Spring clean your way to fitness

Spring Clean Your Way to Fitness

Trying to fit in a workout when you’ve got a household to run and kids to ferry about can seem impossible. There’s barely enough time to sit down with a glass of wine, let alone get to the gym or go for a run.
But you can turn those household chores into a workout, especially if you’re planning to give your house a spring clean this Bank Holiday weekend.

We’re not saying that you’ll get a body like Cara Delevingne from flicking a duster about, but you can make your spring clean a fairly decent workout.

  • Mood music Pop on some of your favourite tunes and get moving. Think Mrs Doubtfire wiggling to Dude Look like a Lady and you’ve got the idea. You want fast music that you can really groove to as you clean.
  • Step in time Do you use a ladder to reach the corners of each room? Well then, what’s the difference between this and a step class? Make sure you stretch to get those pesky cobwebs and work the sides of your body.Burn calories by stretching to clean
  • Lunge break When you’re hoovering, do some lunges. You might look silly but who cares – it gives your thighs a pretty good workout.
  • Twist and shout If you’re putting things away, face forward and twist the top half of your body – this gets rid of those love handles.
  • Tummy tuck Pull in your stomach muscles while you’re cleaning. Not only will this stop you slouching, but it’ll tighten your abs.
  • Less is more Instead of struggling to carry everything upstairs at the same time, do several trips with fewer items. Running up and down the stairs is really good exercise.
  • Big is better When cleaning windows or the bathroom, use big sweeping movements with your arms. This will help to tone up those bingo wings.
  • Bend and snap When cleaning the oven or the bottom of the bath, don’t bend down – squat instead as this is better for your back and will also work those thighs.

If you’re facing a weekend of spring cleaning, make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job. Earn epoints on household products and tools and then exchange them for a well-deserved reward.
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