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A Better Bonfire Night For All

A Better Bonfire Night For All

With the return of Bonfire Night this Friday, we thought we’d share with you our top tips for a safe and more eco-friendly Guy Fawkes night!

‘Remember, remember the 5th of November’, but this year we’re going to talk you through ways we can all remember to be more conscious of ourselves and others.

Things to Consider:

While fireworks and bonfires may look impressive, they are not the most neighbourly of activities, nor are they good for the environment. Make sure you check for any restrictions regarding setting off fireworks or having a wildfire in your local area, as you don’t want to end up in trouble. Equally, if you or your neighbour has a dog, you may want to steer clear of fireworks for their sakes, as many animals can find the noise distressing. Lastly, consider some eco alternatives to look after the environment.

Safety Tips:

However, if you have your heart set on a traditional bonfire night, here are some ways you can keep everyone safe.

Making sure everyone is at a safe distance from any fireworks is vital. Check you have enough room in your garden or celebration location, so fireworks aren’t hitting anything on their way up. Additionally, always buy safety-certified fireworks and ensure only adults are lighting the fireworks. Consider planning your display before the night to be extra safe.

Secondly, if you are lighting a fire, consider getting a controlled firepit or purpose-built outdoor fire. The last thing you want is for your bonfire to spread. On that note, please do not add any flammable liquid to your fire and be sure to put it out entirely at the end of the night.
Having a bucket of water nearby is a good idea for both the bonfire and any sparkers you use.

Next, check that people aren’t drinking or smoking near either the fireworks and bonfire. Alcohol and bonfire night are not a good mix.

Finally, think of others. Try to inform neighbours and keep children well away and fully supervised. Also, any pets you may have, consider finding them a safe place to retreat to where the noise will not affect them, with some of their favourite things. This way, you can also make sure they’re not putting themselves in danger either.

Eco Alternatives:

While a traditional bonfire night might be the norm, it’s not for everyone. Having some eco alternatives can be a great way to look after the environment and the safety of everyone involved. Plus, it can be a fun way of mixing up the usual celebrations and saving money, as fireworks tend to add up quickly if you’re going for a full-on display.

  • Getting a fake firepit could be a good alternative if you want a bonfire but have no added environmental consequences. Equally, consider an electric fire or firelight.
  • Adding fairy lights or other lights around can help mimic the feel of a bonfire or fireworks more ecologically. Solar lights are a good alternative.
  • Stargazing- why not try looking up at natures fireworks as a great alternative. If you have kids, this can also be an excellent way to keep them entertained for the evening whilst giving them a fun insight into astronomy.
  • Get creative. You could create your very own fireworks and bonfire using arts and crafts. Try painting or sculpting a fireworks display or a handmade ‘fire’!
  • Again, if you’re set on more traditional celebrations, try to use more eco-friendly or biodegradable fireworks and use natural woods for a bonfire. Then remember to clean up any debris after your night of celebration.
  • Lastly, avoid any single-use plastic or single-use items when throwing your bonfire night. It’s harmful to the environment but also wasteful if you’re looking to save money.

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Whether you’re having a traditional bonfire night or not, remember to stay safe and mindful of others. Even a few eco-friendly swaps can have a significant impact. 

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Remember, Remember… where to see the fireworks on Bonfire Night

Fireworks on Guy Fawkes' NightRemember, remember the 5th of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!

Dig out your woolly hats and find a matching pair of gloves – it’s nearly Bonfire Night! The smell of gunpowder, flickering flames and mulled wine as you stamp your feet in their wellies and await the spectacular fireworks.

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