New Year’s Resolutions made easier with epoints

New Year's Resolutions made easier with epoints

Is exercise on top of your New Year’s resolution year? But this gym feel so, so far away? Don’t worry, your resolution has just been made a whole lot easier! With epoints, you can show thousands of sports accessories to make working out at home a breeze. 

Reebok 5kg Dumbbell, Grey

 Tone your muscles, get fit and burn calories with some dumbbell assisted exercise routines. Coming in a vibrant, contemporary design you can enjoy a grip-friendly comfort that’s gentle on your hands.

Pilates Core Set: Ring, Band & Ball Kit with Exercise Poster, Purple

You’ll have everything you need for your Pilates workout with this handy kit. This Pilates kit includes a double handle Pilate resistance ring, a medium latex resistance band (1.2m x 15cm) and a 9″ (23cm) Exer-Soft Ball (also known as a soft over ball).

Yoga Mad Studio Yoga Mat Standard – Orange

 The Yoga Mad Studio yoga mat comes in the most popular thickness (4.5mm), which provides optimum cushioning, slip-resistance and durability and makes it suitable for both studio and intensive home use. This standard mat is made from Phthalate free PVC and was the first yoga mat to be tested as free of harmful substances for skin to Oeko-Tex Level 1. It is machine washable.

Dual Exercise Resistance Band

Add something a little different to your exercise routine with this Dual Resistance Band. Strengthen and tone your abs, back and waist and more whether you go to the gym or enjoy a workout at home. 

Includes: Soft Padded Dual Handle Band Perfect for core training, yoga.

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