Safety first – how to childproof your home

Babyproof your house

Humans are born curious and no doubt your little ones are intrigued by every possible thing they see!

Of course this is all part of growing up and brain development, but as a parent it makes you quite anxious that your little ones will hurt themselves in the split second you’re not paying attention to them.
Every room in the house holds dangers for tiny tots, so how on earth do you find these risks and protect your child from them?

We’ve come up with a list of 5 easy ways to childproof your home:

  1. Kitchen
    The kitchen is full of danger – hazardous chemicals, sharp implements and hot surfaces. Try to keep your baby out of the kitchen when you’re cooking, or else keep them in a highchair or playpen away from the cooker. Make sure saucepan handles are turned in and invest in a hob guard, childproof drawer catches and childproof locks for the cupboards (including the fridge and freezer).
  2. Bathroom
    Babies love bathtime but the bathrooms is extremely dangerous for small children and they should not be left there unsupervised. If your toddler has a baby step to reach the sink, make sure that there is nothing within reach elsewhere. The toilet seat should always be down and it’s worth getting a toilet seat that closes automatically or a lock for the toilet. A slip-resistant bathmat is a must for when your child can stand!.Babyproof your house with these childproof products
  3. Nursery
    Make sure cot slats are no more than 5-6cm apart and that there is nothing in the cot apart from a thin blanket. Make sure that your child’s cot or bed is not near a window or curtain cords and invest in a decent nightlight to make it easier for you to check on your baby without incident. A stairgate is also essential in case little crawlers escape!
  4. Lounge
    The lounge might seem one of the safest rooms in your home, but are often open fires, plants and doors. Playpens are perfect for the living room, but it’s still worth investing in fire guards, radiator guards and plug socket covers. If possible, keep your DVD player and games console in a lockable cupboard so as not to tempt fingers.
  5. Garden
    Children love being outside, but never leave your child unsupervised in the garden. Keep sheds and greenhouses locked and make sure that fences and gates are in good condition. If you have a pond, either fill it in, or keep it fenced off or covered until your child is older. During barbecue season make sure that the barbecue is supervised and put out ASAP.

Top safety products to childproof your home:

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