Cost effective Easter activities to keep the family entertained during the holidays

Cost effective Easter activities to keep the family entertained during the holidays

With the cost of bills and fuel rising, there is no doubt that many families will be trying to limit their spending over the Easter holidays. However, this does not mean you have to limit the activities and time you spend with your family. We’re passionate about helping people save money here at Epoints and have come up with a list of cost effective things you can do this Easter to keep your family entertained!

5. Go on a nature walk

The temperatures are gradually rising to make way for spring. If you can avoid the April showers, a great way to see the seasons changing is to go on a family nature walk. There are family-friendly walking trails across the UK that can teach youngsters about the importance of the natural world. You can choose from a variety of woodland walks, coastal paths, lakeside strolls and more with a quick google search to see what’s near you.

4. Cost effective Arts and Crafts

There are a wide variety of Easter-themed arts and crafts to choose from, and you don’t have to break the bank to collect all of the materials you need. A fantastic eco-friendly activity is to use waste that you don’t have a use for, such as egg boxes, plastic bottles and more! Cost effective craft projects are not only fun for children. There is plenty of teenager and adult-friendly ideas out there for you to try. Why not get your hands on some crafting essentials using Epoints?

3. Gardening

Spring is an incredibly significant time for the natural world and the origins of the Easter holiday celebrate this. The Easter bunny symbolises reproduction, and your tasty chocolate eggs represent new life being born into the world. This is a particularly crucial time for plants, trees, and bugs as many pollinators such as bees emerge from hibernation. 

One way to assist bees in their very important task is to plant bee-friendly flowers ready for the summer. Gardening can be a fun, interactive and educational activity for children, and with seeds and gardening tools being fairly cheap and cost effective, you simply can’t go wrong. Why not check out some of our fantastic deals on gardening tools on the Epoints store!

2. Picnic

All that’s required for this day out is a blanket and some homemade sandwiches. Making food to take out with you is far more cost effective than buying food out. You could always combine this with the earlier mentioned nature walk, but only if you’re lucky enough to find a day where the April showers aren’t forecast to make an appearance!

1. Baking

Would it be Easter without a baking recipe featuring some mini eggs? Baking is fun for all the family; it’s messy, it’s cost effective, and it’s lots of fun. What’s more, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to buying expensive chocolate eggs from the supermarkets, you can giveaway the sweet treats as a more personalised Easter gift.

We hope you have a Hoppy Easter whatever you do this year. 

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