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Surviving the summer holidays – top free museums in the UK

Top 5 free museums in the UK

Keeping the kids entertained for the long summer holidays can seem like a daunting task, especially if it rains more often than we’d like and you’re stuck looking for wet weather activities. It can also get pretty expensive if you’re constantly paying for activities, trips and snacks.
But the UK has so much to offer both adults and children that you can see all sorts of fascinating places for very little. Why not spend the day exploring one of the UK’s best free museums? And if you travel by train you can save even more (and get epoints too).

We’ve listed our top free museums in the UK:

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Avoid summer holiday cabin fever – entertaining the kids at home

Entertaining the kids in the summer holidays

The summer holidays are getting ever nearer and the weather just isn’t helping you out with your plans to keep the children entertained. At least when it’s sunny you can go to the park or play in the garden, but when the weather’s wet, they get cabin fever and it’s very difficult to fill the hours.
We’ve come up with some helpful tips for keeping your family busy when you’re cooped up inside.
For more ideas on entertaining the kids during the summer holidays, have a look at our blog post on rainy day activities and our summer reading list.
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