How to Be More Eco-friendly

How to Be More Eco-friendly

2021 is the year of change. We’ve faced a ridiculous amount of difficulty this year. One of which is the progression of climate change! So, you may very well have decided to do something about it. Whether for health, money or because you care about the planet, everything little thing you do can make a difference to our world!


Here are five easy steps to be more eco-friendly: 


Avoid the car

Although it might be easier to use your car, road transport contributes to 15% of total CO2 emissions. Therefore, swapping to walking or cycling is not only good for your health but helps you become more eco-friendly! Additionally saves you a little bit of money… or a lot.  


Go plastic-free 

Going plastic-free can sound daunting, especially given how much plastic surrounding us every day. Nevertheless, this also means there are many things you can do to change this. Reusing bags, swapping to paper and even buying local can help you be more eco-friendly. 


Reusable products

Like going plastic-free, using reusable products is a great way to be more eco-friendly, Epoints has over half a million products and instant gift cards, so there’s something for everyone. Including reusable products such as coffee cups, ice cubes and even face pads!


If you want to do something a little extra, you can always donate to more eco-friendly causes! At Epoints, we’ve made this simple. You can use your Epoints to plant trees and help fund eco-projects. To find out more, head to our eco page now!

Eat less meat

Finally, you can make a massive difference to the planet by eating less meat. You don’t even need to go vegan to be more eco-friendly. But by reducing your meat consumption could lead to freeing up several million square kilometres of land and reducing global CO2 emissions by up to eight billion tonnes per year by 2050.


So, if you care about the future of the planet, and are looking to make more eco-friendly changes, following these simple steps can change your health, pocket and planet. Change starts with you. 

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