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Cost effective Easter activities to keep the family entertained during the holidays

Cost effective Easter activities to keep the family entertained during the holidays

With the cost of bills and fuel rising, there is no doubt that many families will be trying to limit their spending over the Easter holidays. However, this does not mean you have to limit the activities and time you spend with your family. We’re passionate about helping people save money here at Epoints and have come up with a list of cost effective things you can do this Easter to keep your family entertained!

5. Go on a nature walk

The temperatures are gradually rising to make way for spring. If you can avoid the April showers, a great way to see the seasons changing is to go on a family nature walk. There are family-friendly walking trails across the UK that can teach youngsters about the importance of the natural world. You can choose from a variety of woodland walks, coastal paths, lakeside strolls and more with a quick google search to see what’s near you.

4. Cost effective Arts and Crafts

There are a wide variety of Easter-themed arts and crafts to choose from, and you don’t have to break the bank to collect all of the materials you need. A fantastic eco-friendly activity is to use waste that you don’t have a use for, such as egg boxes, plastic bottles and more! Cost effective craft projects are not only fun for children. There is plenty of teenager and adult-friendly ideas out there for you to try. Why not get your hands on some crafting essentials using Epoints?

3. Gardening

Spring is an incredibly significant time for the natural world and the origins of the Easter holiday celebrate this. The Easter bunny symbolises reproduction, and your tasty chocolate eggs represent new life being born into the world. This is a particularly crucial time for plants, trees, and bugs as many pollinators such as bees emerge from hibernation. 

One way to assist bees in their very important task is to plant bee-friendly flowers ready for the summer. Gardening can be a fun, interactive and educational activity for children, and with seeds and gardening tools being fairly cheap and cost effective, you simply can’t go wrong. Why not check out some of our fantastic deals on gardening tools on the Epoints store!

2. Picnic

All that’s required for this day out is a blanket and some homemade sandwiches. Making food to take out with you is far more cost effective than buying food out. You could always combine this with the earlier mentioned nature walk, but only if you’re lucky enough to find a day where the April showers aren’t forecast to make an appearance!

1. Baking

Would it be Easter without a baking recipe featuring some mini eggs? Baking is fun for all the family; it’s messy, it’s cost effective, and it’s lots of fun. What’s more, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to buying expensive chocolate eggs from the supermarkets, you can giveaway the sweet treats as a more personalised Easter gift.

We hope you have a Hoppy Easter whatever you do this year. 

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easter half term

Keep the kids entertained this Easter

Keep the kids entertained this Easter

easter half term

Easter means time off for you (yay for the bank holiday weekend!), but also means you’ve been given the dreaded task of entertaining the kids for a whole two weeks. Easter half term is full of chocolate, eggs and adorable animals. So surely lots to do? Check out some of our ideas on how to keep the kids entertained this Easter half term!

Road Trip

Singing in the car with the whole family whether you’re on the way to Nan and Grandpa’s, or a fun-filled weekend of countryside adventuring. Make sure you have enough games and gadgets to keep the little terrors entertained! Tablets in the car are great for keeping the peace between siblings.

Amazon Fire HD 10 10.1 Inch 32GB Kids Edition Tablet - Blue, £180


We no taking the whole family camping is a potential risk when it comes to throwing up new challenges. If you’re sceptical about the idea, why not try a test run in the garden for a night or two before you leave? This will give you idea of essentials you’ll need to take with you. Provided the lovely, predictable english weather acts like it’s actually spring. A camping trip is the perfect way to spend some quality time with the children, and get them out for some much-needed fresh air.

Olpro The Malvern 6 Berth Tent, £315.00

Bake some goodies

Rainy days doesn’t always mean boredom. Grab the rice rispies and some left over easter eggs to create some chocolatey goodies! By melting some unwanted easter eggs, and adding rice crispies you’ve got the perfect easter snack the kids will love-making (and eating)! If you want to go the extra mile, adding mini eggs on top will make the little cakes look like nests!

Meri Meri Easter Cookie Cutters, Set of 5, £9.00

Spring clean

No one likes to clean trust me! However we know it’s not often you get a double bank holiday, and you’ve been meaning to clean out a certain part of the house since Christmas! Blasting out some tunes and getting the kids involved might actually make the dreaded task a little less of a nightmare!

Google Home, £129.00

Get sporty

Organising a friendly sports game with some friends is a great way to waste an afternoon. Letting the kids run around for a few hours means early nights and give you some much-needed ‘me’ time. Whether its football or rounders, any sort of exercise is a great was to where the kids out!

2 in 1 Football Goal, £38.70

Arts and crafts

Setting up the living room up to become an art studio will get the kids crazy excited! A huge box of arts and craft supplies can range anywhere between £5 to £80, the bigger the box the more crafting products you get, guaranteed hours of fun.

Collage Craft Storage Tray and Craft Essentials £43.20

Easter egg hunt

Its easter after all! Planning your route is key. Folding up little clues on colour coded paper for each of your children to run riot all round your house. Leaving hints and clues in places they don’t usually go will make really get them thinking!

Easter Egg Mould, £4.50

After two weeks of childrens activities, we think you need a break! Check out our bath-time blog…

How to make the most out of your bath

Chocolatey Easter treats

Chocolatey Easter treats

It’s Easter and we’ve all got far too much chocolate again which begs the question… what to do with it all?

Well luckily we have you covered with these amazing Easter themed puds! These scrumptious Easter treats are perfect for using up all that chocolate whilst getting the kids involved!

Rabbit Cup Cakes

(Or to us grown-ups, carrot cake with an added chocolate glaze that is sure to get the little ones interested.)

By trading butter for vegetable oil, you end up with a really moist and scrummy cake.
These cakes are super easy to make so the kids can get involved.
Makes 10.

  1. Peel and grate 3 medium carrots or, if you’re feeling lazy, throw them in a food processor until finely chopped.
  2. Sieve together 300g plain flour, 400g caster sugar and a tablespoon of baking powder. Add 4 beaten eggs to the mix with 250ml vegetable oil and the carrot. Stir until combined.
  3. Spoon into cupcake cases and bake at 180º C for 30 minutes.
  4. For the chocolate glaze, heat a tablespoon of butter, 250ml milk, 2 tablespoons of honey and 100g chocolate in a saucepan until melted. Bring to the boil, then simmer for 5 minutes or until the mixture thickens.
  5. Wait for the cakes to cool and top them with the chocolate mixture. We added little icing carrots we found in the supermarket.

Eggstra Realistic Easter Nests
A twist on the classic rice krispies cake, these Easter nests use shredded wheat to make them look more like a little bird’s nest!
They only take about 5 minutes to make and everyone is bound to love them.

Makes 12.

  1. Crumble 8 large shredded wheats (approx. 180g) into a bowl.
  2. Melt 250g chocolate and 50g butter in a bowl over a pan of boiling water. Once melted and smooth, take off the heat and add 3 tbsp golden syrup (this helps them stick together).
  3. Add the shredded wheat and stir. Spoon into cupcake cases, top with mini eggs and leave to cool.

Easy as pie. Well, easier than making a pie, actually…
If you’re in the mood for cooking and baking this Easter weekend, check out our eggciting Easter breakfast ideas. Don’t forget to share photos of your concoctions with us on social media!

Easter egg

Have a cracking Easter breakfast!

Have a cracking Easter breakfast!

Easter egg

Easter’s almost here and everyone knows that you can’t celebrate Easter without eggs. Most people (me included) will be stuffing their faces with chocolate all weekend. I certainly won’t be judging you! If you however don’t fancy eating chcoclate so early in the morning then check out our eggcelent egg recipes for an Easter breakfast… or lunch or dinner.

Egg in the Basket

A favourite dish of Joey Tribbiani’s – “eggs with the bread with the hole in the middle, a la me” – Egg in the Basket is a very simple dish that the kids will love, especially if you use a rabbit shaped cutter in the centre to make it more fun.
Take your slice of bread and cut out part of the centre. Fry one side of the bread in butter until it’s lightly golden and then flip it over. Crack an egg inside the gap and fry until cooked. If you want, you can also fry the cut out shape and use it as a lid. Creative and delish!

Meri Meri Easter Cookie Cutters, Set of 5, £9.00

Eggs Benedict

Nobody’s exactly sure where Eggs Benedict came from, but one story is that Wall Street stock broker Lemuel Benedict went into the Waldorf Hotel one morning in 1894 needing a hangover cure. He asked for “buttered toast, poached eggs, crisp bacon and a hooker of Hollandaise” which was adapted by the maître’d into the dish we know today.
To make Eggs Benedict, lightly grill and butter two halves of an English muffin, top each half with ham (or salmon), a poached egg and add Hollandaise sauce. You won’t regret it!

Eggy Bread

Also known as French toast, Eggy Bread is much older than people think as recipes for pain perdu (lost bread, aka stale bread) date back more than 600 years. Eggy Bread can be sweet or savoury, depending on the batter ingredients and is a popular breakfast dish all over the world.
Mix eggs with a dash of milk and a pinch of salt/cinnamon. Coat slightly stale bread slices in the mixture and fry on both sides. For a savoury snack, serve with ketchup or marmite; if you fancy a sweet dish, top with berries and maple syrup.

Huevos Rancheros

(Personally i think this is more of a evening eggy meal). Huevos Racheros is a popular Mexican dish served on the rural ranches in Mexico, this dish is perfect for a brunch with a bit of spice. It’s also really easy… especially if you take a trip to your nearest supermarket and don’t make the salsa and tortillas from scratch!
Lightly grill (or microwave) a tortilla wrap, top with a fried egg, fried peppers and tomato salsa. If you’re feeling particularly indulgent, add some guacamole, cheese and soured cream.

Spanish Tortilla

A common tapas dish in Spain, the tortilla de patatas was allegedly created during the siege of Bilbao to provide a nutritional meal for the Carlist soldiers.
Fry thin discs of potato in hot oil until they are soft. Pour off most of the oil and cover the fried potato with beaten eggs. Cook until the sides go brown and then place under the grill. Using a plate, flip the tortilla over and finish off the other side under the grill – add cheese if you fancy it.

Woman sitting on a matt

Mother’s Day: Gifts for athletic mums

Mother's Day: gifts for athletic mums

Whether they have always been ‘outdoorsy’ and athletic, or they just never gave it up for lent, we all know a sporty mum. They are the first out the door for a brisk and frosty morning walk and the last in after a powerful back workout. Mothers put in a lot of hard work to look and feel good.So, why not indulge the healthy obsession? They would much rather a protein bar, than a chocolate one or a fruit infuser than a fruity diffuser. The most thoughtful gifts are the ones where you consider of their interests, so get them a gift to help them on their quest for health.

We know it can be tricky to find the right gift for an active mum. This is why we, at epoints, have stepped in with out suggestions of quirky fitness essentials. Add a little breakfast in bed and you will be in for a sure fire winner.

Multi use gym
Wondercore Multigym 2

Multi-gym for the home

Give the gift of health! It is a cheap and durable home gym designed to target all kinds of muscle groups in one machine. Even when your active ‘supermum’ can’t get to the gym, she can  power through a home workout to get her fix

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate and Fitness Tracking Wristband, Large, Teal


This is a must have essential for any fitness fanatic. Track your heart rate, steps, distance traversed and the calories you burn. It can even monitor quality of sleep and, when synced up to the phone app, can give you recommendations on diet and exercise. It is designed to overall help you become a happier and healthier person by instilling a fitness routine into your day.

Protein World Chocolate Slender Blend - 1.2kg

Low fat protein powder

Extremely low in fat and high in protein. This is a perfect supplement for the ‘toning’ mum. Treat her to a gift that will help her achieve her physique and weight goals. She will definitely appreciate it more than  calorie filled box of chocolates.

Gaiam Pressure Massage Roller, Orange

Pressure massage roller

Aching muscles, after a strenuous workout session, require a rubdown to shift the lactic acid. Don’t forget it feels great! Whether she is into running, yoga, or strength training and conditioning, this tool will be brilliant to help ease muscle pain and speed up recovery. It will be a very appreciated piece of equipment for the dedicated fitness fanatic.

fitness yoga mat
Opti Exercise Mat

Fitness mat

If your mum can’t get out too much to exercise, because she is busy, then we recommend a fitness mat. Anything like yoga, stretches and core exercises can be performed on a mat making it essential for the mum who is partial to a home workout. Whether she is new to the fitness scene looking to get in shape, or she is a seasoned professional, this is a must purchase for their fitness arsenal of equipment.

We hope you enjoyed our latest gift guide. If you want to read more on our blog, why not check out our related article below.

Tech Savvy MuM

Mother’s Day: Gifts for tech savvy mums

Mother's Day: Gifts for tech savvy mums

Tech Savvy MuM

If your mum is obsessed with the latest gadgets our newest blog might help you out with what to get her this Mother’s Day.

Finding gifts for your tech savvy mum can be hard. If your mum is electronic mad and always keeps up with the newest releases she can be a NIGHTMARE to buy for. Remember the days when you were little and your mum insisted a drawing was enough for Mother’s Day? Well we hate to break it to you, those days are well and truly over. Now you’re all grown up its time to get your technology loving mum some gadgets she’ll love.

Take a look at our top products tech savvy mums will love for Mother’s Day…

Urbanears Plattan 2 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones - Pink £66.95

Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Help your mum tune out with a pair of wireless headphone. These headphones pack 9 hours talk-time or 8 hours music playback and 30 hours of battery. Ideal for her to use in the gym, or on the commute to work.

New Amazon Echo Plus - Sandstone White £129.55

Amazon Echo Plus

Busy mum’s could do with a helping hand now and again. With Amazon Echo on standby your mum can check the weather, play music, and much more. She’ll wonder how she ever coped without it!

Apple Watch S3 2018 Cellular 42mm - Alu / White Sport Band £371.66

Apple Watch

If she’s already got a smart phone take things to the next level and connect your mum up with an Apple watch. She’ll have no excuse not to reply to your texts any more! Stream over 40 million songs whilst in the shower the Apple watch does just about everything.

SMEG ECF01CRUK Coffee Machine - Cream £252.00

SMEG Coffee Machine

Is your mum sick of waiting what feels like years for the kettle to boil? Well with this state of the art coffee machine your drink will be ready in just 25 seconds. Mornings have never been easier.

HP Sprocket Photo Printer - White £111.55

HP Sprocket Photo Printer

Your mum will be able to print wherever she goes with this pocket-sized Bluetooth printer. Transform mobile photos she already loves by adding text, borders & emojis to make memorable photos more fun!

FITBIT Charge 3 SE - White & Graphite, Universal £134.10


For the fit mum or the one that wants to become fit, a Fitbit could be a lovely gift idea. Your mum will be able to receive notifications at a glance with this on-trend display Fitbit enabling her to tell the time in style, as well as keep fit!

instax Mini 9 Camera with 10 shots - Flamingo Pink £71.05

Polaroid camera

Ours mums probably remember the good old days where every picture that was taken was printed out immediately rather than stored on our phones for years to come. Let her relive her youth with a Polaroid Camera.

New Amazon Kindle Oasis eReader, £206.96

Amazon Kindle Oasis

If your mum loves to take a book in the bath or in the pool holiday this gift will be perfect for her. Introducing the newest waterproof addition to the Kindle family, the Amazon Kindle Oasis. The Oasis is protected against being dropped in up to 2 metres of fresh water!

Tile Mate 2018 Phone and Key Item Finder £21.55

Tile Key Finder

Forget about being blamed for losing mums car keys! This lightweight gadget can be used to find anything by connecting to a smart phone or tablet. Smart technology doesn’t have to be expensive at the very reasonable price of £21.55!

Home updates

Refresh your home ready for Spring

Refresh your home ready for Spring

Home updates

Welcome Spring this year by refreshing your home. Finally coat weather turns to cardigan weather, clouds lift, it’s lighter for longer, things are looking up. However the dreaded spring clean had got to be done. You’ve been saying it for months.
If you don’t have any urgent projects, make the most of the approaching long weekends and spring clean your house, move furniture around or just add some fresh new touches.

We’ve picked some of the best products to refresh your home for spring…

Refresh your walls

A lick of paint would be a great way brighten up the dingy downstairs bathroom you’ve been meaning to sort out all winter. However if you haven’t got the time or patience to be finding the perfect shade of duck egg blue, maybe think about adding a new picture or wall hanging to bring new perspective to a room.

Update your bedding

Is there any better feeling than getting into a bed with brand new crispy clean bed sheets? Add a hot new look to your bedroom with a brightly coloured duvet cover partnered with a beautiful throw to match. Instantly turn your bedroom into a spring haven filled with new life.

A pop of colour

Making spring changes to you home doesn’t mean you have to do anything drastic. Maybe a brightly coloured pillow or if your’e looking for something slightly bigger a patterned arm-chair could be a great way to brighten up the corner of a room that’s stuck in the past.

Plant life

Welcome spring into your home with open arms by adding a hint of green into your house. A few stylish plants breath new life into a wintry interior. Artificial plants are not only easy to care for (literally dust your new green friends once a month!), but great for mixing and matching different pots and plant colours. For the more green fingered among us, growing your own plants are a great pastime and fabulous way to decorate your home.

Mirror mirror on the wall

A good way to spread light around living areas is with mirrors. Placing a mirror on a wall will let sunlight bounce around your room without the hassle of adding in a whole new window! Different sized and shaped mirrors will help create unique themes in lots of rooms.

Lighting is everything

Lighting can really make or break a room, its so important. Adding a stand up statement lamp or a delicate table light can jazz up any area of living space. Adding a funky style is great for allowing light to flood into a once dark part of your house.

The smell of spring

Fragrances such a cotton, freshly cut flowers and citrus scents will add the refreshing smell of spring into your home. Who said cosy nights in with candles was just a winter thing!

Brighten up the floor

A stain resistant, hand-woven statement rug really could freshen up your home. Floral or geometric designs are ideal for adding a more modern touch to a living area.

Any products that take your fancy simply type the product name into to get more infomation or purchase. Thanks for reading!

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Mothers Day

Mother’s Day: Gifts for under £20

Mother's Day gifts for under £20

Mothers Day for under £20

Although the love for your mum has no boundary’s our pockets unfortunately do. Mums deserve to be spoiled rotten no matter the cost. Reality is there are plenty of cheaper gifts that she will still cherish forever. 

Whether you decide to treat her with flowers or a relaxing gift set we’ve got you covered. We’ve chosen some of our favourite Mother’s Day gifts (Sunday 31st March for the forgetful among us) for every Mum out there… We promise it won’t break the bank.

So now there’s no excuse to leave Mum to the last minute!

Argos Home Ladybird Hot Water Bottle £14.39

Hot Water Bottle

Keep your mum’s tootsies toasty with a hot water bottle this Mother’s Day, soft scrumptious and snuggly, this Ladybird hot water bottle will stay warm for up to 4 hours, keeping your mum snug as a bug in a rug all evening.

Argos Home Flamingo Mug £8.86

Coffee Mug

Jazz up mums morning coffee with a new mug, its the perfect way to add a bit of fun and personalty to your kitchen! Inside this flamingo mug it says ‘Your’e flamazing’ the perfect message to give your mum!

Melodie Happy Times A4 Pastel Blue Photo Album £17.54

Photo Album

Treasure memories forever with a photo album. If you want to go the extra mile this Mother’s Day why not fill the pages with her favourite family photos. This baby blue photo album featuring rose gold foil detail on the text looks expensive but still won’t break the bank.

Ready Nail Varnish, Pack of 3 £10.80

Nail Varnish

For the stylish mum why not buy her some nail varnishes to make her feel as good and you know she looks. Organising a pamper day for you and her in the living room this Mother’s Day is a great way to show her you want to spend time together. 

Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle - Vanilla Frosting £16.16

Yankee Candle

Fill your mums home with beautiful smells she’s guaranteed to love. A Yankee candle has over 120 hours of burning time and comes in around 200 different scents, what more could she want! Pretty good for just under £20 too!

Chocolate fountain
Pretty Pink Chocolate Fountain £19.75

Chocolate fountain

Surprise mum with a Chocolate fountain. Something makes me think she won’t be expecting this gift! From strawberries, to banana slices and grapes, a Chocolate Fountain is the perfect dipping indulgent treat. Great for dinner parties and cheat nights!

Catherine Lansfield Cuddly Cushion - Cream £12.56


Let your mum claim her favourite spot on the sofa with a cushion. A soft fluffy cushion would brighten up any room and would definitely put a smile on her face!

face mask
Yes to Cucumbers Calming Mud Mask £5.39

Face Mask

Treat your mum to a spa treatment without leaving the house, a face mask is the perfect way to show your mum that she deserves to relax this Mother’s day! Natural face masks create a barrier on the skin and are designed to deliver a super charged dose of skin hydrating ingredients.

Silver plated clear heart keyring gift £11.79


A beautiful heart keying acts as a gesture of love and affection when presented to your mum! She takes her keys everywhere so now she’ll know you love her wherever she goes.

However you choose to treat your Mum this Mother’s Day we hope you both have a great day!

Pancake day!

10 perfect pancake toppings

Pancake day!

10 perfect pancake toppings!

Bakers, get your pans at the ready, it’s the best time of the year!

Traditionally, Pancake Day is all about emptying the cupboards and preparing for Lent. It’s a day everyone can get involved in, whether it’s perfecting your pancake recipe or spending the evening scraping batter off the ceiling, everyone loves this time of year. So get ready to whisk and flip because Shrove Tuesday is rapidly approaching!

A family favourite, lemon and sugar

Simple but classic, lightly sprinkle your thin pancake with caster sugar and a drizzle of lemon juice to create an age-old topping loved by the whole family. Lemon and sugar was voted the nation’s favourite topping by ‘The Telegraph’ in 2017.

However some would say there’s more to pancakes than just lemon and sugar…

An American classic, maple syrup

Some would say there isn’t a better addition to pancakes than Maple syrup – its thick, sweet, gooey and complements almost any fruit. Go American style and thicken the pancakes up with baking powder and self-raising flour to create a meal that’s bound to make your mouth water.

Maple Syrup Pancakes

Wake up the right way with breakfast pancakes   

Sweet pancakes not your thing? Add bacon, eggs and avocado to create a dreamy breakfast meal. If you’re feeling adventurous, add mashed potato to your pancake mix for a thicker, fluffier feel!

Perfect peanut butter pancakes

Let’s get creative… is it time to mix up the classic pancake day batter mix? If so, why not add smooth peanut butter for a brilliant way to add protein to your Shrove Tuesday!

Naughty Nutella 

You just can’t go wrong with a dollop of chocolatey goodness on top of your pancakes. However, if you wanted to take your chocolate obsession a little bit further this year, why not try to create Nutella-stuffed pancakes?

Nutella pancakes

Whipped cream, because why not!

There’s only a few times a year when you can get away with having a ridiculous amount of calories in one go and just blame it on the time of year. Why not add whipped cream or sprinkles to your pancake day feast?

Carrot cake pancakes (yes, you heard us correctly!)

These might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I can tell you, from personal experience, that these taste A LOT better than they sound. Simply add grated carrots into the batter, fry, pop on a plate, then cover in thick cream cheese and enjoy!

Yogurt and fruit pancakes for the healthier lent lover

Trying to get ready for that holiday you’ve got coming up? Not to worry, why not try natural Greek style yogurt with a selection of healthy fruit on top. Who cares if you’re trying to cut down on calories, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the family fun!

Yogurt fruit pancakes

Don’t hold back with ice cream,

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a scoop of ice cream on top of your crepe. Feeling a little more adventurous this year? Let the ice cream melt into your batter before frying for a sweeter tasting pancake. We promise you won’t regret it!

We guarantee the kids will love coloured pancakes

Whilst whipping up your usual pancake mix, add in a drop of food colouring. If you haven’t got any in the cupboard, add kiwi for green pancakes, and mixed berries for a pink-tinted pancake. (Adding fruit is an easy way to get the kids to secretly get their 5-a-day too!)

coloured pancakes

Lacking in pancake utensils? Don’t panic we’ve got you covered…

Here are some of our most sort after pancake must haves: 

Sage The Scraper Mixer BEM430SIL

Prepare your pancakes like a professional with the Sage Scraper Mixer, it’s a must have in any kitchen! The smart mixer takes the frustration out of baking you’ll never have to suffer lumpy cooking ever again!

Set of 2 Black Non-Stick 'Jamie Oliver' Frying Pans

You won’t have to worry about your pancake mix sticking to the bottom of your pan with these ‘Non-Stick’ Jamie Oliver frying pans. These pans are tough enough for everyday use and are no trouble to clean!

Optimum Nutrition protein Pancake 1020g mix.

Fuel your morning this pancake day with the Optimum Nutrition protein Pancake 1020g mix. Its quick easy and low sugar great if you’re on the go all day! Just add water, pour into a frying pan and cook until lightly brown on both sides.


Top Tip: If in your household it’s a battle of who can win the title of ‘best pancake flipper’, be sure to add a little too much butter to your non stick pan for a more confident flip!

Have the perfect pancake day!

Valentine’s Day: 7 date night ideas for married couples

Valentine’s Day: 7 date night ideas for married couples

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a lot of us enter the dreaded ‘panic mode’. As we scramble to book fancy restaurants and hustle to snatch up the last box of Thornton’s, we often get caught up in the stress of planning and forget to enjoy each other. That is where we come in. We believe in bringing to light the true meaning behind Valentine’s Day and showing the spark in your relationships. We, at epoints, have compiled a list of Valentine’s date night activities for you, and your significant other, to relish in.

Recreate the first ever date night you went on

Nothing says passion like heading back to that hot spot where you first met. Whether it be fruity cocktails at the local vodka bar or a brisk stroll along the quayside, it is important to reminisce on the journey you have made as a couple. It can even go as far to help heal old wounds. Sometimes, the extravagant gestures are not always necessary for proclaiming your love and this is the opportunity for effort to really shine.

An evening spent ice skating and sipping cocktails

The bonding experience to end all bonding experiences. You cannot physically get closer than being each other support pillars. Whether you are prolific skaters or Bambi on ice, this gives you opportunity to get to know each other whilst overcoming a potentially tough activity. Afterwards, you can go and grab a zesty strawberry daiquiri or beer to unwind while the kids are with the babysitter!

A romantic dinner and movie from the comfort of your own home

Dinner, drinks and a good rom-com? Say no more. Valentine’s Day is all about spending time with your partner. Those of you with busy work lives and kids will understand that this isn’t always easy. Sometimes, a simple pizza and film night indoors is the best option. It doesn’t mean anything less.

Looking for a romantic film to watch? Check out our list of top 10 romantic films here.

Soak up the culture of the city

Sightseeing can keep things very interest and most importantly, opens up conversation. Because of this, something as typically mundane as staring at a monument can be really engaging. Making jokes and having a laugh at the activity can really make the day. It is worth looking at places where you can immerse yourself in the culture. If you’ve got kids, you could even take them with you – many museums will have a kid’s activity to keep them amused.

A romantic city break away for the weekend

If you are looking to really push the boat out, it is worth looking into a small city break. If you can extend the period of intimacy and keep that love bubble afloat, it can do you the world of good. This is also an opportunity to squeeze in a couple of activities into one longer trip. This is the ideal sort of activity for long lasting memories.

Go for a stroll and picnic

As you can probably tell by now, the reoccurring theme is spending time with each other. A brisk walk gives an endorphin boost. This can really help in setting a positive mood for the date. With an illustrious combination with aphrodisiac hors d’oeuvres and a bottle of bubbly added, it is a fantastic accompaniment for good times and laughs.

Try something more extreme?

Your partner may get your heart racing but nothing pumps that adrenaline more than crossing into the unknown. Whether it be a suspended bungee jump or a throwing yourself out of a plane, it is almost guaranteed you will leave these experiences the closest you’ve ever been. Relying on each other in times of need and building that trust can really help shape an unforgettable experience. Grab your parachutes, this one gets the green light from us!

We hope this guide to dates has inspired you all to go out there and make a special day. Whatever it is you get up to we hope it is a special day for you all.

To check out our range of activities and experiences, at discounted prices, Click Here.

Here are some ideas to inspire you for your next couples day out…

Buyagift – Bungee Jump at London 02 Arena Special Offer Gift Experience
Shop Bungee Jump Experiences

Buyagift – The View from The Shard Gift Experience for 2
Shop Experiences at The Shard