Hot Weather Essentials

Hot Weather Essentials To Survive The Heatwave

Temperatures are set to soar in the next few days, and many weather outlets have claimed it will be hotter than Ibiza in some parts of the UK! Temperatures are thought to reach between 23 and 30 degrees in the next few days. Thankfully the hot weather is set to reach most of the country. But this is the UK, are we ever prepared for the weather? 

Whether you’re thinking of organising a last-minute BBQ, want to head for a spontaneous beach break or feel like having a family water fight, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together our top picks so you can equip yourself for the surprise sunny spells ahead.

1. Barbeque Essentials

It’s almost tradition that as soon as the sun comes out, the Barbeque comes out. We’ve got you covered with amazing deals and cashback on groceries for all the meat and veggie BBQ options you desire. Imagine saving money while you crack open a cold one and flip a burger. Well, that dream could become a reality if you use Epoints.

2. Brilliant Beach Breaks

Spontaneous plans are the best plans. Why not book a last-minute trip to the beach so you can make the most of the hot weather? We have deals on all the beach essentials you need, from picnic food to beach towels. 

Thankfully, heading to the nearest beach doesn’t require an entry fee. If you’re looking to save your pennies as the price of bills hits an all-time high, it is the perfect day out. By using your Epoints, you can save extra on your beach essentials!

3. Activities For The Adventurous

There are some water-based activities that are a lot more pleasurable with the warm sun on your back. Epoints’ partnership with Virgin Experiences means that our users can save while they save when they book activities like Coasteering, Surfing and even Beekeeping! You can get up to 20% cashback on Virgin Experiences, so you don’t have to break the bank to take part in once in unforgettable activities!

4. Cool Clothing

Is your wardrobe lacking the clothing and accessories you need to keep you cool in the hot weather? Head on over to the Epoints store, we have unbeatable deals on anything from Asos vouchers to designer sunglasses so you can stay light and breezy in the days ahead.

5. We Are Your Biggest Fans

Do you flip your pillow over constantly in the night desperately trying to find the cool side? Do you constantly flick the covers on and off? Sweat no more when you use your Epoints and purchase the cooling equipment of your dreams.

Our partnership with Amazon gives you the opportunity to access Amazon gift cards that can earn cashback. 

However you decide to spend the next few sunny days, Epoints has the deals and discounts to suit your plans. 

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