The Ultimate Guide to Flippin’ Good Pancake Toppings

The Ultimate Guide to Flippin’ Good Pancake Toppings

Pancake Day seems to have crêped upon us this year. So here is your ultimate guide to flippin’ great pancake toppings. With everyone still in lockdown, it is a perfect opportunity to do something with the whole household! 

–   Lemon and sugar

Starting with a classic. A simple sweet topping that everyone has in the cupboards. For that traditional pancake feel, Lemon and sugar work well with crêpes or English pancakes.

–     Lotus Biscoff Spread

You’ve heard of the legendary Biscoff biscuits, right? Well, it’s levelled up with a delicious spread version, which is also vegan, making it a win for the whole household. In both crunchy and smooth editions, you can spread it straight onto your pancakes.

–     Chocolate

Chocolate is a go-to for comfort, and the possibilities are endless. Use chocolate chips in the batter, sprinkle them on top, or spread between each pancake to create an indulgent choice.

–     Fresh Fruit

If you’re opting for a healthier option, fresh fruit of any kind is delicious! It doesn’t matter what fruit you pick either. Bananas or strawberries are an obvious choice, while peaches and oranges are perfect pancake toppings.

–     Whipped Cream

Whether you whip up some fresh cream or use squirty cream from a can, you create a not too sweet, creamy taste, making whipped cream a great addition. 

–     Banana and Chocolate Chip

Banana and chocolate chips are slightly healthier pancake toppings. You create a perfect duo of fruit and chocolate by folding the chips into the batter before you bake! 

–     Ice Cream

Ice cream is great for that hot and cold pudding duo. With piping hot pancakes and slightly melting ice cream, you are sure to win everyone over. Vanilla is a classic choice, and strawberry gives a fruity twist. 

–     Maple Syrup

Great on fluffy American pancakes. Drizzle all over, allowing the syrup to sink right into the middle! The addition of walnuts or fruit gives your pancakes an added texture!

–     Fruit Compote

Any fruit compote or jam flavour is delicious on pancakes and super easy to do! Just spread or dollop your flavour of choice onto the pancake, and you’re done.

–     Peanut Butter

Crunchy or smooth is the real question here! But, no matter how you answer the peanut butter debate, you’re sure to have the perfect sweet, and savoury accompany to your pancakes.

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