Must have party essentials

Must have party essentials


Party planning can be stressful we know. This year save the cash and throw your event at home, we promise it’ll be one to remember. Whether your turning 18, 80, or just fancied throwing that 80’s party you’ve always dreamed about, we’ve got you covered with our list of must have party essentials…


Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone, £23.25

It’s always a good idea to have some sort of entertainment ready to distract those unruly guests. Why not invest in a Bluetooth microphone, they lets you perform solo, or for maximum entertainment order two for duet mode. Play your favourite song through the built-in speaker and sing to your heart’s content.

All Seasons Gazebo Party Tent, £180.00

A gazebo is never a bad idea for the unpredictable English weather. You don’t want to leave your guests out in the rain! This roomy gazebo can accommodate anything from garden chairs to dance floors. Gazebos’ are great for putting patio heaters in in the winter, or covering yourself from the rays of summer, definitely worth investing in if you’re an avid party host.

Vibe Single Use 36 Exposure Camera- 5 Pack, £35.05

Obviously its going to be a night to remember so why not let your guests document it for themselves! These individually wrapped disposable cameras work perfectly indoors and outdoors, look forward to looking through old school pictures and finding some possible photos to treasure forever.

Talking Tables Coloured String Party Lights, £12.15

Lighting should always be a top priority when planning an event. Fairy lights are pretty, colourful and can even turn your dinghy downstairs bathroom into a party guest hot spot! By adding battery-powered fairy lights you’re not only lowering the fire hazard candles have, but are making your house look picture perfect.

Bush High Power Bluetooth Party Speaker, £93.55

Get granddad out of his chair and boogieing with all your favourite tunes. This Bluetooth speaker will make you a real crowd-please, anyone and everyone can connect and play their party playlists through this speaker. The multi coloured light display on the front makes this speaker a must have party essential!

"Ultimate Party" 16 bottle white selection, £129.46

Greet your guests with 16 bottles of white wine to really get the party started. Buying your alcohol bulk in advance really helps you keep the party costs down whilst still providing an excellent party spread. Hopefully this crate will get everyone enjoying the karaoke machine!

Halographic Party Balloon, £8.55

What screams fun more than this stylish balloon banner? Balloon’s are the perfect way to jazz up a blank wall, it will be the talking point of your party. Word balloons are a 2019 must have trend, their great for photo shoots and letting everyone know what they should be doing ‘parting!’.

Tinc Boogie Light Party Plug In, £18.90

Disco in the kitchen, groove in the garage, or turn your living room into a real life nightclub! Jazzy disco lights instantly change the room from dull to dance in me, it really has no limits as to where your party guests can showcase their killer moves.

Brights Party Paper Hats, Pack of 4, £8.55

Have guests pose for pictures with their party hats on or add the finishing touches to your party outfit. If you’re feeling super creative you can make bunting out of party hats by cutting them in half and threading the string through all the different hat hole.

NOW That's What I Call A Party 2019, £8.10


Getting a little bit sick of your friends, boyfriends, brother thinking he’s a part-time DJ on your Bluetooth speaker? Why not just stick on a party album, its great for all ages and you know what you’re in for. No more spending hours creating the perfect playlist!

Folding Table 6ft Heavy Duty Extra Strength, £40.12

A folding table is perfect for displaying party snacks. Grab a snazzy table cloth and place below your party nibble spread. Buying a heavy duty sturdy table like this one means you won’t have to worry about people sitting where they shouldn’t be!

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