Sober October

Five Tips to Help Make Sober October a Success

Five Tips to Help Make Sober October a Success

So, you’ve decided to go sober for October. Well done! The pandemic has significantly impacted mental and physical wellbeing. Therefore, now is a great time to stop drinking and focus on your health. Not just that, but it can be a great opportunity to fundraise and develop awareness for a cause.

Sober October is an incredible fundraising campaign aiming to get social drinkers to quit their habits for a month, working towards healthier life choices!

We’ve put some tips together to help you through the process because we know it can be quite a challenging task. 


Have a Motivator For Sober October

It’s helpful if you know why you’re doing Sober October. It could be to raise money for a cause close to your heart or because you want to focus on your physical wellbeing. But having a motivator will keep you on track. 



Our first tip is to stay social! Don’t become a hermit during Sober Octoberand stay in because you feel you might be left out. Meet your friends and family at the pub (safely, of course) and enjoy an alcohol-free beverage. There are so many on offer! 

It’s powerful to keep your support network around you.


Find a Community During Sober October

Furthermore, finding a community of people that are doing Sober October can be an incredible help. They can offer support, motivation and a sense of connection. Additionally, it’s a great way to make new friends and support a cause together. 


Reward yourself

Don’t forget to reward yourself after a long day, and also for doing something admirable. It’s easy and habitual to reach for a glass of wine or beer after work or on a Saturday afternoon. However, run a bubble bath or go for dinner somewhere nice to treat yourself!

You could even use your Epoints to get something you’ve been after for a while. How about an ASOS voucher for that pair of jeans you’ve had your eye on, or those Airpods you’ve needed for ages?

Plan Your Sober October Drinks

Whether you’re going to the pub, a restaurant or a family party, plan your trips and drinks. In doing so, you will know exactly what there is to offer and you’ll be less likely to slip up. Take a look at menus, and browse the alcohol-free section at the supermarket so you can find what you love to drink! 


Remember What You’re Doing It For

Finally, remember what you’re doing it for, you’ve thought about the reason, and now it’s time to keep that in your mind. Create reminders like posters or phone alerts to help keep you on the 31-day path!


Doing Sober October is a brilliant cause, and we wish you the best of luck!

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