It's almost Father's Day – so tell us, what's your dad like?

Gardening Dad, Chilled Out Dad, Sporty Dad, Gadget Dad or Outdoorsy Dad? What's your dad like?

What’s your dad like?

Everyone’s dad is unique – I mean my dad isn’t into football or rugby, but he loves motorbikes, live music and snowboarding.
My dad and I have a lot in common, but l always struggle with Father’s Day gift ideas for him.
We’ve come up with five different types of dad to try to make it easier to find the perfect gift this Father’s Day:

  • Gardening Dad (muddy boots; bonfire obsessive)
  • Sporty Dad (shouts at the TV; wears his team’s colours)
  • Gadget Dad  (queues for the latest technology; intends to wear Google Glass)
  • Outdoorsy Dad (prefers sleeping in a tent; always looking for adventure)
  • Chilled Dad (organises his life around TV; never gets angry)

We’re dedicating one day to each dad – keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter (#WhatsYourDadLike) to find out which one is the most like your dad and let us know!

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