Get searching! It's time for an Easter egg hunt!

How to create the perfect Easter egg hunt
We all love a good Easter egg hunt. You can have fun hiding the eggs inside and outside and your kids will love hunting for them.
Have a look at our Easter egg hunt ideas to make your kids very happy bunnies this Easter. We’ve also shared some of our favourite Easter recipes to make Easter tea even tastier.

Making Easter egg baskets can be a great way to get the children excited for an Easter egg hunt. We made some by weaving card together to make a box and adding on a handle. Perfect! If you don’t have the time (or the patience) to make baskets, then just buy some cute egg carriers .
If you want to have a free-for-all egg hunt, you can hide some mini foil-wrapped chocolate eggs. Why not colour code the eggs for children of different ages and get the little ones to collect yellow eggs and the older children can hunt blue eggs. This way everyone has an equal chance of finding the same amount of eggs and they can help out other teams once they’re done.
Make sure to hide the eggs in interesting places, in a shoe, in the fridge, in an egg carton, anywhere!
You can make an Easter egg hunt more exciting by leaving a trail of clues to find the egg. Look at our riddles for inspiration:
The Easter Bunny has been today,Bunny Prints
And left some eggs, hip hip hooray!
But if you want to find your prize,
Go where we keep cooking supplies…
It’s hidden somewhere very fun
You’d better take a look,
The clue’s adventure has begun
Inside your favourite book!
The clue could be in lots of trouble
If Mum turns on this machine
It could be swamped in lots of bubbles
But at least it would be clean!
If your kids are a bit young for riddles, why not draw a picture or take photos of where the clues are hidden? Go for a super close up of the object if you want to make it trickier.
To let your kids know they’re getting closer to a clue, why not leave some Easter Bunny footprints near the eggs?
Tasks can be a fun way of shaking up an Easter egg hunt. We love the idea of creating a string maze, where the children have to follow a piece of string all around the house, around table legs, door handles etc. gathering it up as they go. The string can lead them to the next clue or a prize!
We also found some great plastic eggs for you to hide your clues in.
Hope you have a Good Friday! (Get it?)

Hidden egg

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