Who will win the World Cup 2014? Throw the ultimate World Cup party!

Who will win the World Cup?

Love it or hate it, the World Cup is coming to an end, so why not celebrate the end of the tournament with a World Cup party?
Take your football fever inspiration from the two teams in the final and choose decorations, food and drink based on these two fabulous countries.

Germany vs Argentina

Why not use food to make the flag of the two countries in the final – BBC Good Food has some brilliant ideas for this, but anything goes so be as creative as you like!
World Cup Football CakesIf you have no intention of being artistic, then why not just have a barbecue? Everyone loves a barbecue and you can grill (Argentinian) steak, chicken and vegetables to satisfy everyone at the party.
Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with simple finger food – think hot dogs, pizza slices, crisps and dip. People will be focusing on the match so they won’t want to be faffing about with cutlery or sitting at the table!
And when it comes to World Cup party drinks, it’s got to be ice cold (German) beer and Coca-Cola.
Your World Cup party decorations can be as simple as green tablecloths marked with a football pitch, but you could also get some World Cup bunting and flags to hang up (or just cheat with a World Cup Decoration Pack).
If you want something ultra-special, why not get a football piñata for some additional entertainment?

Are you holding a World Cup final party? Let us know what you’re doing!

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