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Five Counter Culture Eco Picks

Five Counter Culture Eco Picks

We’ve recently joined forces with Counter Culture, a beauty and cosmetic store specialising in ethical, sustainable beauty products made and supplied by unique boutique brands, many of which are female-led and in the UK. Their core beliefs mirror ours, which is why our partnership is so significant! 

We’ve put together five of our eco picks from their range of fantastic products. Don’t forget you get 5% cashback on all of these products with Epoints.

UpCircle Face Toner with Hyaluronic Acid

Enriched with hyaluronic acid to plump the skin and chamomile to soothe the skin, this facial toner leaves skin moisturised, fresh and revitalised. After cleansing, this balancing face toner helps revitalise and refresh the skin.

E.A.R.T.H Hand Serum

Dry-feel and fast-absorbing, this herbal serum deeply nourishes and restores your hands and cuticles and has been expertly formulated to work hard on the appearance of ageing, spots and blemishes. Rosehip is concentrated in vitamins A and C and unsaturated fatty acids and is renowned for its anti-ageing qualities. Argan Oil is highly recommended for fortifying brittle nails.

Tabitha Eve Eco-Friendly Beauty Essentials Box

Tabitha Eve’s Eco-Friendly Beauty Essentials Box is filled with all the beauty essentials you need for your daily cleansing routine. This small but mighty set includes Reusable Cotton & Bamboo Makeup Remover, Rounds Natural Konjac Sponge, Reusable Bamboo Nail Polish Remover pads and Exfoliating Loofah Discs.

Bloom & Blossom WONDER WORKER Multi-tasking balm

This multi-tasking balm really is a wonder for almost every part of your body. Cuticle cream, overnight balm, foot balm, burns, cuts, scrapes and grazes, lip balm, hand cream, the list goes on. It’s no wonder it works so well, considering how many natural ingredients it contains.  

wxy. Big Amber Bamboo + Bergamot Oil Candle 

wxy’s BIG AMBER Bamboo + Bergamot oil candle 12.5oz. Inspired by nature and the natural world. Notes of herbal citrus, sweet grapefruit, light woods, bamboo leaf. Wood wick, thick heavy amber glass contained in a wxy.

We hope you can find something you like from this section, but if not, take a look at the whole eco section!

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The Best Father’s Day Treats

The Best Father's Day Treats

Father’s day is fast approaching, and it’s time to start preparing. The celebration of our much-loved dads and father figures takes place on Sunday the 19th of June. 

But don’t panic, it’s normal to be stuck for ideas on how to mark the occasion. There are many ways to treat your dad; you can take them out for the day, buy them a gift or cook them a nice meal. Thankfully, Epoints has got you covered for all of these. 

We’ve put together a list of our favourite fathers day gifts on the Epoints store, so you don’t have to!

Gift Hampers

Gift hampers are a wonderful treat to gift your dad this father’s day. They are full of high-quality snacks and beverages that provide a splendid snack, picnic or delicious lunch. What’s more, on the Epoints store there is a wide range of hampers, so that you can pick the best gift to suit your dad. 

Cook A Father's Day Meal

One way to treat your dad is to cook them a deliciously hearty meal. This is not only an innovative way to show someone you care, but also a great way to serve your dad his favourite meal. So, you get in his good books!

Driving Experiences

Has your dad always dreamed of driving a Lamborghini or wanted to live out the James Bond fantasy in an Aston Martin? Well, we want to make those dreams come true. There are a range of driving experiences on Epoints and with 20% cashback on Virgin Experiences. So, you simply can’t go wrong.

Treat Them With Tech

Why not go all out and gift your dad with the latest technology. Epoints have a variety of smart watches, tablets, headphones, laptops and more, so you can pick the best gadgets to celebrate your loved one. For example, this Garmin Vivofit 4 Fitness Smartwatch. On top of this, our excellent deals and cashback you can’t go wrong.


Epoints has a great range of fragrances for you to choose from this fathers day. We have a wide variety of fragrances and other toiletries to keep your old man smelling fresh. So, everyone’s happy.


Is your dad the king of the grill? Or does he somehow manage to burn every burger? No matter his level of skill, why not treat him to some top notch equipment. There are plenty of sizzling deals on Epoints to give you savings on your sausages this June.


However you choose to spend your father’s day this year, Epoints will helps you celebrate. Above all, you can do so while saving some money!

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Get Ready for The Queen’s Jubilee Weekend

Get Ready for The Queen's Jubilee Weekend

In celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee, we get an extra day this bank holiday! That’s a whole four day weekend. You might be celebrating with a street party or going away for a quiet weekend. Whichever way you choose to celebrate this monumental weekend, we’ve got everything you need at Epoints, with up to 20% cashback across the store.

BBQ on the Jubilee weekend

Everyone loves a good BBQ, and hopefully, the English weather holds up for us next week. If you don’t already have your BBQ supplies, don’t worry. We do. Check out our incredible range of BBQs and accessories now.

Fantastic Food and Drink

You might not expect it, but we have some brilliant food and drink choices at Epoints. From Chardonnay to Cheese, there’s something to put a smile on anyone’s face this Jubilee weekend.

Hopeful Heaters

If the weather doesn’t hold up, in true English fashion, why not invest in an outside heater to get you through the evenings. You can avoid the bitter chills with any of our heaters at Epoints. You even get a massive 5% cashback!

Everything Else

We pride ourselves on having an incredible range of products. But if we don’t have what you’re looking for, our extensive range of gift cards will cover anything else you need for the Jubilee weekend. From Amazon to Tesco, you’ll get the gift card you need, and with up to 20% cashback, you’ll feel even better about spending it in-store or online!

We hope that you have a fantastic four day long Jubilee weekend! Why not let us know how it goes on social media by tagging us in any pics of your purchases! 


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The Recipes You’ll Need This World Cocktail Day

The Recipes You'll Need This World Cocktail Day

World Cocktail Day takes place on the 13th of May this year. It marks the day in 1806 when the first definition of a cocktail was published in the New York tabloid ‘The Balance and Columbian Repository’. It was defined as “stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water and bitters.”

Since this beautiful day, our summer parties, bottomless brunches and nights out have been blessed with the fruity alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) beverages. 

But, times are tough. With bills and the cost of living soaring, even two for one cocktail deals don’t taste as sweet as they used to. With Epoints you can get the savings you deserve on all the ingredients needed to DIY your own cocktails and mocktails.

1. Long Island Iced Tea

To make this cocktail with plenty to share, you’ll need the following ingredients: 

  • 50ml of Vodka
  • 50ml of Tequila
  • 50ml of Rum
  • 50ml of London Dry Gin
  • 50ml of Triple Sec
  • 50ml of lime juice
  • 500ml of Cola
  • Ice

 One great thing about cocktails is that there are not many steps involved. All you have to do is find a big enough container, pour it all together, give it a good mix or a shake with a cocktail shaker and serve!

2. Pornstar Martini

According to The Cocktail Society, the Pornstar Martini is Britain’s favourite cocktail. So there’s no doubt that you’ll all be wanting this recipe. For a single cocktail, you will need:

  • 35ml Vodka
  • 15ml of Passoa Liqueur
  • 10ml Vanilla Syrup 
  • One Passionfruit
  • 15ml Lime Juice
  • Ice 
  • 50ml of Prosecco (or Champagne). 

Scoop out the inside of the passion fruit and combine it with all the ingredients in a shaker except the prosecco. Once you have shaken the ingredients, pour them into a glass, top this up with prosecco and add a slice of passionfruit to serve.

3. Mojito

The Mojito is another hugely popular cocktail. With ingredients that you either have in your cupboard or are easy to get your hands on! You will need: 

  • One and a half Limes (cut into wedges)
  • 20 fresh Mint Leaves
  • Two and a half teaspoons of Sugar
  • Ice
  • 65ml of White Rum
  • A dash of Soda Water. 

Firstly put the mint, sugar, and lime into a glass and crush with the end of a rolling pin. Then add the ice, pour over the rum and add a dash of soda water to serve!

4. Sex On The Beach

Sex on the beach is a staple cocktail with the bonus of being incredibly easy to make. The ingredients needed to make this cocktail for two are: 

  • Ice
  • 50ml of Vodka
  • 25ml of Peach Schnapps
  • Two juiced Oranges (or orange juice)
  • 50ml of Cranberry juice

As for the method, this one is simple. Just combine all of the ingredients, give it a good mix or a shake, then pour over ice into two glasses.

5. Bellini

Finally, the Bellini is the last cocktail on our list and is the easiest to make. To make this cocktail for up to six people, you will need just two ingredients:

  • 500ml of peach pureé 
  • One bottle of prosecco

This method is simple, all you have to do is pour the pureé into a glass and pour the prosecco on top. 

World Cocktail Day Is For Everyone

Cocktails are versatile; none of the recipes to making them are fixed. You can add as much or as little alcohol as you wish. Mocktails are also just as tasty as their alcoholic alternative. This makes World Cocktail Day an inclusive occasion for young and old with all preferences!

Check out all of our amazing deals on World Cocktail Day essentials on Epoints today!

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Hot Weather Essentials

Hot Weather Essentials To Survive The Heatwave

Temperatures are set to soar in the next few days, and many weather outlets have claimed it will be hotter than Ibiza in some parts of the UK! Temperatures are thought to reach between 23 and 30 degrees in the next few days. Thankfully the hot weather is set to reach most of the country. But this is the UK, are we ever prepared for the weather? 

Whether you’re thinking of organising a last-minute BBQ, want to head for a spontaneous beach break or feel like having a family water fight, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together our top picks so you can equip yourself for the surprise sunny spells ahead.

1. Barbeque Essentials

It’s almost tradition that as soon as the sun comes out, the Barbeque comes out. We’ve got you covered with amazing deals and cashback on groceries for all the meat and veggie BBQ options you desire. Imagine saving money while you crack open a cold one and flip a burger. Well, that dream could become a reality if you use Epoints.

2. Brilliant Beach Breaks

Spontaneous plans are the best plans. Why not book a last-minute trip to the beach so you can make the most of the hot weather? We have deals on all the beach essentials you need, from picnic food to beach towels. 

Thankfully, heading to the nearest beach doesn’t require an entry fee. If you’re looking to save your pennies as the price of bills hits an all-time high, it is the perfect day out. By using your Epoints, you can save extra on your beach essentials!

3. Activities For The Adventurous

There are some water-based activities that are a lot more pleasurable with the warm sun on your back. Epoints’ partnership with Virgin Experiences means that our users can save while they save when they book activities like Coasteering, Surfing and even Beekeeping! You can get up to 20% cashback on Virgin Experiences, so you don’t have to break the bank to take part in once in unforgettable activities!

4. Cool Clothing

Is your wardrobe lacking the clothing and accessories you need to keep you cool in the hot weather? Head on over to the Epoints store, we have unbeatable deals on anything from Asos vouchers to designer sunglasses so you can stay light and breezy in the days ahead.

5. We Are Your Biggest Fans

Do you flip your pillow over constantly in the night desperately trying to find the cool side? Do you constantly flick the covers on and off? Sweat no more when you use your Epoints and purchase the cooling equipment of your dreams.

Our partnership with Amazon gives you the opportunity to access Amazon gift cards that can earn cashback. 

However you decide to spend the next few sunny days, Epoints has the deals and discounts to suit your plans. 

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How to Be More Eco-friendly for Earth Day

How to Be More Eco-friendly for Earth Day

It’s Earth Day today. The perfect time to celebrate the planet we live on whilst reflecting on the impact we have. We’ve faced a ridiculous amount of difficulty over the last few years. One of which is the progression of climate change! So, you may very well have decided to do something about it. Whether for health, money or because you care about the planet, everything little thing you do can make a difference to our world!

Here are five easy steps to be more eco-friendly: 

Avoid the car

Although it might be easier to use your car, road transport contributes to 15% of total CO2 emissions. Therefore, swapping to walking or cycling is not only good for your health but helps you become more eco-friendly! Additionally saves you a little bit of money… or a lot.  

Go plastic-free 

Going plastic-free can sound daunting, especially given how much plastic surrounds us every day. Nevertheless, this also means there are many things you can do to change this. Reusing bags, swapping to paper and even buying local can help you be more eco-friendly. 

Reusable and Eco-friendly products

Like going plastic-free, using reusable and eco-friendly products is a great way to be kinder to the earth. Here at Epoints, we’ve just introduced a brand new Eco section to our shop full of eco-friendly beauty products that are kind to your skin and the planet.


If you want to do something a little extra, you can always donate to more eco-friendly causes! At Epoints, we’ve made this simple. You can use your Epoints to plant trees and help fund eco-projects. To find out more, head to our eco page now!

Eat less meat

Finally, you can make a massive difference to the planet by eating less meat. You don’t even need to go vegan to be more eco-friendly. But by reducing your meat consumption could lead to freeing up several million square kilometres of land and reducing global CO2 emissions by up to eight billion tonnes per year by 2050.


So, if you care about the future of the planet, and are looking to make more eco-friendly changes, following these simple steps can change your health, pocket and planet. Change starts with you. 

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Cost effective Easter activities to keep the family entertained during the holidays

Cost effective Easter activities to keep the family entertained during the holidays

With the cost of bills and fuel rising, there is no doubt that many families will be trying to limit their spending over the Easter holidays. However, this does not mean you have to limit the activities and time you spend with your family. We’re passionate about helping people save money here at Epoints and have come up with a list of cost effective things you can do this Easter to keep your family entertained!

5. Go on a nature walk

The temperatures are gradually rising to make way for spring. If you can avoid the April showers, a great way to see the seasons changing is to go on a family nature walk. There are family-friendly walking trails across the UK that can teach youngsters about the importance of the natural world. You can choose from a variety of woodland walks, coastal paths, lakeside strolls and more with a quick google search to see what’s near you.

4. Cost effective Arts and Crafts

There are a wide variety of Easter-themed arts and crafts to choose from, and you don’t have to break the bank to collect all of the materials you need. A fantastic eco-friendly activity is to use waste that you don’t have a use for, such as egg boxes, plastic bottles and more! Cost effective craft projects are not only fun for children. There is plenty of teenager and adult-friendly ideas out there for you to try. Why not get your hands on some crafting essentials using Epoints?

3. Gardening

Spring is an incredibly significant time for the natural world and the origins of the Easter holiday celebrate this. The Easter bunny symbolises reproduction, and your tasty chocolate eggs represent new life being born into the world. This is a particularly crucial time for plants, trees, and bugs as many pollinators such as bees emerge from hibernation. 

One way to assist bees in their very important task is to plant bee-friendly flowers ready for the summer. Gardening can be a fun, interactive and educational activity for children, and with seeds and gardening tools being fairly cheap and cost effective, you simply can’t go wrong. Why not check out some of our fantastic deals on gardening tools on the Epoints store!

2. Picnic

All that’s required for this day out is a blanket and some homemade sandwiches. Making food to take out with you is far more cost effective than buying food out. You could always combine this with the earlier mentioned nature walk, but only if you’re lucky enough to find a day where the April showers aren’t forecast to make an appearance!

1. Baking

Would it be Easter without a baking recipe featuring some mini eggs? Baking is fun for all the family; it’s messy, it’s cost effective, and it’s lots of fun. What’s more, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to buying expensive chocolate eggs from the supermarkets, you can giveaway the sweet treats as a more personalised Easter gift.

We hope you have a Hoppy Easter whatever you do this year. 

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april fool's day

Five of The Funniest April Fool’s Day Ideas

Five of The Funniest April Fool's Day Ideas

April Fool’s Day, as we all know, is the time of year you either prank or get pranked. Many of us have been a victim of some hilarious jokes whether we like it or not. But this year, perhaps it’s time to turn the tables and make a little fun of your own!

You could be at home or in the office, anywhere is a good place to prank on April Fool’s Day. To make things easy for you we’ve made a list of five funny April Fool’s ideas that are absolutely fool proof. 

Five Funny April Fool’s Ideas

There’s a leek in the bathroom

Take a trip down to your local supermarket and pick up a leek, or just grab one from the fridge if they’re something you eat. Once in your possession just put it in the bathroom and shout about said leak…

Cracked TV screen

This one’s easy. All you need to do is download a cracked TV screen image and make it full screen! Whoever’s TV or computer it is is not going to be happy with this one. You might want to show them it’s fake as quickly as possible though.


Toothpaste Oreo

But Oreo’s are nice. Not on April Fool’s Day! Until you scrape out the soft icing centre and replace it with minty toothpaste for an unsuspecting victim of your choice. We promise they’re nothing like the tasty mint Oreos either.

Mentos Ice Cubes

This one takes a little bit of planning. But for all those fizzy drink lovers, pop a mint into some ice cube trays with water and freeze them. The next time someone wants a nice cold refreshing coke will get a bit of a shock. 


Sugar for Salt

An oldy but goody! Swap the sugar for salt. Or even the other way around to be as sweet as possible of April Fool’s Day.

We hope you find something hilariously genius to do in our blog! But remember to be safe and you should probably apologise after…

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Easter Holidays

Top Easter Holidays With 20% Cashback

Top Easter Holidays With 20% Cashback

It’s Easter, which means lots of chocolate, warmer weather, and time with loved ones. This can also mean an Easter Holiday during the Bank Holiday or Half Term! But don’t worry about being strapped for cash this year. At Epoints, we want to give the most egg-siting deals all year round, starting with 20% cashback on Virgin Experience!

We’re going to take you through some of our top Easter Holidays.

Scottish Easter Holiday

This two-night stay is the perfect Scottish Country Escape for Two. Your perfect Easter Holiday is in the magical Friars Carse Estate. 

This getaway is already a steal at £159.00, but with Epoints cashback, you get £31.80 straight back into your account to spend next time, making the trip £127.20.

Cosy Hobbit Hut Escape

An enchanting Easter holiday for two nights in the Oak Lodge Retreat Hobbit Huts is the perfect place to reset. 

Two nights will cost you £436 but don’t forget your 20% cashback, giving you a huge £87.20 back, making your trip only £348.80.

The Shrigley Hall Hotel & Spa

Finally, we have a one night stay in the magical Peak District. Let your Easter Holiday transport you to a peaceful place. 

At only £118, you’re already saving money. You’ll get £23.60 back with your cashback, making the price sound even better.

You can browse even more Virgin Experience days for your Easter Holiday on our website. But if you can’t find the perfect stay, you can always treat yourself to a Virgin Experience gift card that gives you 20% cashback!

We hope you have a Hoppy Easter whatever you do this year. 

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Mothers Day

Find The Opti-mum Gifts for Mother’s Day

Find The Opti-mum Gifts for Mother's Day

Every year we celebrate our Mum’s love with Mother’s Day! Some people choose to take their mums out for the day, give gifts or even hand-make them. But one thing is for sure. We always try to put a smile on their faces. 

This year it falls on Sunday 27th March! Not so far away. So, to make it a little easier for you to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift, we’ve put together a list for you.

Beautiful Bouquets

Everyone loves a bouquet, especially mums, on Mother’s Day! What’s even better is when you get up to 7% cashback on your fancy flowers. Why not discover the incredible selection we have from M&S today?

Mother’s Day Cards

It’s always nice to say a little something to your mum on Mother’s Day, and even better when they can keep that memory. Here at Epoints, we have an incredible selection of Mother’s Day cards. We even give 5% cashback!

Fab Fragrances

Give the gift of the perfect scent! Maybe you know your mum’s favourite or want to give her something new this Mother’s Day. Either way, you’ll find the ideal fragrance at Epoints, and with up to 15% cashback, you can’t say no

For example, the ever-popular Daisy by Marc Jacobs is £53.47 giving you £8.02 cashback!

Lovely Experiences

We know you want to outdo yourself every year, making Virgin Experiences is the perfect way to go. From spa days to hot air balloon rides, there’s something for everyone. What’s more, we even give a whopping 20% cashback with any virgin experience day! 

For example, a PURE Spa & Beauty Express Package for Two at £104 give you a fantastic £20.80 back! So, you can spend that on something else like the bottle of fizz.

So, whether you’re taking your mum on a trip, sending her flowers or just visiting her and hugging her, make Mother’s Day special this year with the help of Epoints.

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