Going green – 5 simple ways to be a more eco-friendly parent

Going green - make the most of the environment

Every parent wants what’s best for their baby and most of us agree that natural products are much better for our little one’s health and well-being.
You might have considered the possibility of being an eco-parent, but dismissed it as time-consuming and difficult.
Yes, going completely green isn’t something you can do overnight, but with just a few simple changes, you can do what’s best for your baby, look after the environment and even save money!

We’ve listed 5 simple ways you can be a more eco-friendly parent:

  1. Feeding
    We’re all told ‘breast is best’ and as far as the environment goes that’s definitely true as there’s no waste, but if you are using formula milk then you can get recyclable baby bottles made from glass. Once your little one moves onto solid foods there’s a wide choice of organic baby food and if you’ve got a decent food processor or blender, you can even make your own.
  2. Cloth nappies - no longer such a choreNappies
    The thought of cloth nappies might make you shudder, but many parents swear by them. If you’re not convinced, then why not try this gNappies Newborn bundle that uses disposable, biodegradable liners inside a cotton nappy? And once your little one is ready for potty training, there’s an eco-friendly Becopotty that biodegrades in the garden!
  3. Toys
    If you don’t have time (and let’s face it, who does?) to make homemade toys, you can simply opt for traditional wooden toys, like this Moovers rocking horse, or toys made from other natural materials. If your child does have plastic toys, don’t throw them away when they outgrow them – instead, donate them to a local nursery school, hospital or charity shop.Wooden Rocking Horse - homemade wooden toys
  4. Washing
    When you’ve got little ones at home, the amount of washing might seem endless. Invest in an eco-friendly washing machine and you’ll not only save water and energy, but also money! It’s also worth buying natural cleaning products for the home as they don’t contain harsh chemicals.
  5. Travelling
    Cars are convenient when you’ve got little ones, but now that summer’s here why not try to walk more? Fresh air is good for babies and you can blow away those cobwebs and get some exercise. Pop your little one into a baby carrier or stroller and get them outside in the sunshine.

Are you an eco-friendly parent? What tips do you have for going green?

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