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Extra, extra, read all about it – celebrate National Read a Book Day

Stories are meant to be read - find your favourite book.

“The books transported her into new worlds and introduced her to amazing people who lived exciting lives. She went on olden-day sailing ships with Joseph Conrad. She went to Africa with Ernest Hemingway and to India with Rudyard Kipling. She travelled all over the world while sitting in her little room in an English village.” ~ Roald Dahl, Matilda

Read one book; then read another.There’s something about the power of a book. Reading one can see us sailing the Seven Seas, running for our lives or falling in love all over again.
Books have the power to make us laugh and cry as we feverishly devour one page after another and a favourite book is like an old friend each time we come back to share its story.
To celebrate National Read a Book Day, we’ve compiled our favourite quotes about reading to inspire you to turn off the television, ignore your smartphone and stick your nose in a book!
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Time for tee – treat yourself to some new golf clubs

Golfing products & brands

There’s an awful lot of golf in August, with championship tournaments taking place across the world, from Canada and the United States, to Japan, Norway and Great Britain.
If you’re looking to improve your own game, then perhaps it’s time to invest in some new equipment.
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Get back to nature with our top 5 campsites in the UK

Take the kids camping at these family-friendly campsites

For many families, the appeal of a camping holiday is huge, as it offers children the chance to return to nature and spend time outdoors away from the television and computer.
Camping offers a simple existence and children love cooking over a small stove, toasting marshmallows at twilight and sleeping under canvas.
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The Staycation – why you should holiday in the UK this summer

Camping in the UK - embrace the staycation this summer

OK, so the weather in the UK is unpredictable, but when the sun does come out, it’s one of the prettiest places in the world. From the intimidating architecture of the cities to the rolling countryside and beautiful beaches, why on earth would you go anywhere else?
The staycation remains popular, not least because if you holiday in the UK there’s no need to faff around with currency or learn key phrases in the local language – you can just hop on a train or jump in your car and you’ll be there in a few hours.
We’ve picked our favourite places in the UK that are jam-packed with the best of everything that the UK has to offer.
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Life's a beach – top 5 beaches in the UK

Our favourite beaches in the UK - Tenby, Poole, Fife, St Ives, Norfolk

With June just around the corner, everyone’s looking forward to summer… and by that we mean endless sunny days when we can relax. Preferably on a beach, listening to the sound of the waves crashing and the call of seagulls…
The beach is a crucial part of any family summer holiday, whether you pop to Dorset for the day, or head to Norfolk for a week.
We’ve listed our five favourite beaches in the UK to give you some ideas for where to go this summer.
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Running out of time – the running guide for busy people

No time to run? Running guide to 5k

The running season has arrived and across the country people everywhere are donning shorts and trainers to race across great distances.
You might be doing Tough Mudder, the Great North Run or Race for Life, but even if it’s ‘just a 5k run’ you need to train.

“But I don’t have time!”

Me neither, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. But as someone who has (foolishly) entered a couple of races, I’ve got to get my act together, stop making excuses and somehow find the time to train.
So here’s how you can fit some running into your busy schedule.
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The staycation – 10 hidden gems in the UK that you need to visit

Castle tucked away in the trees - the UK's hidden gems

With so many cheap flights and holiday deals, going abroad has almost become the norm.

But what about the UK? There are some amazing places to explore in the UK and the staycation is still a popular choice of holiday, especially for those with young children.

There’s so much history and natural beauty to see that it’s no wonder that tourists flock to see the birthplace of Shakespeare, Hadrian’s Wall and the Lake District. But there are also hundreds of lesser-known places that are easily accessible by car or train.
We’ve listed our top 10 not-so-famous places in the UK that are worth visiting:
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Spring clean your way to fitness

Spring Clean Your Way to Fitness

Trying to fit in a workout when you’ve got a household to run and kids to ferry about can seem impossible. There’s barely enough time to sit down with a glass of wine, let alone get to the gym or go for a run.
But you can turn those household chores into a workout, especially if you’re planning to give your house a spring clean this Bank Holiday weekend.
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Puppy love – it's National Pet Day so make time to pamper your pets

We love our pets - national pet day

Pets are wonderful creatures – they’re always there for us, comforting us when we’re sad, making us laugh with their animal antics and even keeping us warm in the winter.
Us Britons love our furry friends and treat them like one of the family.
You might think that your pet is quite a simple creature, but we’ve found some interesting facts that could surprise you.
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