The Struts, The Apprentice and The Play That Goes Wrong – what I'm loving this week

What am I loving this week?

Happy Friday! Michaela here and this week I’m loving the beautiful sunny autumn weather as I stroll down the high street with my new bag and coat looking for a costume for Halloween!

What else am I loving this week?

The Apprentice

I don’t really watch a lot of TV, but The Apprentice is one of my guilty pleasures and this year’s group of egotistical miscreants make for pretty entertaining viewing… even if they are all hopeless! I pity Lord Sugar this year, but I eagerly await the showdowns in the boardroom.

My new Nine West Bag

I love accessories and this bright red Nine West tote bag is definitely a signature piece. It’s quite an unusual colour for me, but it certainly makes a statement and is sophisticated, roomy and perfect for autumn. Plus it’s currently reduced from £85 to £39 at Kurt Geiger.

My Debenhams Mac

Although I like being cosy, I prefer thinner jackets and hold off buying a thick winter coat as long as possible. If this year continues to be warm, my classic natural Mac from Debenhams will provide an extra layer until winter really sets in.

KitKat Chunky Double Caramel

Mint, orange or normal – you just can’t go wrong with a KitKat! Nestlé are always trialling new flavours (remember their social media campaign?) and they’ve yet again come up trumps with their Double Caramel bar with caramel that’s gooey at one end and crunchy at the other – it’s so tasty!

Ashtanga Yoga

I ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon(!) a couple of weeks ago but since then I’ve ditched running in favour of yoga – it’s much less painful! I’ve got a cute (albeit very girly) pink yoga mat and I practise Ashtanga yoga most evenings to tone and stretch my muscles. The beauty of yoga (unlike running) is that I can do it on my own at home no matter what the weather!

My Favourite Things This Week

The Play That Goes Wrong

I go to the theatre several times a week and have seen more than 100 shows this year alone, but The Play That Goes Wrong has to be one of the best. I just didn’t stop laughing as the cast deal with forgotten lines, missing props and falling scenery. This 5 star show has just extended its West End run and top price tickets are only £39.50.

Halloween Costumes

I’m a bit squeamish when it comes to blood so don’t watch the really gory horror films, but I’m a huge fan of Halloween (Hocus Pocus is an awesome film) and especially Halloween costumes. I usually go as a cat or a witch (boring much?) but this year I want spooky glamour, so I’m torn between the Wicked Queen and the Angel of Death. Trick or Treat!

The Struts

I first saw this group a couple of years ago and they’re brilliant. They’ve just released their first album Everybody Wants and I am listening to it almost constantly – I love the anthem track It Could Have Been Me. They’re currently gigging at various locations across the UK and it’s always a fabulous night out. Go and see them!

Gone Girl

I don’t make it to the cinema that often, but having read the book of Gone Girl just before the film came out and (surprisingly) enjoying it, I thought I’d go and see it… It’s a psychological thriller starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike and it will keep you guessing throughout. What did happen to Amy and who is the real victim in this tragedy?


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