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Is your dad a… Sports Mad Dad?

Father's Day Presents for Sporty Dads.

You know your father’s a sports mad dad if:

  • You can guess his team’s result based on his mood
  • He shouts at the TV during a game
  • He goes running no matter what the weather
  • He reels off endless sports statistics but forgets your birthday
  • He speaks about the players as if he knows them all personally

If your dad is a super sports fan, then why not indulge his obsession this Father’s Day with our choice of gifts for the sports mad dad:

England World Cup T-Shirt from John Lewis - Father's Day Presents

FIFA World Cup T-Shirt
£15 (+45ep)

Wembley Stadium Tour from IWOOT - Father's Day Presents

Tour of Wembley Stadium
£17.49 (+17ep)

Adidas Originals Sydney Watch from JD Sports - Father's Day Presents

Adidas Originals Watch
£35 (+70ep)

Adidas Trainers from Adidas - Father's Day Presents

Adidas Lite Pacer Shoes
£45 (+180ep)

Nike+ Fuelband SE from Nike.com - Father's Day Presents

Nike+ Fuelband SE
£89 (+267ep)


Is your dad a… Gadget Mad Dad?

Father's Day presents for dads obsessed with gadgetsYou know your father’s a gadget mad dad if:

  • He waits in line for the latest Apple technology
  • He moans about the lack of plug sockets in your house
  • His heroes are Inspector Gadget and Batman
  • His car looks like it belongs to James Bond
  • He’s planning on wearing Google Glass

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Is your dad an… Outdoorsy Dad?

Father's Day gifts for outdoorsy dads - tents, sleeping bags, Swiss Army knife...

You know your father’s an outdoorsy dad if:

  • He’d rather sleep in a tent than the house
  • His bike cost more than his car
  • He gets cabin fever when he’s cooped up for too long
  • Your holidays always involved walking in the countryside
  • He suggests having a barbecue in the winter

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Is your dad a… Gardening Mad Dad?

Happy Father's Day Garden Mad Dads

You know your father’s a gardening mad dad if:

  • His boots are always muddy
  • He knows the Latin names for plants
  • He’s obsessed with having bonfires
  • His plants get more attention than you do
  • He’s got more than one lawnmower

If your dad is always pottering in the shed or digging in the garden, then we’ve got a host of perfect presents he’ll love this Father’s Day.
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Man of the year – perfect Father's Day gifts for your dad

Perfect gifts for your dad this Father's Day

Dads really are awesome – they’re the ones who taught us to ride our first bike (and encouraged us to get back on when we fell off), provided the best hugs when we were upset (although he struggled to say the right thing) and taught us all we ever needed to know about cars, computers and barbecues.
Your dad might not be outwardly affectionate, but deep down he likes to feel appreciated.
We’ve found some super Father’s Day gifts (plus some great Father’s Day cards) so that you can show the special man in your life how much he means to you.
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Is your dad a… Chilled Dad?

Perfect presents for your chilled out dad this Father's Day

You know your father’s a chilled dad if:

  • Homer Simpson is his hero
  • He loves taking naps
  • He has the local takeaways on speed dial
  • He has his own special spot where no-one else can sit
  • He organises his life around certain TV programmes

If your dad loves watching TV and vegging out on the sofa, then spoil him this Father’s Day with our ideas for a chilled out dad.

Nostalgia Electrics Retro Hot Air Popcorn Maker from IWOOT - Father's Day Presents

Retro Air Popcorn Maker £51.99 (+51ep)

Silver Apple iPad Mini 16GB from Currys - Father's Day Presents

Silver iPad Mini 16GB
£319 (+638ep)

Budweiser Mini Fridge from Currys - Father's Day Presents

Budweiser Mini Fridge
£99.99 (+198ep)

Sony Playstation 4 from Currys - Father's Day Presents

Sony Playstation 4
£349 (+698ep)

Blue Headphones - Beats by Dr Dre from Zavvi - Father's Day Presents

Beats by Dr Dre
£149.99 (+149ep)