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Want to Get More and Pay Less? Discover Epoints!


Want to Get More and Pay Less? Discover Epoints! 

Unsure how to fully reap the rewards of your employee benefits scheme? This blog outlines all the great things you can take advantage of here at Epoints. When your employer signed you up for Each Person, you automatically got an Epoints membership! Don’t worry though, if you want to be a part of the action and haven’t been signed up, you can sign yourself up. So, how can you take advantage of all our benefits?


Savings Club 

The  Savings Club is the secret to saving you money. If you’re interested in exploring ways to help your finances, we have a solution for you. We boost your Epoints balance by 6% interest every month, so you’re never left with an empty pocket. If that wasn’t enough, you can also ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ with up to 30 days of interest-free credit. By choosing to put away portions of your salary each month, you can prepare for upcoming costs while learning better money habits!  

All of the Epoints products have been tailor-designed to ensure you’re always better off. Combining our products and services means you can reap the full benefits Epoints has to offer you, whether that being showing gratitude, spending Epoints with our retailers, earning Cashback or within our Savings Club.



The fastest way to shop across multiple retailers all in one place. Epoints provide you with a reliable, easy checkout that is 6 times faster than shopping directly. There is something for everyone with over half a million products to choose from, including gift cards. 

Epoints bring together products from trusted retailers such as Curry’s, Amazon and John Lewis, to name a few! You can spend your Epoints on various products, from a vast range of departments, such as Fashion, Electronics, Health and Beauty and many more. Whether it’s Airpods from Argos or bath bombs from The Body Shop, you’ll get your items delivered from the retailer with all guarantees included. We’ve made it easy, so members don’t have to remember logins to many websites or repeat delivery addresses every time they shop.

The benefits of a single checkout don’t stop there… Want to track your delivery? Return an item? Or have any other queries? Contact one customer support team across multiple retailers, exclusively for our members. You can also gift Epoints to fellow colleagues or spend them in the shop! 



Get more, pay less with Epoints Cashback, the best way to save money on your next purchase. Every time you shop for a product or instant gift card, you’ll be rewarded with up to 10% back, so you’re always better off than shopping direct.

Use your points to get a discount or save up for a future purchase. The choice is yours. 

You may be wondering, why Cashback? We believe that actual items straight to your door, rather than money in your bank, are all the more special. Combined with a selection of over half a million products, you’re spoilt for choice and save money every time.



Didn’t find what you were looking for? Not to worry, you can shop across our network of 1500+ websites with us. Want to book a Travelodge or a train ticket? You can collect Epoints on lots of popular websites. 

With our ‘collect’ function, you can find a retailer you’re after, be directed to their website and gain a certain number of points back based on the value of your purchase. When you shop this way, you will automatically get Epoints added to your account – spend these on whatever you want or whatever you need.


Plant a Tree 

Save while you save the planet. In addition to receiving Epoints cashback every time you shop so you get more and pay less, we’re allowing you to give some of your extra Epoints back to the environment and help fund Eco-projects.

We’ve made it a simple few clicks for you to donate your extra savings to help save the planet. In 2020 we partnered with Carbon Footprint to allow Epoints members to give something back. Small actions can make a big difference. So how does it work?

In just under 5 clicks, Epoints can be donated to Eco-projects to tackle climate change head-on by planting a tree. Pick how many trees you want to plant, and we’ll update the website so you can see first hand how you’re making a difference.


Still unsure of everything Epoints has to offer? Visit our website Alternatively, you can follow us on social media to keep updated with our latest products, deals and updates! 

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A Better Bonfire Night For All

A Better Bonfire Night For All

With the return of Bonfire Night this Friday, we thought we’d share with you our top tips for a safe and more eco-friendly Guy Fawkes night!

‘Remember, remember the 5th of November’, but this year we’re going to talk you through ways we can all remember to be more conscious of ourselves and others.

Things to Consider:

While fireworks and bonfires may look impressive, they are not the most neighbourly of activities, nor are they good for the environment. Make sure you check for any restrictions regarding setting off fireworks or having a wildfire in your local area, as you don’t want to end up in trouble. Equally, if you or your neighbour has a dog, you may want to steer clear of fireworks for their sakes, as many animals can find the noise distressing. Lastly, consider some eco alternatives to look after the environment.

Safety Tips:

However, if you have your heart set on a traditional bonfire night, here are some ways you can keep everyone safe.

Making sure everyone is at a safe distance from any fireworks is vital. Check you have enough room in your garden or celebration location, so fireworks aren’t hitting anything on their way up. Additionally, always buy safety-certified fireworks and ensure only adults are lighting the fireworks. Consider planning your display before the night to be extra safe.

Secondly, if you are lighting a fire, consider getting a controlled firepit or purpose-built outdoor fire. The last thing you want is for your bonfire to spread. On that note, please do not add any flammable liquid to your fire and be sure to put it out entirely at the end of the night.
Having a bucket of water nearby is a good idea for both the bonfire and any sparkers you use.

Next, check that people aren’t drinking or smoking near either the fireworks and bonfire. Alcohol and bonfire night are not a good mix.

Finally, think of others. Try to inform neighbours and keep children well away and fully supervised. Also, any pets you may have, consider finding them a safe place to retreat to where the noise will not affect them, with some of their favourite things. This way, you can also make sure they’re not putting themselves in danger either.

Eco Alternatives:

While a traditional bonfire night might be the norm, it’s not for everyone. Having some eco alternatives can be a great way to look after the environment and the safety of everyone involved. Plus, it can be a fun way of mixing up the usual celebrations and saving money, as fireworks tend to add up quickly if you’re going for a full-on display.

  • Getting a fake firepit could be a good alternative if you want a bonfire but have no added environmental consequences. Equally, consider an electric fire or firelight.
  • Adding fairy lights or other lights around can help mimic the feel of a bonfire or fireworks more ecologically. Solar lights are a good alternative.
  • Stargazing- why not try looking up at natures fireworks as a great alternative. If you have kids, this can also be an excellent way to keep them entertained for the evening whilst giving them a fun insight into astronomy.
  • Get creative. You could create your very own fireworks and bonfire using arts and crafts. Try painting or sculpting a fireworks display or a handmade ‘fire’!
  • Again, if you’re set on more traditional celebrations, try to use more eco-friendly or biodegradable fireworks and use natural woods for a bonfire. Then remember to clean up any debris after your night of celebration.
  • Lastly, avoid any single-use plastic or single-use items when throwing your bonfire night. It’s harmful to the environment but also wasteful if you’re looking to save money.

Shop some of our favourite lights that resemble fireworks below. Available from our Epoints store now. 

Whether you’re having a traditional bonfire night or not, remember to stay safe and mindful of others. Even a few eco-friendly swaps can have a significant impact. 

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate bonfire night, why not have a look at the Epoints store. Don’t forget you can shop through Epoints on other websites to gain rewards with us.  

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A Halloween Night-In: Our Scary movie picks.

A Halloween Night-In: Our Scary movie picks.

With Halloween just around the corner, we’re going to give you our top pick scary movies for the perfect Halloween night-in! As well as films, we’ve got a great range of home cinema accessories to really make the most of your evening. Whether you’ve got plans or not, a movie night is always a great way to celebrate the lead up to Halloween or on the day itself.

Our Picks:

The Corpse Bride: 

Starting with a family classic, ‘The Corpse Bride’. A Tim Burton Halloween classic, following the life of Victor, who unwittingly ‘marries’ himself to a deceased woman while practising his vows the night before his wedding. This film gives you Halloween spookiness with the added bonus you can watch with the whole family!


Up next is the 90’s cult classic: ‘Scream’. Years after the murder of her mother, a high schooler and her friends are terrorised by a masked killer. A scary movie with all the teen drama for this American teen flick.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a spooky season movie marathon without mentioning this one. ‘Halloween’, killer Mike Myers escapes an institution to return to his hometown to reap gory havoc.

Shaun of Dead:

Need more laughter in your Halloween films? ‘Shaun of the Dead’ is the perfect combo of gore and laughs. The film follows Shaun and his friends as they navigate the struggles of a zombie apocalypse.


Throwing it back with an 80’s classic. A family fun film about a team dedicated to ridding people of their poltergeist issues. ‘Ghostbusters’ is a lighthearted look at the world of the supernatural.

A Projector

Home cinema essential number one is a projector. Elevate your scary movie night with the PHILIPS NeoPix Easy NPX440 Mini Projector. Making the night all the more scary when it spans the entire wall!

A Sound Bar

The next movie night essential is a sound system. The LOGIK L32SBT17 2.0 Sound Bar is a low-cost option that will help boost your sound. Meaning those scary movie jump-scares will be even worse!

These films and accessories are available to buy on Epoints, and remember you get 10% cashback on your purchases! Want more scary movie ideas for a Halloween night-in? Shop Epoints now. 

Equally, if you shop through epoints on other websites, you can still gain rewards from your purchases!

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Halloween: Top Pick Activites

Halloween: Top Pick Activities

As we delve into Autumn, Halloween is upon us! Last year Halloween might have been slightly different to previous years with the COVID-19 lockdowns present. Why not try something different this year? Have a read of this blog for ‘Halloween: Top Pick Activities’ inspiration!


Halloween parties are great. So is Trick-or-Treating. But what about an experience day? We’ve put together some adventurous outings for you and your loved ones to enjoy this Halloween!


Remember, at Epoints, you get up to 10% cashback on all purchases.

Jack the Ripper Walking Tour for Two

First up, we have a Jack the Ripper walking tour where you can follow the trail of the most infamous serial killer. Travel down dark cobblestone alleyways and through 18th-century backstreets. Why not add fish and chips for after? We have just the package for you! Visit Epoints to find out more.

jack the ripper

London Paranormal Activity for Two

Do you fancy a walk into the unknown? Why not step into the supernatural world during a paranormal adventure. Hunt ghosts and poltergeists whilst learning some of London’s history.


Psychopath’s Den Escape Room Game

Up for a challenge? Try an escape room in packages of 2 or 4. Immerse yourself in the world of London’s premium horror escape room. Will you be able to escape with life?

The Great Escape Game with Cocktails and Pizza for Two

Another escape room, however, reward yourself with cocktails and pizza for after! Put your mental deduction skills to the test. You have an hour to search for clues, solve puzzles and riddles if you want to escape on time! Then hit the bar.

great escape

Thorpe Park Fright Night

Fancy a different kind of thrill this halloween? Visit Thorpe Park. Not only do they have 30 thrilling rides, attractions and live events, but a new Black Mirror Labrynth. This twisted sensory-denying maze puts you at the core of the Black Mirror Universe. Fright Night during October means you can be prepared for the ultimate scare with the variety of mazes designed to give you the best experience.

thorpe park


Haunted London Pub Tour for Two

Why not try a tour? We have this Haunted London Pub Tour for Two. Explore all things ghostly in London’s town and look at the capital’s most haunted pubs on a guided walking tour. There is also an Edinburgh Haunted Pub Tour for Two as well.

haunted pub

London Bridge Experience

Voted the top horror attraction in the world, this fully integrated character led journey takes you through history, uncovering secrets beneath the world’s most famous and haunted bridges. Packages of 1, 2 or 4 (2 adults, 2 children).

london bridge experience

Zombie Outbreak Experience

Still wondering what to do for halloween? Prepare to solve puzzles and clues under the threat of a zombie that is getting ever closer. Fully immersed in the experience, every 5 minutes the zombie gets a foot closer! Move fast. Think carefully. You do not want to be eaten by the zombie!

Ghostly Edinburgh Underground Vault Tour for Two

Last and certainly not least, we have a Ghostly adventure! Enjoy a scenic stroll through the paved streets of Edinburgh’s old town and explore its long, famous history.

Something else? 

If you fancy a different Halloween activity, head over to Epoints Halloween experience days! There’s many more options on the site! 

Don’t forget that Epoints gives you up to 10% cashback on all items, so you’re always better off this Halloween! Keep an eye on our social media and check out our website for more great Halloween essentials and deals!

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What To Do This Autumn

What To Do This Autumn

We’ve had a whirlwind of a Summer. With COVID restrictions lifted and the sun shining, we all wanted to make the most of it. Right? But the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Autumn may mean a bit of cold weather and more staying home. However, at Epoints, we know it’s essential to keep our spirits up! So we’ve put together a list of inspiring gifts and experiences to keep your soul warm this Autumn!


Shooting & Archery for Two at Twinwoods

Up first, we’ve picked this Archery for two session! Let the action begin and use your strength to experience something humans have done since day one. 

Autumn Botanical Medium Candle

We know Autumn can be the beginning of staying at home a little more. That’s why we’ve chosen this Autumn Botanical Candle to fill your safe space with magical scents! 

Zombie Apocalypse Training for Two

Want to put your survival skills to the test? You and your chosen partner for the apocalypse will undergo some intense zombie training and come out alive!

Foraging, Cookery and Lunch for Two with Totally Wild

Discover what nature has to offer with a fellow adventurer! Forage for your very own ingredients and cook up a treat together. You’ll never experience anything quite like it, and you’ll carry these skills with you forever.

The Autumn Gift Box

Finally, an Autumn Gift Box. Make anyone feel warm and fuzzy this Autumn. From toffee and ginger to cinnamon apple, get ready for the season ahead with this box of comforts.

Don’t forget that Epoints gives you up to 10% cashback on all items so, you’re always better off this Autumn! Keep an eye on our social media as well for more autumnal deals!!

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Sober October

Five Tips to Help Make Sober October a Success

Five Tips to Help Make Sober October a Success

So, you’ve decided to go sober for October. Well done! The pandemic has significantly impacted mental and physical wellbeing. Therefore, now is a great time to stop drinking and focus on your health. Not just that, but it can be a great opportunity to fundraise and develop awareness for a cause.

Sober October is an incredible fundraising campaign aiming to get social drinkers to quit their habits for a month, working towards healthier life choices!

We’ve put some tips together to help you through the process because we know it can be quite a challenging task. 


Have a Motivator For Sober October

It’s helpful if you know why you’re doing Sober October. It could be to raise money for a cause close to your heart or because you want to focus on your physical wellbeing. But having a motivator will keep you on track. 



Our first tip is to stay social! Don’t become a hermit during Sober Octoberand stay in because you feel you might be left out. Meet your friends and family at the pub (safely, of course) and enjoy an alcohol-free beverage. There are so many on offer! 

It’s powerful to keep your support network around you.


Find a Community During Sober October

Furthermore, finding a community of people that are doing Sober October can be an incredible help. They can offer support, motivation and a sense of connection. Additionally, it’s a great way to make new friends and support a cause together. 


Reward yourself

Don’t forget to reward yourself after a long day, and also for doing something admirable. It’s easy and habitual to reach for a glass of wine or beer after work or on a Saturday afternoon. However, run a bubble bath or go for dinner somewhere nice to treat yourself!

You could even use your Epoints to get something you’ve been after for a while. How about an ASOS voucher for that pair of jeans you’ve had your eye on, or those Airpods you’ve needed for ages?

Plan Your Sober October Drinks

Whether you’re going to the pub, a restaurant or a family party, plan your trips and drinks. In doing so, you will know exactly what there is to offer and you’ll be less likely to slip up. Take a look at menus, and browse the alcohol-free section at the supermarket so you can find what you love to drink! 


Remember What You’re Doing It For

Finally, remember what you’re doing it for, you’ve thought about the reason, and now it’s time to keep that in your mind. Create reminders like posters or phone alerts to help keep you on the 31-day path!


Doing Sober October is a brilliant cause, and we wish you the best of luck!

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fall favourites

Shop our Fall Favourites for 2021

Shop our Fall Favourites for 2021

The days are getting darker, leaves are turning orange, and the wind is a little bit chillier. Summer is officially over. But there is no need to be sad. We’ve put together some of our Fall Favourites so your Autumn can be just as bright as Summer!

Remember, at Epoints, you get up to 10% cashback on all purchases, including the list below! So, let’s start.


Yankee Candle Medium Single Wick Jar Candle – Pumpkin Pie

Start as we mean to go on with our Fall Favourites. This Pumpkin Pie Yankee Candle. Fill your home with the smell of cinnamon and dark brown sugar! It’s bound to make anyone feel cosy and festive. 

fall favourites

Witches Brew White Hot Chocolate

Halloween is at the end of the month. One of our favourite Holidays here at Epoints. That’s why we’ve picked this Witches Brew Hot Chocolate to be in our Fall Favourites. Coloured with spirulina, this wicked recipe bubbles with an evil green glow.

fall favourites

Habitat Abstract Wave Pattern Throw

We all love a good cuddle on the sofa, or nap in bed, especially when the nights roll in a little sooner. Habitat’s Throw offers light but warm material to keep you and the family happy. Ou Fall Favourites are hand picked for just this.

fall favourites

PHILIPS NeoPix Easy NPX440 Mini Projector

Something you may not have thought about, a projector! Fall is the perfect time to get the classics out, which is why it’s made our Fall Favourites. Whether you like horror or comedy, this projector will give you that home cinema feeling we all love in the Autumn!

fall favourites

NOW TV Stick-Entertainment, Sky Cinema & Sky Sports Day Pass

Finally, we have a NOW TV Stick entertainment pass! Browse all the latest films and sport to keep everyone entertained if you’re stuck inside this fall!

fall favourites

We can’t wait for Autumn to kick in! Summer may be over, but the fun doesn’t need to stop! Let us know what your favourite Autumn Items are in the comments below.

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benefits of reading

The Benefits of Reading

The Benefits of Reading

Let’s look into the benefits of reading. Monday 6th September was National Read a Book Day! On average, we Brits read ten books every year! It is obvious that many of us love to get lost in the pages of a good read. But why is this a good thing for us? 

Here are Five Benefits of Reading


From reading the stories of different peoples lives, fiction or not, we understand human emotions. Therefore, our level of empathy increases! Empathy can help you to relate to people and often help with many different situations in life. 


Another benefit of reading is that it helps to switch your mind off. You can slowly creep into a slumber, relaxed sleep for the night!


Following on from sleep, another benefit of reading is the relaxation it brings you. Had a busy day, or need to take 10 minutes to yourself? Reading can help you feel calmer and at ease.


Reading a book can increase your vocabulary through learning new words and phrases. Different genres, artists, and periods will help you find new sayings to use in day to day life. A benefit of reading you can use all the time.


Remember, you don’t have to read alone! Whether in a reading group or with your family, you can read books with multiple people. In doing so, you can build and create a special bond with these people by sharing memories and stories. Perhaps, one of the most important benefits of reading.

At Epoints, we want to give you the best possible deals in the fastest way possible. So why don’t you check out our Amazon gift cards at up to 10% cashback so you can browse some books from the Amazon store? 

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Back to School

Back to School

It’s that time of year again, where the back to school rush begins. The crazy rush for all the essentials is never something we look forward to. But at Epoints, we want to make it as simple and rewarding as possible! You could be a busy working mum, stay at home dad or a full time guardian. Maybe you’re just heading back to uni? Whichever it is, we’ve lined up the essentials for back to school.


Papermate Inkjoy 300 RT Ballpoint Pens, Medium Nib, Assorted Ink (Pack of 4)

First up, we have Papermate Inkjoys! Everyone knows the feeling of writing with a great pen, and Papermate’s are renowned for that satisfying smooth sensation. This pack of 4 includes every colour you’ll need so you don’t have to worry about any others. 

Don’t worry, if your little one isn’t quite onto the ink writing yet, we have plenty of pencils at too!

LENOVO C330 11.6″ MediaTek Chromebook – 32 GB eMMC, Gold

The homework’s covered with the Lenovo Chromebook! Its straightforward simplicity means there’s no fiddling about, so you can get on with the more important stuff. Priced at £189.99 you can’t really say no, especially with up to 10% cashback!

Eleanor Bowmer Sticky Notes Pad

Stop forgetting about the important stuff with these sticky notes! Put them on your kid’s doors, the fridge or even lunch boxes, so nothing slips anyone’s mind.

APPLE MacBook Air 13.3″ (2020) – M1, 256 GB SSD, Silver

Is your, not so little, little one jetting off to uni? Perhaps they’re doing a design or music course? Or just want the top of the range! MacBooks are famously perfect for any university degree and can help your creative bunch thrive. 

Don’t forget our weekly competition where you can win £500 back on your shopping! (Read further below for more details).

A4 Pukka Pastel Refill Pad: Blue

Last but by no means least, the all-important Pukka Pad! Notes, essays or doodles, get the right paper for all occasions! 

Anything we’ve missed? Check out the rest of our store to find exactly what you want and need! 

We’re running our competition till mid-September where you can win up to £500 back just for shopping at 

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Some Re-tail Therapy

Some Re-tail Therapy

Yesterday was International Dogs Day, and we know how much the UK loves their pooches! AT Epoints, were determined to give you the best quality products at your fingertips, so you can spend your well-earned points on what you love. Maybe this time around it’s your dog! 

Here are some of our best doggy products hand-picked by our Epoints dog lovers!


Checked Oval Pet Bed – Large

Unless your furry friend sleeps with you, they need a bed! This soft oval bed is the perfect space for any large dog! But don’t worry we have plenty of other sizes to suit your little pal’s needs.

Best Buddy Squirrel Dude Dog Toy – Large

Need something for your dog to chew one and keep them occupied? This durable Squirrel Dude is perfect for them to sink their teeth into!

Kurgo Heath Booster Seat

Your pooch probably comes everywhere with you right? Even if they don’t, they definitely get in the car sometimes. With this booster seat designed specifically for dogs, they will be safe and comfortable going anywhere! 

OUAI Fur Bébé Pet Shampoo

Want to treat them to a little bit of luxury? Give your pooch a bath that will make them smell woof-ly. 

Wild & Woofy Dog Mug & Bowl Set

Finally, something for the both of you! With this matching set, everyone will know you and your dog are the best pals! Enjoy your morning beverage alongside your loved one.

We hope you find something that your dog will adore! You can browse even more of our pet supplies at

Don’t forget we have a competition running through till September. We’re giving you the chance to win back your Epoints each week when you shop with us!

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