Is your dad a… Sports Mad Dad?

Father's Day Presents for Sporty Dads.

You know your father’s a sports mad dad if:

  • You can guess his team’s result based on his mood
  • He shouts at the TV during a game
  • He goes running no matter what the weather
  • He reels off endless sports statistics but forgets your birthday
  • He speaks about the players as if he knows them all personally

If your dad is a super sports fan, then why not indulge his obsession this Father’s Day with our choice of gifts for the sports mad dad:

England World Cup T-Shirt from John Lewis - Father's Day Presents

FIFA World Cup T-Shirt
£15 (+45ep)

Wembley Stadium Tour from IWOOT - Father's Day Presents

Tour of Wembley Stadium
£17.49 (+17ep)

Adidas Originals Sydney Watch from JD Sports - Father's Day Presents

Adidas Originals Watch
£35 (+70ep)

Adidas Trainers from Adidas - Father's Day Presents

Adidas Lite Pacer Shoes
£45 (+180ep)

Nike+ Fuelband SE from - Father's Day Presents

Nike+ Fuelband SE
£89 (+267ep)


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