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Top 5 easiest fruits and vegetables to grow

Box of home grown vegetablesThe Big Allotment Challenge follows in the footsteps of the Great British Bake Off to try and inspire Brits to be more self-sufficient. I love baking, but as a London resident, the only growing I do is a few tomatoes and runner beans on the roof terrace.

I’m sure that like me, most people like the idea of an allotment – picking vegetables for dinner and feeling that sense of pride because you actually grew them yourself. My godparents live in Norfolk and they grow vegetables, make jam and bake bread – it all tastes so much nicer and I’m really quite jealous of their idyllic way of life.

Cocktail of the week… Chocolate Martini

Cocktail Friday - Chocolate Martini
It’s the end of the week! That means it’s cocktail time… This week’s cocktail is The Chocolate Martini or as we like to call it: The Chocolatini
It’s really simple to make, but it is Easter weekend (four days off – hurrah) so obviously we had to choose something chocolatey.