrangeas and hyacinths emerge from a wintery tomb. That vegetable patch begins to sprouts strange shoots from unknown seeds you planted years ago. Its a beautiful time of year. This time of year, however, happens to coincide with another important day of the year. That’s right! Mothers Day. For some, Mothers day is about flowers and chocolates. For other mums out there, who fancy themselves as an Alan Titchmarsh or a Karen Klein type, they may be better off being gifted items to help the spring blossom.

In our latest edition to the blog, we’re going to be recommending some of the best gifts for the garden-savvy mother. Help your nature-loving mum achieve her backdoor Utopian paradise she righteously deserves.

Garden gloves
Burgon & Ball RHS British Bloom Print Gardening Gloves available in M/L

Garden Gloves

Comfortable, breathable and decorated with beautiful blooms, this pair of gloves is hard-wearing and protects hands when gardening. These stylish, yet durable gloves will be able to help plough through even the most stubborn gardening tasks.

VegTrug 1m Small Wood Seater

Wooden vegetable trough

Is your mother into, or thinking of getting into starting a vegetable patch? If you are looking for a place to put it, look no further than this wooden trough. This (in our opinion) is a stunning looking purchase. Durable but still has a natural look that blends in with the foliage of the garden. Great purchase if your looking to really get your mother a memorable gift as it is long lasting and sentimental.

'find me in the garden' sign
The House Nameplate Company 'Find Me in The Garden' Slate House Sign

Quirky garden sign

A small and quirky addition to your humble home. Give your mum a little chuckle with this sleek and stylish sign that fits in with almost all types of garden decor. Add a touch of personalisation to your mothers garden make it hers.

John Lewis & Partners Ferns in Hanging Glass

Hanging plant in a pot

A modern twist on a timeless classic. You cannot go wrong with a potted plant! It is a very nice looking gift that doesn’t take up too much room. Similarly to the garden sign, it is one of those gifts that goes with anything and still looks fantastic.

Miracle-Gro Plant Food 2kg

Plant nourishment

Give the gift of life to your gardening-obsessed mother. Help her rejuvenate her garden with slow releasing plant food to nourish your collection of growing plants and vegetables. If your loving mother is a hardcore gardener, plant food will go a long way in keeping her happy. As we are heading into spring and summer, it will be the perfect time to optimise plant growth to keep your jungle looking full and healthy.

Kingfisher Deluxe 3 in 1 Suet Fat Ball Seed and Nut Feeder

Bird feeder

For the keen birdwatchers in the gardening community, you need a good bird feeder to get the new species flocking to your natural kingdom. This bird feeder holds everything from big nuts, to small seeds to fat balls. It is the perfect gift for the garden as every garden needs one so why not get an upgrade for your mother, this Mothers Day.


Must have party essentials

Must have party essentials


Party planning can be stressful we know. This year save the cash and throw your event at home, we promise it’ll be one to remember. Whether your turning 18, 80, or just fancied throwing that 80’s party you’ve always dreamed about, we’ve got you covered with our list of must have party essentials…


Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone, £23.25

It’s always a good idea to have some sort of entertainment ready to distract those unruly guests. Why not invest in a Bluetooth microphone, they lets you perform solo, or for maximum entertainment order two for duet mode. Play your favourite song through the built-in speaker and sing to your heart’s content.

All Seasons Gazebo Party Tent, £180.00

A gazebo is never a bad idea for the unpredictable English weather. You don’t want to leave your guests out in the rain! This roomy gazebo can accommodate anything from garden chairs to dance floors. Gazebos’ are great for putting patio heaters in in the winter, or covering yourself from the rays of summer, definitely worth investing in if you’re an avid party host.

Vibe Single Use 36 Exposure Camera- 5 Pack, £35.05

Obviously its going to be a night to remember so why not let your guests document it for themselves! These individually wrapped disposable cameras work perfectly indoors and outdoors, look forward to looking through old school pictures and finding some possible photos to treasure forever.

Talking Tables Coloured String Party Lights, £12.15

Lighting should always be a top priority when planning an event. Fairy lights are pretty, colourful and can even turn your dinghy downstairs bathroom into a party guest hot spot! By adding battery-powered fairy lights you’re not only lowering the fire hazard candles have, but are making your house look picture perfect.

Bush High Power Bluetooth Party Speaker, £93.55

Get granddad out of his chair and boogieing with all your favourite tunes. This Bluetooth speaker will make you a real crowd-please, anyone and everyone can connect and play their party playlists through this speaker. The multi coloured light display on the front makes this speaker a must have party essential!

"Ultimate Party" 16 bottle white selection, £129.46

Greet your guests with 16 bottles of white wine to really get the party started. Buying your alcohol bulk in advance really helps you keep the party costs down whilst still providing an excellent party spread. Hopefully this crate will get everyone enjoying the karaoke machine!

Halographic Party Balloon, £8.55

What screams fun more than this stylish balloon banner? Balloon’s are the perfect way to jazz up a blank wall, it will be the talking point of your party. Word balloons are a 2019 must have trend, their great for photo shoots and letting everyone know what they should be doing ‘parting!’.

Tinc Boogie Light Party Plug In, £18.90

Disco in the kitchen, groove in the garage, or turn your living room into a real life nightclub! Jazzy disco lights instantly change the room from dull to dance in me, it really has no limits as to where your party guests can showcase their killer moves.

Brights Party Paper Hats, Pack of 4, £8.55

Have guests pose for pictures with their party hats on or add the finishing touches to your party outfit. If you’re feeling super creative you can make bunting out of party hats by cutting them in half and threading the string through all the different hat hole.

NOW That's What I Call A Party 2019, £8.10


Getting a little bit sick of your friends, boyfriends, brother thinking he’s a part-time DJ on your Bluetooth speaker? Why not just stick on a party album, its great for all ages and you know what you’re in for. No more spending hours creating the perfect playlist!

Folding Table 6ft Heavy Duty Extra Strength, £40.12

A folding table is perfect for displaying party snacks. Grab a snazzy table cloth and place below your party nibble spread. Buying a heavy duty sturdy table like this one means you won’t have to worry about people sitting where they shouldn’t be!

Bath time

How to make the most out of your bath

How to make the most out of your bath...

Bath time

There’s nothing worse than sitting in shallow, lukewarm water and bath salts lodged in all the wrong places. Getting shampoo in your eyes because of the stupidly small candle you’ve lit on the other side of the bathroom really isn’t a vibe. The perfect bath is anything but spontaneous, it takes a lot of consideration. If you ,like most, you just don’t have the time to be transforming your bathroom into a mini spa, don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of bath time essentials so you can spend your valuable time relaxing in the tub.

Here’s some pointers to make the most out of your ‘me’ time…

Luminara LED Tealights, Set of 6


First things first, you’re going to want candles in your bathroom to help you unwind. The dimmed lights will help you turn your bathroom into a dreamy mini oasis, bit much? Okay we know, maybe light one candle just to get you in the mood. If you can’t be trusted with fire hazards maybe try these LED tea lights, they’ll give you the joy of a candle without the fuss.

Megaboom Bluetooth/Wireless Speaker

Waterproof Speaker

Waterproof speakers are great for creating a relaxing mood. We aren’t saying you have to play whale song full volume, but maybe finding a relaxing playlist will help you have some much-needed downtime. The battery life on this UE boom is over 15 hours, however we wouldn’t recommend you staying in the bath for that long!

facemask pack
7th Heaven Face Mask Gift Basket

Face Masks

This is going all out, but why not add a face mask into your bath time routine? A face mask will give you beautifully soft skin. Multi packs like this one give you so many excuses to leave the kids downstairs and treat yourself whilst in the tub.

bath salts
Sea Magik Salted Epsom Spa Salts 1Kg

Bath Salts

Epsom Bath salts are a traditional remedy for soothing muscle ache and detoxify the body, there a favourite among athletes and busy mums alike. Epsom salts can be used to sooth anything from arthritis to sore feet. Great for the post workout bath.

Spaa Pebbles Wooden Massager Brush

Bath Brush

Even if its only a few times a week, exfoliating with a bath brush will help minimise pores and reduce the amount of breakouts you get. A bath brush can reveal smooth and radiant skin. The health benefits are amazing simply by massaging the skin its been proven this bath brush can reduce cellulite and increase blood flow.

bath bomb
Fruits Bath Bomb Gift Tin 6pk

Bath Bombs

For those days when you meed a pick me up pop this ball of energy into the tub. Bath bombs are a must, not just for the smell but for the aesthetically pleasing factor too! Is there anything better than getting into a pastel coloured bath?

Kindle Paperwhite 32GB E-Reader 2018


An E-Reader is the perfect way to access millions of books online and escape real life, get stuck into a story whilst soaking in the bath. The newest Amazon Kindle is 16% lighter than any previous E-Reading, making it easier and more comfortable to hold in one hand.

'Shea Milk' Foaming Bath Cream

Bubble Bath

Finally the most important factor of a bath, the bubbles! Who doesn’t love getting into a foamy tub. This sensitive skin shea milk bubble bath leaves your skin super soft, you’ll be smelling like a dream as soon as you get out the tub. The essential oils in the formula are the perfect way to get to sleep after your bath.

Woman on a mat doing yoga

The most effective exercises you can do in your home

Woman on a mat doing yoga

The most effective exercises you can do in your home

Striking that core lifestyle balance between work, family, health and downtime is almost impossible without sacrificing one. The bottom line is, society is far busier than before. Advancements in technology, career choices and longer working hours have left us strapped for time. For those of you with family to raise, the issue doesn’t get any easier. People often forget to take care of themselves as nutrition and exercise become second rate. You only need 20 minutes of exercise a day to reduce your risk of cardiovascular related illnesses and type 2 diabetes by more than a half. Well, the good news is that fitness can introduced anywhere. With this in mind, take a look at our top exercises to do, in the home, to get your fix.


Burpees are a fantastic exercise and can be done in the comfort of your own home easily. They are great for building muscle endurance, strengthening of core muscles as well as being effective at burning fat. Burpees are one of the most affective ways of targeting almost all muscle groups including: arms, quads, glutes, hamstrings chest, and core muscles. In addition to muscle endurance, it is great for cardiovascular fitness. This can be added into any routine for a high-intensity stint in your workout.

Crunches + Flutterkicks

Crunches and flutter kicks are a very effective way to strengthen your core muscle groups and shape the abdominal section. Flutter kicks are exceptional for both cardio and specifically the oblique muscles (these are the muscles responsible for the rotation of your torso). Crunches are great for gaining core strength and shaping the rectus abdominis (that’s code for the 6 pack muscles). They are the ultimate home partnership to shape a lower torso getting leaner for that summer body.

Increasing the speed of your walk

Although this isn’t strictly a ‘home’ exercise, it is definitely worth talking about. As mentioned before, we only need a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise a day. Even that, for some, is a stretch. Many of us walk/cycle to work (at least partially) so why not consider doing it faster? Studies show that walking at a moderate to high intensity can shed just as many calories as running or jogging. It may be worth leaving for work deliberately later, just as an extra incentive to help shed those pounds.

Push-ups and sit-ups

Get on your overalls because we’re going to bootcamp! Yes, the favourites among military officers and training have made a comeback to help you blast fat and build muscle. The push- up is a classic and is often underrated. It is a great body weight exercise for shaping the the upper body as it works the chest, arms and deltoids (muscles around the arms rotator cuff). Sit-ups are a fantastic way to work the core and the lower back muscles. Both of these staple exercises can be done with nothing more than a comfortable surface at home.

Jumping jacks

The jumping jack, as it is named by our trans-Atlantic cousins. Often referred to as ‘Star jumps’, the Jumping jack encompasses a lot of cardiovascular benefits in addition to muscle movement. It is a great exercise for high intensity segments and coupled up with our old friend, the burpee, can lead to a hard and sweaty work out. Wave fat goodbye with this combination you can easily do at home.

lunges and squats

Whether you are looking for Stronger legs, more toning or a shapely behind, these are essential. Squats, specifically, are the bread and butter as it targets all the significant muscle groups within the leg. These are specifically the glutes, hamstrings and quads. a deep squat, or lunge, can really engage the legs to work hard, even with body weight. If you are looking to challenge yourself, hold a kettle bell or barbell to add intensity to the workout.

If you are interested in taking it one step further and are looking into a home gym, check out another blog post: The best home gym setup ideas for small spaces

Be sure to check out our range of equipment in our fitness range to help optimise your workout.

Opti Vinyl Kettlebell – 10kg

The perfect component for upper body, leg, shoulder and abdominal workouts. Varying sizes of weights are available depending on ability.

 3,410 · £17.05

Shop weights

Yoga-Mad SureGrip 4mm Yoga Mat, Purple

If your house has a hard floor surface it  may worth investing in a mat. Exercises can quickly get uncomfortable on a hard surface. It has the perfect level of comfort to optimise your stretches.     6,210 · £31.05

Shop Yoga Mats

Yoga-Mad Swiss Fitness Ball and Pump, Blue

Great for muscle stretches and balancing exercises, the yoga ball is a must-have if improving your joins and flexibility is the key in your workout.  3,689 · £18.45

Shop Fitness equipment

Top 6 rainy day activities for kids

Our top 6 rainy day activities for kids.

When it comes to the weather, we ALL know how unreliable the conditions are. We also know how restless and irritable the young ones can be when are bored and disinterested . When the two factors merge, it can be a real problem. Lucky for you, we at epoints, have compiled an engaging list of rainy day activities for kids, when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Board games

Competition breeds excitement. There is no better way to get competitive and prove who’s the best indoors for youngsters than a family board game. Whether you’ve hit Park Lane with a hotel or its your mouse that got trapped, the compelling desire to win overrides the feelings of boredom. Calling your kids out on their inferior board game ability is one way to get them fired up. depending on the game, strategy is needed to win and can be significantly more beneficial than mind-numbing games on the console.

Hold a tea party 

It is time to break out the plastic sets and hold a tea party for your children’s dolls and teddies. You can either have pretend food, or do some real baking with your kids. Serve mini sandwiches, small cubes of cheese and tiny jellies. This could be the perfect opportunity to encourage table manners amongst the younger kids. It is not only a great activity for learning, but is fun, engaging and gets the whole family stuck in.

Have a disco

Move the sofas, draw those curtains and crank up the speakers (and on this occasion, avoid the alcohol) . An indoor disco is easy, cheap and, most importantly, stimulating. Keeping the kids active and moving, as a parent, is a tough ask. Even more so when the thought of your youngsters grinding mud into your beloved carpet makes you writhe in your skin. Getting the kids to shake it down to their favourite Disney tracks on the Google Home is great for breathing life into the house (and its great cardio!) .

Dressing up

No family home would be complete without a dressing up box to get the imagination flowing. It is time to get creative with your costumes. it may be worth letting them have access to your wardrobes as well. It is always amusing seeing what fashion blunders (or masterpieces) your children conjure up when being unleashed on the accessories. You could even hold a fashion show or put on a play!

Make a den or fort

Pick a room, grab some blankets and furniture and away you go! When creating a secret hideout, anything goes. Whether they are king of the castle or head of their own secret society, this is the perfect activity for the imagination. It only may seem like tossing a bed sheet over a chair and calling it fun, but to them, it is their own realm that they rule. This is a brilliant opportunity to bond, find out what they like and indulge their creative side. It is definitely one for the list

Form a band

If your kids don’t have their own instruments, make your own. Or just sift through your kitchen cupboards! An upturned saucepan and wooden spoon becomes a drum and shaking a jar of pasta is much better than any pair of  maracas (however, you might want some earplugs). This could even be a way discover you child’s interests or even discover a few hidden talents.

We hope you enjoyed our ideas for activities for kids. Its great for when the weather takes a turn for the wet.

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LEGO 42092 Technic Rescue Toy Helicopter, 2 in 1 Model, Concept Plane, Kids Construction Set.

Hasbro – ‘Monopoly Junior – Disney Pixar Incredibles 2’ property trading game.

Barbie FJB00 FAMILY Babysitter Brunette Doll with Baby and Accessories, with Pram Playset, Multi-Colour.

The Best Home Gym Setup Ideas - Feature Image

The best home gym setup ideas for small spaces

The Best Home Gym Setup Ideas - Feature Image

The best home gym setup ideas for small spaces

Looking for home gym setup ideas? With the influx of new starters flooding your local gym, heading over there is never fun at this time of year. And with the weather turning chilly and unpredictable, we’re less keen to get our running shoes on. A home gym seems like a much more attractive idea, available at any time you want and with no monthly fees. 

However, a home gym can be difficult to accomplish as many don’t have enough spare cash after the Christmas period or enough space in their homes to accommodate the bulky fitness gear we’re used to in the gym. However, there are ways to make a home gym work in small spaces. With versatile equipment that is small or easily stored away, a home gym doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Read on to find out which essential pieces we think beginners should invest in first of all for their home gym setup…

1. Dumbbells & Kettlebells

A small set of dumbbell weights or kettlebells are a great starter for building strength and endurance. They’re less intimidating than barbells and also a lot more portable and easy to grab for a quick workout session. You can often purchase a set of dumbbells in their own storage rack or case to keep your setup organised and free of clutter or alternatively, if you want a wide range of weights, you can get adjustable dumbbells. Furthermore, these handheld weights can be used to complement your aerobic workout, raising your heart rate to aid in weight loss.

A small set of dumbbell weights or kettlebells can be a great starter for building strength and endurance.
Opti Dumbbell Tree Set
A yoga mat is a must-have for comfort and stability
Reebok Yoga Exercise Mat

2. A Yoga Mat

Even if you’re not a yoga fan, a yoga or exercise mat is a must-have as performing exercises on a hard floor or rough carpet will quickly get uncomfortable and a good-quality mat will provide some much-appreciated grip and stability when performing exercises and stretches. Also, when you’re not exercising, you can simply roll it up and store it away in a cupboard or wardrobe. Many even come with a handy carry bag or strap if you ever want to take it out and about with you.

3. Set of Resistance Bands

Need ideas on how to make an exercise more challenging? Introducing a resistance band is a great way to ramp up the difficulty if things are starting to get a bit too easy. What’s more, resistance band sets will come with bands of multiple resistance levels, allowing you to customise your workout to the difficulty that you want. For those who travel often, these are ideal as they’re compact and have such a diverse range of uses, meaning you can workout easily, wherever you are.

Women's Health Resistance Band Tube Set
A foldable weight bench is great for weight training and muscle building.
Marcy UB3000 Adjustable Foldable Weight Bench

4. Adjustable Weight Bench

For those wanting to get into weight training and building muscle, you may want to purchase an adjustable weight bench. Many compact, foldable models have been made with home gyms in mind. These allow you to target different muscles effectively at different angles, whilst also improving your core and lower back muscles. They can also be used for bodyweight exercises such as sit-ups and push-ups.

5. A (Weighted) Skipping Rope

It may sound like something that you’d expect to find on a school playground but a skipping rope, particularly a weighted one, is a fun and easy way to add cardio into your routine. If you haven’t got enough room inside, skipping is something you can easily do in your garden or driveway. In general, this is great for improving co-ordination and endurance but a weighted rope can amplify your workout as it burns even more calories and works your muscles even harder.  

Men's Health Weighted Skipping Rope
Opti Multi Pull Up Bar

6. Pull-Up Bar

They may seem daunting but pull-ups are one the best upper-body exercises you can do. Pull-ups strengthen your arms, back, shoulders and core and a pull-up bar is an easy piece of equipment to fit into your home! There are models available which can be bracketed to a wall or fitted within a doorway. Once you’ve had enough of pull-ups, you could even use it as base for a TRX suspension kit (though you’ll want to check your setup is strong enough first!).

Handy tip: Use a resistance band to begin with when trying pull-ups to make things a little easier!

7. Foldable/Mini Cardio Machines

For those who miss the traditional cardio machines you’d find at the gym such as the treadmill, exercise bike and elliptical, there are compact models available that are suited to home gym setups. However, these machines tend to be more expensive and can still take up a bit of room when folded or collapsed. 

Another idea for those who like exercise bikes would be to simply get a mini bike which  allow you the flexibility to pedal away whilst watching Netflix on your sofa.

Adidas T-16 Treadmill
Foam rollers are great for recovery and massaging sore muscles post-workout.
Men's Health Textured Foam Roller

8. Foam Rollers

Great for those post-exercise aches and pains, a foam roller basically allows you to give yourself a sports massage at home. Foam rolling helps you to get rid of any knots in your muscles and increase blood circulation to reduce any soreness. They’re great for preventing injuries which could hinder your workout plan and come in a variety of sizes.

9. Full-Length Mirror

Whilst the idea of watching  your red-faced, sweaty self working out might not sound appealing, having access to a full-length mirror can be useful for ensuring you complete exercises correctly. A lot of bodyweight exercises are only really effective when carried out with the correct posture but it’s not always easy to tell if you’re performing these right when you’re alone. However, by setting yourself up opposite a mirror, you can double check your posture easily.

A full-length mirror is great for ensuring you're working out effectively.
Argos Home Full-Length Cheval Mirror (Black)
Sonos PLAY:5 Smart Speaker (2nd Gen)

10. A good speaker system

Finally, make sure you’ve got a good speaker system to blast out that upbeat workout playlist that gets you moving. The perfect icing on the cake for your home gym setup!

(However, if you’ve got questionable music tastes that others in your house might not appreciate, a pair of bluetooth earbuds might be better!)

Finally, let us know in the comments below if you’ve got any other  home gym setup ideas that we’ve missed off this list! 

The Struts, The Apprentice and The Play That Goes Wrong – what I'm loving this week

What am I loving this week?

Happy Friday! Michaela here and this week I’m loving the beautiful sunny autumn weather as I stroll down the high street with my new bag and coat looking for a costume for Halloween!

What else am I loving this week?

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Escape to the sun – perfect autumn breaks

Autumn Getaways

Although the UK is beautiful in autumn, it’s not what you’d call warm; even on glorious sunny days there’s a cold wind blowing the leaves along the pavement.

October and November are a great time to jet off to warmer climes; most of the tourists have left and it’s usually much cheaper than peak season.

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