Full of Beans – do you prefer tea or coffee?

Donut with your coffee?Winter’s on its way and if you’re anything like me, this means months of being permanently cold – I even have a hot water bottle in the office.
But the best way to keep warm is to have a hot beverage. Not only is it comforting, but you can warm up your hands on the side of the mug. I love coffee and even treat myself to a hot chocolate every now and then.

However, I don’t like tea! Many of you will be appalled at this confession and I know it’s strange, but I will always choose coffee.
So move over frappuccinos, it’s time for the more traditional hot cups of coffee and tea.
With Macmillan holding their annual coffee morning on September 26th, why not enter our competition to win a 6 month supply of Big Cup Little Cup coffee and a coffee machine?
We’ve also created a Spotify playlist for the ultimate coffee morning

But which do you prefer – tea or coffee?

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