Space invasion – How to make a room look bigger

Five simple ways to make your home feel more spaciousLet’s be honest, no matter how big your house is, you never seem to have enough space.

If the rooms in your house are on the small side, or the current decoration makes you slightly claustrophobic, it might be time to do something about it.

Although open plan living is one way to make your house more spacious, don’t break down the walls just yet – there are plenty of other ways that you can make a room look bigger.
Our 5 easy tips will help you make the most of your living space:

1. Conceal the clutter

Nobody’s perfect and no house is immaculate all the time, but if your house is full of ‘stuff’ it will make your rooms look smaller. But there are some clever ways that you can make the most of your space and discreetly display your belongings without cluttering up the room.
This shoe holder from Argos slots over the back of your bedroom door and holds up to 18 pairs of shoes! And, if your bathroom’s full of creams and lotions, Argos also offer an over door organiser that holds all your bathroom essentials, including towels!

Overdoor Shoe Storage from Argos

£11.99 (+22ep)

Overdoor Bathroom Storage from Argos

£18.99 (+54ep)

2. Lighten up

Natural light does wonders for making small rooms look bigger, especially big bay windows or French doors. To get the full effect of natural light, you can use cleverly placed mirrors to reflect the light and give an illusion of a larger space.
You don’t have to choose large, plain mirrors either – make a statement with artistic mirrors, like these white round wall mirrors from Habitat or this John Lewis silver belle mirror.

White Round Wall Mirrors from Habitat

£80 (+160ep)

Silver Belle Mirror from John Lewis

£90 (+270ep)

3. Shrewd storage

Do you find yourself struggling for storage space? Is every available surface of your house covered with toys, magazines and clothes? In small rooms especially, furniture can dominate the space and any additional storage containers can soon make a room look small and cluttered.
The trick here is to buy furniture that includes storage space, like this cute pink single divan from Homebase with underbed drawers, or this stylish wooden coffee table with drawers from Heal’s.

Wooden coffee table with drawers from Heal's

£750 (+1500ep)

Forty Winks Penny Shorty Divan Bed from Homebase

£129.99 (+258ep)

4. Whiter is brighter

Everyone knows that white reflects light and makes a room feel bigger but pastel shades also make a room feel more spacious. Another trick is to paint your skirting board and picture rail a lighter shade than the walls to give the illusion that the wall is further back.
But it’s not just about paint, choose paler cushions, lamps and accessories to complement the tone of your room, like this Chenille Butterfly cushion from M&S and this pastel duvet set from Matalan.

Pastel Double Duvet from Matalan

£15-£25 (+60-100ep)

Blue Chenille Butterfly Cushion from M&S

£12 (+36ep)

5. Lost in space

The more floor space you can see, the bigger the room will feel. To trick the eye into thinking there’s more floor space, choose furniture on raised legs, like this camel armchair from Debenhams, or with a see-through top like this glass coffee table from BHS Furniture.

Camel Armchair from Debenhams

£660 Now: £264 (+528ep)

Glass Coffee Table from BHS

£299 Now: £149 (+298ep).

This is also true of a room’s wall space and you can also create a similar illusion with shelving, using floating or glass shelves to display more of the wall like this white gloss floating shelf from Dunelm Mill.
Floating Shelf from Dunelm MIll

£5.99 (+10ep)

Have you got any suggestions for space saving ideas to make your rooms seem bigger? Please let us know!

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