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Refresh your home ready for Spring

Refresh your home ready for Spring

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Welcome Spring this year by refreshing your home. Finally coat weather turns to cardigan weather, clouds lift, it’s lighter for longer, things are looking up. However the dreaded spring clean had got to be done. You’ve been saying it for months.
If you don’t have any urgent projects, make the most of the approaching long weekends and spring clean your house, move furniture around or just add some fresh new touches.

We’ve picked some of the best products to refresh your home for spring…

Refresh your walls

A lick of paint would be a great way brighten up the dingy downstairs bathroom you’ve been meaning to sort out all winter. However if you haven’t got the time or patience to be finding the perfect shade of duck egg blue, maybe think about adding a new picture or wall hanging to bring new perspective to a room.

Update your bedding

Is there any better feeling than getting into a bed with brand new crispy clean bed sheets? Add a hot new look to your bedroom with a brightly coloured duvet cover partnered with a beautiful throw to match. Instantly turn your bedroom into a spring haven filled with new life.

A pop of colour

Making spring changes to you home doesn’t mean you have to do anything drastic. Maybe a brightly coloured pillow or if your’e looking for something slightly bigger a patterned arm-chair could be a great way to brighten up the corner of a room that’s stuck in the past.

Plant life

Welcome spring into your home with open arms by adding a hint of green into your house. A few stylish plants breath new life into a wintry interior. Artificial plants are not only easy to care for (literally dust your new green friends once a month!), but great for mixing and matching different pots and plant colours. For the more green fingered among us, growing your own plants are a great pastime and fabulous way to decorate your home.

Mirror mirror on the wall

A good way to spread light around living areas is with mirrors. Placing a mirror on a wall will let sunlight bounce around your room without the hassle of adding in a whole new window! Different sized and shaped mirrors will help create unique themes in lots of rooms.

Lighting is everything

Lighting can really make or break a room, its so important. Adding a stand up statement lamp or a delicate table light can jazz up any area of living space. Adding a funky style is great for allowing light to flood into a once dark part of your house.

The smell of spring

Fragrances such a cotton, freshly cut flowers and citrus scents will add the refreshing smell of spring into your home. Who said cosy nights in with candles was just a winter thing!

Brighten up the floor

A stain resistant, hand-woven statement rug really could freshen up your home. Floral or geometric designs are ideal for adding a more modern touch to a living area.

Any products that take your fancy simply type the product name into epoints.com to get more infomation or purchase. Thanks for reading!

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