Is your dad a… Gadget Mad Dad?

Father's Day presents for dads obsessed with gadgetsYou know your father’s a gadget mad dad if:

  • He waits in line for the latest Apple technology
  • He moans about the lack of plug sockets in your house
  • His heroes are Inspector Gadget and Batman
  • His car looks like it belongs to James Bond
  • He’s planning on wearing Google Glass

If your dad loves everything digital and technological then we’ve got a host of cool (or geeky) gadgets he’ll love this Father’s Day.

Smartphone Projector from IWOOT - Father's Day Presents

Smartphone Projector
£15.99 (+15ep)

Davy Jones Liquor Pirate Corkscrew from IWOOT - Father's Day Presents

Pirate Corkscrew
£9.99 (+9ep)

Boombox Wireless Speaker from Genie Gadgets - Father's Day Presents

Boombox Wireless Speaker
£25.95 (+100ep)

Rhino Shield for iPhone from Firebox - Father's Day Presents

Rhino Shield for iPhone
£17.99 (+68p)

Silver iPad Mini 16GB from Currys - Father's Day Presents

Silver iPad Mini 16GB
£319 (+638ep)

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