Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is fast approaching on Sunday 19th June, have you bought the ideal gift for your Dad yet? No? Well, if that is the case, we’re here to offer you the best advice we can by giving you a rundown of some of the most popular Father’s Day gifts and some hidden gems you may not have thought of! Whatever his interest, make sure your dad has a unique gift to make his day perfect.


With all of these gifts, you can collect epoints which you can use to treat yourself with! It’s so simple, all you have to do is log on to your account at epoints.com before browsing for the perfect gift. If you’ll be browsing the high street as opposed to shopping online, you can redeem your epoints by using bigDL app (available on both the App Store and Google Play)

To make your shopping experience all the more rewarding, we’re offering you quadruple epoints at selected retailers! Here are some of our favourites below. Happy shopping!

Sporting gifts

Callaway 2016 X Series 416 Driver – Gamola Golf £159 (636 epoints)

Callaway Driver

Has your father been moaning for a while about how long it has been since he’s been out on the course and enjoyed a full 18? Freshen up his selection of clubs with this great offer on the Callaway 2016 X Series 416 Driver with Gamola Golf – now reduced by a massive 36% to just £159. Gamola Golf rewards you for shopping with them via epoints. Simply login to epoints.com before placing an order to get your points.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at Gamola Golf

Yurbuds Personalized Series Headphones  – Runners Need £18.74 (75 epoints)

 These professional headphones are perfect for those early-morning runs allowing runners to enjoy some of their own music whilst they stay in shape ahead of summer. Rugged, water and sweat resistant, these headphones are perfect for all conditions. Whether your father is a fitness enthusiast or needs a bit of encouragement to get out and active – these headphones are the perfect match.  Make sure to epoints.com before placing your order so you can get your Runners Need rewards and epoints.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at Runners Need

Aftershaves and Grooming

Aramis Adventurer Eau De Toilette 60ml Gift Set – The Fragrance Shop £28 (112 epoints)


An incredibly versatile fragrance, the Aramis Adventurer is unique and perfect for every occasion. The set contains not only the cologne, but also a matching body spray (60ml) and a body wash (100ml.) The rich blue box offers a visually pleasing present to give to your Dad on Sunday! Don’t forget to login to epoints before shopping to get your Fragrance Shop rewards.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at The Fragrance Shop

BaByliss for Men 6 in 1 Personal Grooming Kit – Boots £13.99 (55 points) Babyliss

Give your father the chance to groom himself however he sees fit. He can groom his hair, beard and body with this fantastically comprehensive grooming kit, complete with 3 different trimming heads to give everyone who purchases this kit the chance to personalise their style. Log in before you buy and claim your epoints and Boots Points for purchasing.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at Boots

Food and Drink

Whisky Lover’s Gift Box – M&S £25 (100 epoints) Whisky

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice tipple once in a while? For all the whiskey loving fathers out there, this gift set is absolutely perfect. This box contains Speyside’s finest single malt whiskey, alongside single malt white chocolate truffles. Every box comes complete with an elegant matching Speyside glass, allowing your father to be reminded of the gift every time he enjoys a glass of his favourite whiskey. Collect Marks and Spencer reward points by shopping online via epoints or upload your receipt on the bigDL app if shopping in store.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at Marks and Spencer

Beef Roasting Joint – Waitrose £12.99 (51 epoints) beef

So you’ve spoilt your Father throughout the day, but just how is the best way to finish off a relaxing Sunday with your family? I think we all know that there is only one logical answer to that question. A nice Sunday roast. This beef roasting joint will have enough to satisfy the whole family with its succulent and tender taste. Don’t miss out on your Waitrose Rewards and epoints when shopping online.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at Waitrose

Gadgets and Tech

Mini Amp MP3 Speaker – Menkind £14.99 (59 epoints) amp

Does your Dad still think he’s a bit of a rocker? After a couple of beers, is he the first one on the dance-floor at a wedding showing everyone his air-guitar? We feel for you. Even if that doesn’t apply to you, you might want to consider this present. This neat speaker is small and portable but still offers fantastic audio quality for flawless audio playback. Pick up Menkind rewards and epoints when purchased online.

QUADRUPLE epoints available at Menkind

Subbuteo Colour-Changing Light – Littlewoods £26 (104 epoints) subbuteo

As everyone with a father of a certain age will know all too well, Subbuteo once upon a time was quite literally the best invention in the history of humanity. If your father is one of those who still champions the old fashioned footballing entertainment, why not treat him to this iconic footie light? He may just stop with the lectures, you never know. Be sure to collect epoints and Littlewoods Rewards with your purchase.

QUADRUPLE epoints at Littlewoods

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