O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, how shall we decorate your branches?

Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat… so it must be time to decorate your home.

There’s something about Christmas that just makes homes feel warm and cosy – and that’s before you get the chestnuts roasting on an open fire… the mistletoe and mulled wine!

I love decorating my Christmas tree, but I do like it all matching so I only allow purple and silver (OK maybe white and clear decorations at a push) decorations on it and presents underneath have to be in matching paper… Yes I am like Monica from Friends!

Of course my parents’ tree is covered with all the random bits and pieces from Christmases past – painted egg boxes and pipe cleaners, plus Baby’s First Christmas baubles and all sorts of other nostalgic decorations.
Every year we try to decorate the Christmas tree as a family and for me that’s when Christmas really starts – cheesy Christmas songs playing and a glass of Mulled Wine or Baileys!
We’ve found some of the brightest, sparkliest and sophisticated Christmas decorations, plus a few Christmas trees and wreaths so you can spruce up your home ready for Santa.

Christmas trees

If you’re looking for a tree with a difference then black or pink is pretty much as far away from ‘traditional’ as you can get. While I do kinda like the idea of a pink tree, I’ll be sticking to a boring (but beautiful) green artificial tree.

Festive reds

The colour of holly berries, Father Christmas’ outfit and Rudolph’s nose, red is pretty festive and a popular colour for tree decorations!

Glittering gold

One of the gifts from the three Wise Men, gold has long been associated with Christmas. Plus it’s sparkly and glittery which is what we like on our Christmas trees!

Sparkling silver

Silver bells… silver bells, it’s Christmas time in the city…. Thanks Doris, but silvery decorations remind me of snow, which is why I love these decorations for my tree.

Cute and colourful

Bright and baubley is what Christmas decorations are all about, especially if you’ve got small children. These decorations will make sure your tree is all twinkly and pretty in the firelight.

Welcoming wreaths

Leaves, pine cones or berries – anything goes with wreaths and if in doubt pick one that’s been spray painted gold, white or silver. Hang it on your front door for a festive welcome.

And if you’re looking for Christmas cards, check out Scribbler’s great range of traditional, rude and funny Christmas cards!
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