Top 6 rainy day activities for kids

Our top 6 rainy day activities for kids.

When it comes to the weather, we ALL know how unreliable the conditions are. We also know how restless and irritable the young ones can be when are bored and disinterested . When the two factors merge, it can be a real problem. Lucky for you, we at epoints, have compiled an engaging list of rainy day activities for kids, when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Board games

Competition breeds excitement. There is no better way to get competitive and prove who’s the best indoors for youngsters than a family board game. Whether you’ve hit Park Lane with a hotel or its your mouse that got trapped, the compelling desire to win overrides the feelings of boredom. Calling your kids out on their inferior board game ability is one way to get them fired up. depending on the game, strategy is needed to win and can be significantly more beneficial than mind-numbing games on the console.

Hold a tea party 

It is time to break out the plastic sets and hold a tea party for your children’s dolls and teddies. You can either have pretend food, or do some real baking with your kids. Serve mini sandwiches, small cubes of cheese and tiny jellies. This could be the perfect opportunity to encourage table manners amongst the younger kids. It is not only a great activity for learning, but is fun, engaging and gets the whole family stuck in.

Have a disco

Move the sofas, draw those curtains and crank up the speakers (and on this occasion, avoid the alcohol) . An indoor disco is easy, cheap and, most importantly, stimulating. Keeping the kids active and moving, as a parent, is a tough ask. Even more so when the thought of your youngsters grinding mud into your beloved carpet makes you writhe in your skin. Getting the kids to shake it down to their favourite Disney tracks on the Google Home is great for breathing life into the house (and its great cardio!) .

Dressing up

No family home would be complete without a dressing up box to get the imagination flowing. It is time to get creative with your costumes. it may be worth letting them have access to your wardrobes as well. It is always amusing seeing what fashion blunders (or masterpieces) your children conjure up when being unleashed on the accessories. You could even hold a fashion show or put on a play!

Make a den or fort

Pick a room, grab some blankets and furniture and away you go! When creating a secret hideout, anything goes. Whether they are king of the castle or head of their own secret society, this is the perfect activity for the imagination. It only may seem like tossing a bed sheet over a chair and calling it fun, but to them, it is their own realm that they rule. This is a brilliant opportunity to bond, find out what they like and indulge their creative side. It is definitely one for the list

Form a band

If your kids don’t have their own instruments, make your own. Or just sift through your kitchen cupboards! An upturned saucepan and wooden spoon becomes a drum and shaking a jar of pasta is much better than any pair of  maracas (however, you might want some earplugs). This could even be a way discover you child’s interests or even discover a few hidden talents.

We hope you enjoyed our ideas for activities for kids. Its great for when the weather takes a turn for the wet.

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