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Exciting Changes at Epoints

Exciting Changes at Epoints

We have some exciting changes coming to Epoints, just in time for Christmas. From unbeatable savings, higher cashback, a new 6% interest savings club, all whilst giving you the chance to give back and fund eco-projects – we have you covered. 

Keep reading to find out all the ways you can be better off leading into this festive period and for future! 

Up to 20% Cashback!

We’ve DOUBLED your cashback to a huge 20%! That’s right. Whenever you shop for a product or instant gift card, you’ll be rewarded with up to 20% cashback, so you’re always better off than shopping direct. 

Want to finally go away next year? Book a 2-night city break in Glasgow for £230 and get £34.50 back! 

Make Your Own Environmentally Friendly Beauty Products

Private Bespoke Ceramic Workshop 

Enjoy a creative afternoon in a relaxed atmosphere for just £199. Have a demonstration of your chosen ceramic item and then be guided through the necessary skills and techniques to create your own item from scratch! Better yet, receive £39.80 cashback on this purchase!


6% Interest on Your Account

Forget worrying about the Christmas shopping next year, or that holiday you want. At Epoints we now boost your balance by 6% annually, but interest is added each month, so you’re never left with an empty pocket – interest rates like this are unheard of.

We know bank jargon can be hard to follow, but we make it simple. Say you have £100 in your account at the start of January. If you make £100 payments into your account each month, by the end of the year you’ll have £1,275. That’s an extra £75 from us!

Eco-Points to Help Save the Planet 

Up to 20% cashback and a whopping 6% interest rate isn’t enough? What’s more, we don’t just care about saving you money, but the planet too! You can plant a tree from just £1 with our partnership with Carbon Footprint. Done via the link below!

eco products

Keep an eye on our social media and check out our website for more of our great products, deals and ways that you can save money whilst you spend! 

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Have yourself a merry epoints Christmas and an even happier New Year!


There’s no running away from it. Christmas really is here. So are you planning on having yourself a merry old epoints Christmas shopping time so you can have an even happier New Year? This is what our members can look forward to this year.
Like many parents, when asked by your other half what’s on your Christmas wish list do you respond with ‘save it for the kids’? Or are they one of the 10% of men who actually listen and just get on with it? This year, don’t leave it to chance.
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