Have yourself a merry epoints Christmas and an even happier New Year!


There’s no running away from it. Christmas really is here. So are you planning on having yourself a merry old epoints Christmas shopping time so you can have an even happier New Year? This is what our members can look forward to this year.
Like many parents, when asked by your other half what’s on your Christmas wish list do you respond with ‘save it for the kids’? Or are they one of the 10% of men who actually listen and just get on with it? This year, don’t leave it to chance.

Imagine, after weeks of rushing around and feeling utterly exhausted, that a well-earned epoints reward is waiting for you? Not only do you get to choose it yourself but it’s FREE! That’s what Christmas shopping the epoints way looks like!
For those who do actually pull together a Christmas wish list and ping it over to frantic family members, this can be rather fun. But it can also fall flat on its face when someone goes ‘off list’ for that item you DON’T want. Or, finding a certain member of your family has a sense of humour and simply sends back an image of a Christmas jumper with ‘Dear Santa, I want it all!’ written on it. Avoiding relying on others to get you what you REALLY want is amongst the many reasons why shopping through epoints for all your Christmas needs has more benefits than the epoints rewards list itself. Save up all your epoints from Christmas and treating yourself in the New Year to avoid the above!
With over 2,000 trusted stores to be discovered on epoints.com, it’s not just Santa you can trust to deliver Christmas for epoints members. Here’s just a few of our most popular stores:
Did you know the average family spends £800 on gifts at Christmas? That’s the equivalent to anything from 800 to a whopping 3,200 epoints. And with over 11 million epoints rewards to choose from, there’s something for everyone.  Here’s a snippet of what the new year could bring you…
Jamie’s Kitchen 
(2,098 ep)

The Hunger Games
(2,550 ep)

Eight Hour Cream
(3,124 ep)

At epoints, we’re continuously growing and improving, based on members’ feedback. Here are 5 magical benefits that epoints members will be enjoying this Christmas:

  1. There’s no limit to epoints stores, with over 2,000 retailers and growing
  2. It’s fast! Earn now, spend epoints on a choice of over 11 million rewards in 30 days
  3. epoints members get exclusive weekly Top Vouchers
  4. Get 25p per £1 back and there’s regular increases!

If you’re reading this and not signed up as a member, sign up today. For 5 minutes of your time today you can claim a lifetime of rewards. Yes, it really is that hassle free!
And if you’re reading this and still unsure how you’re going to get all your presents in time for 25th December then fret not! As an epoints member we will be sharing with you our gift lists on the run up to the big day with regular blog updates and weekly emails. Take a look at Editor’s favourite baby’s 1st Christmas gifts, top tree trends and top 5 party dresses to get you going.
So what are you waiting for? Visit epoints.com today and discover what rewards 2014 could bring you.
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Merry Christmas from the epoints team!

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