National Bee Day

Help Keep the Bees Buzzing on National Bee Day

Help Keep the Bees Buzzing

National Bee Day

It is National Bee Day, and we all know just how important they are to the environment and our day to day life. Keeping bees safe is our responsibility, so taking just some of these simple steps can help save the bees.

Flower gardens

The bees’ loss of habitat is one of the biggest threats they face. So planting lots of flowers and other plants gives the bees a place to not only collect pollen but rest! Here at Epoints, we have plenty of plants and seeds on offer to help make National Bee Day productive. 

Donates to plant trees

The trees offer a valuable food source from blossoming flowers, a place of shelter and nesting materials. Epoints have partnered with Carbon Footprint to contribute to tree planting. On National Bee Day, you can give some of your extra Epoints back to the environment and help fund eco-projects. On top of this, we donate 5% of our profits to the scheme.

Create a bee hotel

Most bees are solitary creatures, except for the honey bee. So they find their homes in tiny spaces in trees and unused land or underground. Investing in or making bee hotels (made from tiny tubes) are a great way to offer easy, safe homes on National Bee Day.

Go chemical-free

Pesticides are incredibly harmful to bees’ sensitive systems. If you use chemicals within your garden or craps, try to switch to more natural and organic materials. Doing so may even positively impact your garden as a whole.

Drinking Station

Unsurprisingly, bees get extremely thirsty when they are working. Building a simple drinking station out of a small and shallow body of water with some pebbles submerged offers a place where bees can safely rest and drink. 

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