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Five of The Funniest April Fool’s Day Ideas

Five of The Funniest April Fool's Day Ideas

April Fool’s Day, as we all know, is the time of year you either prank or get pranked. Many of us have been a victim of some hilarious jokes whether we like it or not. But this year, perhaps it’s time to turn the tables and make a little fun of your own!

You could be at home or in the office, anywhere is a good place to prank on April Fool’s Day. To make things easy for you we’ve made a list of five funny April Fool’s ideas that are absolutely fool proof. 

Five Funny April Fool’s Ideas

There’s a leek in the bathroom

Take a trip down to your local supermarket and pick up a leek, or just grab one from the fridge if they’re something you eat. Once in your possession just put it in the bathroom and shout about said leak…

Cracked TV screen

This one’s easy. All you need to do is download a cracked TV screen image and make it full screen! Whoever’s TV or computer it is is not going to be happy with this one. You might want to show them it’s fake as quickly as possible though.


Toothpaste Oreo

But Oreo’s are nice. Not on April Fool’s Day! Until you scrape out the soft icing centre and replace it with minty toothpaste for an unsuspecting victim of your choice. We promise they’re nothing like the tasty mint Oreos either.

Mentos Ice Cubes

This one takes a little bit of planning. But for all those fizzy drink lovers, pop a mint into some ice cube trays with water and freeze them. The next time someone wants a nice cold refreshing coke will get a bit of a shock. 


Sugar for Salt

An oldy but goody! Swap the sugar for salt. Or even the other way around to be as sweet as possible of April Fool’s Day.

We hope you find something hilariously genius to do in our blog! But remember to be safe and you should probably apologise after…

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